SCOTUS – Supreme Court Justice Betting Odds

Supreme Court Justices have the highest authority in the nation, are appointed for life, and can shift past and present cases to fit their and/or the President’s ideologies. When a seat opens for a new Supreme Court Justice, the President may propose his own pick which the Senate then votes upon. The seating of a new SCOTUS Justice extends beyond the term of the President who appointed them, therefore, new Justice decisions and appointments become one of the most lasting legacies of any President.

Odds For A Supreme Court Justice To Retire

Due to an aging court, President Trump has a possibility of appointing a 3rd or 4th Justice. At least four Justices are over the age of 65 and the possibility of either individual retiring or dying is likely. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the oldest Justice still serving at 85 years old. Stephen Breyer is the second oldest Justice at 80 years old. Clarence Thomas is third at 70 years old and Samuel Alito is 68 years old. We expect to see betting lines emerge at some point predicting potential retirements from the Supreme Court.  Once these odds do surface, you will see them listed here.

Odds For 2018 Supreme Court Pick

After the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch and with the Senate’s approval, Gorsuch became a Supreme Court Justice. With the retirement of SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy, Trump now has a chance to appoint yet another Justice during his first term as President.

President Donald Trump drew from a list of 25 possible nominees for the open Justice seat, including: Amy Coney Barrett, Keith Blackwell, Charles Canady, Steven Colloton, Allison Eid, Britt Grant, Raymond Gruender, Thomas Hardiman, Brett Kavanaugh, Rayon Kethledge, Joan Larsen, Mike Lee, Thomas Lee, Edward Mansfield, Federico Moreno, Kevin Newsom, William Pryor, Margaret Ryan, David Stras, Diane Sykes, Amul Thapar, Timothy Tymkovich, Robert Young, Don Willett, and Patrick Wyrick.

Supreme Court Justice Nomination

Ultimately, Donald Trump chose Brett Kavanaugh as his pick to replace Justice Kennedy. Kavanaugh who was a U.S. circuit judge for the federal appeals court in D.C. and clerked for Justice Kennedy is familiar with the inner working of the legislative and judicial system. During Trump’s first Justice nomination, Kavanaugh was runner-up to Gorsuch who then replaced Justice Scalia.


Kavanaugh, the 53-year-old judge, is awaiting his confirmation for Supreme Court Justice. The ruling is has been delayed pending an FBI investigation, but could be pushed further or even nullified depending on the outcome. Although, the incident occurred years ago the situation could affect Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Current odds for Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Nomination confirmation is -180 for yes and +150 for no, with oddsmakers favoring a confirmation for the judge.

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Issues With Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

After a full day of testimony from both Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Senators requested an FBI investigation of the multiple sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh by women and possible perjury during his testimony. The confirmation for Supreme Court Justice is all in all a job interview, Judge Kavanaugh is not in a criminal case and thus does not need to be found guilty beyond possible doubt. However, the issue of a 30+ year assault claim and the delicate balance of sexual violence victims, innocence, and burden of proof has numerous Senators unsure of where they sit on the Judge’s confirmation.

Currently, the persistence of abuse against women and children is a driving point in the nation which has threatened the security of assailants, predators, and offenders. To remind individuals, the Justices must interpret laws which currently revolve around cases of gender equality, reproductive rights, due process, and justice for sexual assault and abuse victims. Senators up for coming mid-term elections do not want to alienate women and independent voters with their decisions but in the same token do not want to lose support in strongly conservative state elections.

President Trump has the ultimate authority to restrict or expand the scope of the FBI investigation. According to recent reports, the FBI investigation was given strict guidelines to be limited in scope and only investigate current credible allegations, with results to be given in one week. Numerous former FBI agents stated, limiting the FBI’s investigation would only provide approved and curated results without allowing the entirety of the situation to be fully probed.

Democrats vs Republicans – The Partisan Fight For the Supreme Court

Currently, a primary Republican Senate leads the Judiciary Committee providing a natural upper hand, which allows the raw exercise of political power. Their hopes are to confirm Kavanaugh to ensure a conservative stronghold in the Supreme Court. Since the Supreme Court has recently become an active imposer of moral and political standings by dabbling in matters much more extensive than traditionally taken upon by the Court, the overreach has attracted public attention from the media and concerned citizens.

Declarations by Republican Senators and the President have claimed Ford’s testimony as a scheme to undermine the Republican party and create a political circus. However, it is extremely common and natural for both parties, Republicans and Democrats, to battle one another to ensure their leanings, ideals, and ethics are properly represented and sympathized with by a Justice who appeals to their beliefs and political party.