Odds for Betting on Political Super Bowl Prop Bets

Odds for Betting on Political Super Bowl Prop Bets

Political Wagers on Super Bowl Props

Super Bowl LVISuper Bowl 56 will go down on February 13, 2022, and there is the distinct possibility that Presidential candidates and their campaign advertisements could populate the airwaves during game breaks. The potential for these political ads will inspire prop bets to appear at online sportsbooks, and the cross-pollination between betting on elections and Super Bowl odds only continued to rise from there.

Whether this becomes an annual trend (or at least an election year trend) remains to be seen, but right now, every major offshore betting site has political Super Bowl odds you can wager real “Dead Presidents” on. If you want to take advantage of some of the wackiest political-sports crossover wagers ever offered, sign up at any reputable betting site and cast your “vote” today!

Our Recommended Betting Sites for Political Super Bowl Prop Bets

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Is It Legal To Bet On Political Super Bowl Props?

It is legal to wager on the political betting market, and it is legal to wager on the Super Bowl. Therefore, it is legal to wager on political Super Bowl props. However, if you live in the US – even if you live in a state with locally regulated sportsbooks – you won’t find any politically themed Super Bowl props – or any political odds at all, for that matter.

In order to bet on politics, political ads, and other “Presidential” betting lines, you’ve got to use a legal offshore betting site like those listed here. There is just one caveat: Currently, residents of New Jersey cannot access these sites due to a temporary agreement between the offshore operators and that state’s government.

Note: While it is nominally illegal for residents of WA to gamble over the Internet, we’re not aware of anyone ever being arrested or even fined for doing so, even as hundreds of thousands of residents wager at offshore venues on an annual basis. That said, if you live in Washington, you must sign up and bet at your own risk.

Biden Super Bowl Tickets

Super Bowl 56 Political Prop Bets

There are a number of interesting and unique political props and election props at the top Super Bowl betting sites each February. Be sure to check back often as Super Bowl Sunday approaches, as oddsmakers are sure to add more delicious Presidential props to their SB LVI betting menu.

Political Super Bowl Props

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Current Political Super Bowl Commercial Prop Bets

Commercial Super Bowl Props

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The Washington Football Teams’ Impact On Presidential Elections

Formerly referred to as the “Redskins Rule,” the final Washington Football home game prior to election day has been used for decades by pundits to predict the outcome of the pending Presidential winner. Here is how the Redskins Rule works:

  • If the Washington Football Team wins their last home game prior to the day votes are cast, then the incumbent party will win the Presidential Election.
  • If Washington loses the most recent home game prior to election day, the challenging party will win.

From 1936-2000, the rule held true but has been inaccurate multiple times since then. However, the Redskins Rule can still be leaned upon to make successful Presidential Election bets as it has provided accurate results during a majority of election cycles over the span of the franchise’s existence.

Politics And The Super Bowl

  • Super Bowl 36 was the first championship game following the tragic events of 9/11/01, and the inclusion of the New England Patriots caused a swell of pride in the hearts of most American sports fans. Keep in mind, this was the first Super Bowl Championship for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, so America was not tired of them just yet.
  • Super Bowl 54 featured two Presidential campaign advertisements, one from Donald Trump and the other from Michael Bloomberg. Trump went on to become the next POTUS while Bloomberg dropped out of the race within weeks.
  • Colin Kapernick was the catalyst for the Black Lives Matter (#BLM) movement when he took a knee during pregame National Anthem renditions as a form of protest. His Super Bowl playing days were long gone by then, but his legacy of protest outlasted his NFL career.

Political Super Bowl Betting FAQs

Can I wager on Super Bowl politics ads at Vegas Sportsbooks?

Nope! The Nevada Gaming Control Board does not allow wagers on non-sporting events or outcomes, including politics and political commercials. All entertainment and political betting is off the table in Sin City, and there is no indication that the policy is going to change any time soon. For the most part, all states with legalized sports wagering tend to follow NV’s lead on this, and political betting, in particular, may be deemed unlawful at the state level when it comes to lines that domestic books can offer.

Have there really never been political Super Bowl commercials before?

Political Super Bowl ads have been aired before, but only through targeted regional affiliates (which the broadcasts always make room for at a much lower rate). 2020 marked the first time that national political ads aired during the Super Bowl.

What about the alleged Lady Gaga Super Bowl political message that aired in 2017?

During Gaga’s Super Bowl LI halftime show, many of her fans claim that her song choices – “God Bless America” followed directly by “This Land Is Your Land” – was a political ad of sorts. However, while this may have been a “subliminal” political message, it doesn’t rise to the level of a paid advertisement.

How much did the Michael Bloomberg political commercial cost?

The Bloomberg ad that ran during the Super Bowl had a reported price tag of $10 million.

How much did the Donald Trump political commercial cost?

The President isn’t getting any favoritism here. The Trump 2020 campaign had to pay the same $10 million fee that Bloomberg’s campaign paid for its coveted Super Bowl airtime.

What does a standard Super Bowl commercial cost?

The going rate for a 30-second commercial during Super Bowl LVI is $5.6 million. The Trump and Bloomberg ads will likely be 45 seconds to one minute in length, hence their (more) astronomical price tags.

What if brands get political in their Super Bowl commercials? Does that count as a political ad?

While there have been Snickers political commercials and Budweiser political commercials (to name a few), these don’t air during the Super Bowl, as brands are unwilling to use their largest advertising opportunity to alienate half their US customers. In fact, Gillette released a political ad during the lead-up to the 2019 Super Bowl, and the company met fierce backlash and ultimately lost several billion dollars as a result.

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