Political Futures

Political Futures

How To Bet On Political Futures Odds

Odds IconPolitical futures odds make up a majority of the Presidential election lines on the boards at online sportsbook sites. Their speculative nature allows for all potential and legitimate candidates to be included in the odds and allow for bets to be made on each politician, whether they are favored or a longshot.

Whether it is betting on Trump, wagering on Biden, or a candidate that has yet to declare, chances are they’ll be included in the futures odds.

After reading this guide, political gamblers will be prepared to venture online and place a bet on futures for Presidential election odds and will understand what the moneyline actually means. We also include the top online political sportsbooks in the game today for election odds and futures bets.

Best Online Sportsbooks For Presidential Election Futures Bets

SportsbookBonusRatingUSAVisit Site
Bovada Sportsbook Logo50% Max $1,0005 Star RatingUSA FriendlyVisit Site
MyBookie table logo50% Max $1,0004 Star RatingUSA FriendlyVisit Site
Betonline Sportsbook Logo50% Max $1,0004 Star RatingUSA FriendlyVisit Site
bookmaker logo200% Max $5004 Star RatingUSA FriendlyVisit Site

What Are Election Futures Bets?

Futures odds for election outcomes are betting lines that present all potential or existing political candidates and allow for wagers to be placed on each of their moneylines. These contenders will be listed from first to worst, with the favorite usually situated at the top.

These are referred to as futures odds because they are often predicting an election outcome that will be decided months or years in the future. While any betting line that takes action on an occurrence for tomorrow or after is technically a futures bet, the term more closely denotes the prop bets that include a long list of potential winners.

There is no time frame or boundary to when these political futures betting lines can be produced. The political moneyline odds translate to what oddsmakers believe their chance of winning is, and also let’s bettors know how much money can be won by placing a wager. Take the following futures odds as an example.

2022 Texas Gubernatorial Election - Odds To Win

2022 Texas Gubernatorial Election – Odds To Win

  • Greg Abbott -900
  • Beto O’Rourke +500

2022 Virginia Gubernatorial Election - Odds To Win

2021 Virginia Gubernatorial Election – Party To Win

  • Democratic Party -450
  • Republican Party +300

According to the above Texas Gubernatorial election futures, Abbott is expected to retain office and win another term. Abbott’s -250 moneyline odds to win in 2022 will award $100 for each $250 wagered on him.

The remainder of the candidates have positive moneyline betting odds and will earn more than the amount risked on them to win. Odds on Matthew McConoughey to win will net bettors at 5-to-1, or $5 for each $1 risked.

Is Betting On 2024 Election Futures Legal?

Yes, although domestic sportsbooks do not offer political betting odds of any kind. That’s why online and mobile political betting sites that operate offshore are the best option for election futures odds, and they are available to 18-and-over bettors in the USA, except for Washington state where all online gaming is prohibited.

Because these online election betting sites exist in a licensed jurisdiction that falls outside of the United States, there are no laws in place to prevent them from accepting futures bets over the Internet on election outcome odds or political prop bets.

Current Election Futures Odds


US Presidential Election 2024 – Odds To Win (Bovada)

  • Donald Trump Sr. +250
  • Ron DeSantis +350
  • Joe Biden +650
  • Gavin Newsom +1600
  • Kamala Harris +1600
  • Mike Pence +2400
  • Pete Buttigieg +2500
  • Nikki Haley +3500
  • Michelle Obama +4000
  • Elizabeth Warren +4500
  • Hillary Clinton +4500
  • Tucker Carlson +5000
  • Mike Pompeo +5500
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +6000
  • Beto O’Rourke +6600


US Presidential Election 2024 – Odds To Win (BetOnline)

  • Donald Trump Sr -400
  • Gavin Newsom +200
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson +300
  • Hillary Clinton +300
  • Howard Stern +400
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +600
  • Tucker Carlson +700
  • Ivanka Trump +1600
  • Elon Musk +1600
  • Donald Trump Jr. +3300
  • Jeff Bezos +3300
  • Michael Moore +6600
  • Lara Trump +10000
  • Mark Zuckerberg +10000
  • Oprah Winfrey +15000
  • Meghan Markle +25000
  • Lebron James +25000
  • Roger Stone +25000
  • Kimberley Guilfoyle +30000

Advantages Of Placing A Futures Bet On Politics

Because election dates and candidates are known to the public months, or years in advance, election futures are able to exist on the boards at online sports betting sites for longer durations of time than most odds. Because political futures often attempt to predict events that will take place in the distant future, the moneyline odds can payout “bigly” if action is laid early.

For instance, in 2016, when Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for POTUS, he wasn’t taken seriously and his odds to win were incredibly low. Within weeks, Trump was the top odds getter for the GOP, proving that the earlier that wagers were placed on the Donald, the better.

Even within days of the election, betting on Trump was still a risky proposition as he was a heavy underdog, hovering around a moneyline of +275 which would cash in for political futures bettors at nearly 3-to-1.

Another perk of futures betting on election outcomes is that the wager has the potential to last for a very long time. Online political bettors can ride the wave of excitement for years by placing a small wager on triple or quadruple-digit moneyline odds on their candidate of choice and then celebrate once those massive paydays come rolling in.

Futures lines on politicians can also provide information on other lines. For instance, Biden’s odds of impeachment can impact whether or not you want to bet on Kamala Harris to become the next President. If the odds for a Biden impeachment are high, then that will certainly improve Harris’ outlook in political futures.

Types Of Political Futures Odds

Betting On Political Futures Online

Check out the reviews for each of the international political sportsbooks that we rank as our top options for election futures and you’ll see why they are the best destination for those that are interested in betting on politics.

18 and over bettors can become a member and wager on political futures by clicking the join icon on the homepage and then entering personal information for the purposes of creating an account profile.

Next, a deposit will need to be made to allow for betting on futures odds for election outcomes, and can be done using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum, as well as USD options like credit and debit cards.

Once accounts are funded, find the political section of the sportsbook site and place a wager on the winning candidate!

Political Election Futures Betting FAQs

What is the minimum age to bet on political futures odds?

Because there is no political election outcome betting at domestic sportsbooks, offshore betting sites are the best option. International political betting sites accept members as young as 18 years old.

When do election futures odds pay out?

Most believe that political election futures cash in after all votes are counted, but a winner is not declared until an official announcement has been made by an official. Presidential Election futures can remain on the boards for as long as four years, and can also take that long to win and collect payouts.

Can I bet on political futures at a domestic sportsbook?

No. While there are no laws in place prohibiting political betting inside of the United States, domestic sportsbooks do not offer them.

Are Presidential futures odds a good indicator of actual results?

Yes. When cash is on the line, gamblers tend to bet with their minds instead of with their political beliefs. While many will vote for a candidate even though they believe that they have no real shot of winning, the same cannot be said when betting on political election outcomes.

Can you parlay futures bets on political odds?

It depends on which online sports betting site is chosen. Most political sportsbooks only allow for singles bets on election futures.

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