Bovada Sportsbook Review

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Bovada Sportsbook Review

Bovada Sportsbook is owned and operated by the respected Bodog brand, and was launched in 2011 to exclusively cater to Bodog’s US and Canadian player base. They provide the same great service we were used to at Bodog, and have successfully navigated the US gambling market better than most. They are the number one go to for thousands of US gamblers, and have earned the loyalty of their customer base through generous bonus offers, stellar service and a premium online betting experience that includes a superior mobile version of their sportsbook that is compatible with all of the primary mobile networks and operating systems.

Bovada delivers a nice range of betting lines and odds on politics, along with a strong selection of sports to bet on as well. Their odds and paylines are highly competitive, and on par with the Vegas bookmakers. Though political betting may not be a legally sanctioned option through US based gambling destinations, licensed offshore gambling sites such as Bovada are able to legally offer this type of action due to the fact that they are regulated and located outside of the United States. This allows US players legal access to political betting lines without violating any US gambling laws in the process.

They offer actionable lines on a variety of presidential election bets, including who will win the Iowa caucus for the republicans and the democrats; who will win the New Hampshire primary for the republicans and the democrats, who will win the overall republican and democrat primaries, and who will win the presidency. They also offer a number of political prop bets as listed below. Within these lines, you will have various wagering options, such as strait bets, proposition bets, over/under bets, and others. There will be no shortage of interesting ways to come at this niche.


Bovada is licensed through the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and operates under the regulatory oversight of the jurisdiction of the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake. This is one of the most respected and legitimate gaming authorities and jurisdictions involved in the online gambling industry worldwide. They set very high standards of performance for their gaming entities, and Bovada rises to the occasion beautifully. They have exceeded licensing requirements, employ one of the most advanced security profiles, and deliver one of the most enjoyable and high quality US friendly online betting experiences on the Web. They also provide access to a full service online casino, poker room and racebook.

Is it Safe to Bet on Politics at Bovada?

Bovada is one of the safest online gambling sites for US players seeking to legally bet on politics. They have one of the most impressive security profiles, and go far above minimum licensing requirements when it comes to protecting your sensitive data. They do this through advanced data encryption, firewall protection, and fraud detection services. They also employ a trained technical staff to monitor their security protocols around the clock. In addition, they are compliance certified for fair gaming practices and subject to third party random audits to ensure they maintain these high standards of operation. We feel 100% comfortable as registered players at Bovada, and recommend them to our visitors without hesitation.

Political Betting Odds Currently Available At Bovada – Updated Daily

If you see a strike through on a particular candidate, that means they’ve dropped out of the race.  In addition the three candidates that have +5000 betting odds are all the independents that don’t get a lot of attention in the media.  You won’t see their names directly on the betting sheet, but betting on “Other” at +5000 is essentially betting that someone other than Clinton or Trump will be the next president.

Candidate Win Presidency Party
Hillary Clinton +300 Democratic
Donald Trump -400 Republican
Evan McMullin +5000 Independent
Jill Stein +5000 Independent
Gary Johnson +5000 Independent
Bernie Sanders Dropped Out
Ted Cruz Dropped Out
John Kasich Dropped Out
Marco Rubio Dropped Out
Jeb Bush Dropped Out
Ben Carson Dropped Out
Chris Christie Dropped Out
Carly Fiorina Dropped Out
Mike Huckabee Dropped Out
Rick Santorum Dropped Out
Jim Gilmore Dropped Out
Rand Paul Dropped Out
Martin O’Malley Dropped Out

Bovada Political Betting

Current Prop Bets Available At Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada offers several political prop bets to take action on.  This range of betting options will likely grow as the general election nears, and will likely include additional gender related props and party related props among others.  These types of bets are a lot of fun to engage in and I personally look forward to these as much as the regular lines.

Party To Win Presidential Election (Prop Bet)

Democratic Party -300

Republican Party -400

2016 US Presidential Election – Donald Trump Vote Percentage

50% Or More +450

47% – 49.99% +375

44% – 46.99% +185

41% – 43.99% +300

38% – 40.99% +700

37.99% or less +2500

2016 US Presidential Election – Hillary Clinton Vote Percentage

53% Or More +650

50% – 52.99% +250

47% – 49.99% +170

44% – 46.99% +450

41% – 43.99% +1000

40.99% or less +800

2016 US Presidential Election – Total States Won by the Democratic Party

Over 25 1/2  -120

Under 25 1/2  -110

2016 US Presidential Election – Total States Won by the Republican Party

Over 25 1/2  Even Money

Under 25 1/2  -130

2016 US Presidential Election – Total States Won by the Republican Party

Over 58%  -115

Under 58%  -115

Political Party To Win The Popular Vote?

Democratic Party -300

Republican Party +250

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