Midterm Election Betting Odds 2022

Midterm Election Betting Odds 2022

Midterm Election Betting Odds 2022

Midterms 2022 IconNovember 8, 2022, is the date all registered voters from around the United States will decide which candidates will be elected to public office at the congressional, state, and local levels during the 2022 midterm elections. There is a possibility for numerous amendments to be up for vote on individual state ballots, including multiple gambling ballot measures. Early voting will be well underway both at physical locations and by mail across the US.

Democrats captured control of the House in 2020 and will look to solidify that majority in the 2022 midterms. Republicans will seek to retake the US Senate in 2022 as their election odds for the House of Representatives are very poor at the moment.

If there was anything to learn from 2020, it was to expect the unexpected, which may explain the surge of interest in political wagering. Sportsbooks were offering odds on a whopping 40+ betting lines for that year’s general election, covering everything from majority outcomes in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate along with individual races in both chambers as well as many key races for Governor in several states. Expect more of the same in the 2022 midterms.

Analyzing The Odds For The 2022 Midterms

It is always interesting to compare the polls to the odds on political betting lines. With the possibility of the 2022 midterm elections being very volatile, we believe it is key to keep track of betting odds. Any time you want to check the odds in real-time, you can view Bovada’s political betting lines.

2022 Majority in Congress Betting Odds

The congressional majority odds often reflect the current polling data from RCP, The Democrats were able to retain the House and oust enough Republicans in the Senate to gain a majority in 2020. The odds on which party will dominate the Senate and House in 2022 have yet to be announced at most offshore sportsbooks, but as the general election nears, lines will be updated and posted here.

Congress Betting Odds

Which Party Will Control The Senate After The 2022 Midterm Election?

  • Republican -200
  • Democratic +150

Which Party Will Win The House In The 2022 Midterm Election?

  • Republican -750
  • Democratic +440

2022 Betting Odds on Governor Races

The odds for each race for governor in most elections are nearly identical to that of RCP and local polling data, but most of the races in 2020 were decided under a double-digit difference. Betting odds for the 2022 Gubernatorial races are posted below.

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2022 Gubernatorial Elections

Michigan – Republican Primary Odds

  • Tudor Dixon -275
  • Ryan Kelley +425
  • Kevin Rinke +450
  • Garrett Soldano +1400
  • James Craig +3300

Michigan Governor Odds

  • Democrats -500
  • Republicans +300

Nevada Gubernatorial Odds

  • Democrats -140
  • Republicans +100

Arizona Governor Odds

  • Republicans -180
  • Democrats +140

Georgia Governor Betting Odds

  • Brian Kemp (R) -400
  • Stacey Abrams (D) +250

Kansas Gubernatorial Betting Odds

  • Derek Schmidt (R) -275
  • Laura Kelly (D) +185

Maine Betting Odds For Governor

  • Janet Mills (D) -400
  • Paul LePage (R) +250

Betting Odds For The Next Governor Of New York

  • Kathy Hochul (D) -5000
  • Lee Zeldin (R) +1200

Pennsylvania Governor Odds

  • Democrats -300
  • Republicans +200

Betting Odds For Next Texas Governor

  • Greg Abbott (R) -700
  • Beto O’Rourke (D) +400

Wisconsin Gubernatorial Odds

  • Democrats -130
  • Republicans -110

2022 Betting Odds on US Senate Races

Much like the gubernatorial races, the polling on U.S. Senate races is very similar to the odds at most premium sportsbooks. Where the two races differ is when looking at the polling, since some Senate races have a huge point advantage in the polls while others are posting lines close to even, giving good value to both candidates as a result.

In the 2022 Election, 34 Senate seats will be up for grabs, and below are the latest election odds that have been posted online.

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Arizona Republican Primary

  • Blake Masters -2500
  • Mark Brnovich +1000
  • Jim Lamon +1400
  • Michael McGuire +10000
  • Justin Olson +10000

Ron Johnson to be re-elected in Wisconsin?

  • Yes -250
  • No +170

Lisa Murkowski to be re-elected in Alaska?

  • Yes -300
  • No +200

2022 US Senate Elections

  • Republicans -200
  • Democrats +150

Colorado US Senate Odds

  • Michael Bennet (D) -800
  • Joe O’Dea (R) +425

Nevada Senate Odds

  • Adam Laxalt (R) -140
  • Catherine Cortez Masto (D) +100

U.S. Senate 2022 – Florida

  • Republicans -2500
  • Democrats +800

U.S. Senate 2022 – New Hampshire

  • Democrats -250
  • Republicans +170

U.S. Senate 2022 – Wisconsin

  • Republicans -220
  • Democrats +155

U.S. Senate Elections 2022 – Arizona

  • Democrats -135
  • Republicans -105

US Senate 2022 – Georgia

  • Raphael Warnock (D) -170
  • Herschel Walker (R) +130

US Senate 2022 – North Carolina

  • Ted Budd (R) -700
  • Cheri Beasley (D) +400

US Senate 2022 – Ohio

  • J.D. Vance (R) -700
  • Tim Ryan (D) +400

US Senate 2022 – Pennsylvania

  • John Fetterman (D) -150
  • Mehmet Oz (R) +110

2022 Betting Odds on US House Races

The 2022 House race will be a wild one as all 435 U.S. House seats will be up for grabs during the 2022 general election. The latest House election odds are posted below.

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Michigan-11 House Democratic Primary Odds

  • Haley Stevens -300
  • Andy Levin +200

Alaska US House Special Election Odds

  • Sarah Palin -140
  • Nick Begich III +145
  • Mary Peltola +600

Which Party Will Control The US House In 2022?

  • Republicans -800
  • Democrats +425

Midterm 2018 Election Results

The Democrats did not receive the huge blue wave they expected in 2018, but the party was successful in taking the House back from Republican control. This significant change meant the Democrats would have a seat at the table where the current POTUS would not be able to pass laws without the Democratic vote.

However, this election had several implications across the US, and several key races which we list were being watched closely.

Kentucky 6th Congressional District – Incumbent Andy Barr (R) won against challenger Amy McGrath (D)
Georgia Governorship Brian Kemp (R) won against challenger Stacey Abrams (D)
Texas Senate – Incumbent Ted Cruz (R) won against challenger Beto O’Rouke (D)
North Dakota SenateKevin Cramer (R) won against incumbent Keidi Heitkamp (D)
Missouri SenateJohn Hawley (R) won against incumbent Claire McCaskill (D)
Indiana SenateMike Braun (R) won against incumbent Joe Donnelly (D)

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