BetOnline Sportsbook Review

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  • Very Reputable
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  • 25% Lifetime Bonus
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  • Fees For Credit Card Deposits

Betonline Sportsbook Review

BetOnline is a name that has been trusted among online gamblers for quite some time. As one of the first online gambling brands to emerge back in 1991, BetOnline brings long time experience and knowledge to the table. They’ve been involved in the industry long enough to perfect their betting experience, and it shows. Online gamblers in the US and around the world trust BetOnline, and so do we.

BetOnline is licensed and regulated in Panama City, Panama, and voluntarily receives third party oversight and testing to authenticate their compliance certifications and fair gaming practices. Their banking suite is efficient and secure, and ensures US players have several options by which to fund their accounts and withdraw their winnings. They are one of the few sportsbooks that offers Bitcoin deposits – a fantastic option for US players. We have found their customer support staff to be knowledgeable and responsive, and their overall betting experience to be first class.

Along with a wide range of sports to bet on, BetOnline’s action includes political lines as well, allowing you access to betting on the presidential general election, the republican primary and the democrat primary. They will also feature various state primary and caucus events, such as the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary. Typically the selection of lines and options is expanded as we get closer to the election events.

Is It Safe to Bet on Politics at BetOnline?

BetOnline holds legal licensing and is subject to genuine regulatory oversight from the government of Panama. They are also based outside of the United States, hence you are not violating any US gambling laws by wagering at BetOnline. In addition, BetOnline employs a state of the art security profile that includes sophisticated data encryption technology, anti-fraud detection, as well as anti-virus and firewall protection. Their security protocols are similar to those utilized by the world’s most advanced financial institutions. Your sensitive data, financial information and transactions are well protected.

Political Betting Odds Currently Available At Betonline – Updated Daily

If you see a strike through on a particular candidate it means they’ve dropped out of the race. In addition we’ve added the odds for the 3 independents running as well as some other people who aren’t even in the race. Since it’s actually possible that neither Trump nor Clinton gets to 270 electoral votes, some of the bookmakers are offering odds on potential people who could be hand picked by congress.

Current Betting Odds For 2020 Presidential Election

Candidate Win Presidency Party
Donald Trump +250 Republican
Mike Pence +600 Republican
Elizabeth Warren +800 Democrat
Michelle Obama +1400 Democrat
Cory Booker +2000 Democrat
Bernie Sanders +2200 Democrat
Joe Biden +2200 Democrat
Hillary Clinton +2800 Democrat
Kirsten Gillibrand +2800 Democrat
Paul Ryan +2800 Republican
Andrew Cuomo +3300 Democrat
Mark Zuckerberg +3300 Democrat
Amy Klobuchar +3300 Democrat
Tim Kaine +3300 Democrat
Kamala Harris +3300 Democrat
Michael Bloomberg +3300 Democrat
Mark Cuban +3300 Democrat
Julian Castro +3300 Democrat
Sherrod Brown +3300 Democrat
Marco Rubio +4000 Republican
Jon Stewart +5000 Democrat
Tulsi Gabbard +5000 Democrat
Caroline Kennedy +5000 Democrat
Ted Cruz +6600 Republican
John Kasich +6600 Republican
Nikki Haley +6600 Republican
Bob Iger +6600 Democrat
Howard Schultz +6600 Democrat
Will Smith +6600 Democrat
Stephen Colbert +6600 Democrat
Oprah Winfrey +6600 Democrat
Mitt Romney +6600 Republican
Rand Paul +6600 Republican
John Hickenlooper +7500 Democrat
George Clooney +8000 Democrat
Leonardo DiCaprio +8000 Democrat
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson” +8000 Republican
Ivanka Trump +10000 Republican
Martin O’Malley +10000 Democrat
Bill Gates +10000 Democrat
Jeb Bush +10000 Republican
Tammy Duckworth +10000 Democrat
Kanye West +15000 Republican
Tom Brady +15000 Republican

Current Prop Bets Available At Betonline Sportsbook

Currently, the only prop bet that is listed in the futures section of political betting is which party is going to win the White House. We will see these types of bets become more numerous as we near the election. Some examples of the types of prop best that surface during political betting include betting on which gender will win the nomination for either party, which gender the winner of the presidency will be, what will the gender balance be on the presidential ticket for each party, who will be selected as VP running partners for both parties, etc. Within those prop bets, it is likely we will see wagering options that include straight bets, over/under bets, proposition bets, and others. We will update this list as these bet types are made available.

Prop Bets – Party To Win Presidential Election

Democratic Party -170

Republican Party +150


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