Michelle Obama VP Odds for 2020

Michelle Obama

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Who is Michelle Obama?

Democrat IconMichelle Obama is an attorney, author, and former First Lady from 2009-2017. Although Obama has not declared for the 2020 Presidential election and never plans to seek the political office of her own, the Chicago native still has Presidential betting odds.

Voter Base

Voter Base IconAs Obama has not officially launched a Presidential campaign, any voter base she may have is mostly speculative. However, stemming from her time as FLOTUS, Obama has a strong group of supporters.

  • Women
  • Minorities
  • Barack Obama supporters

Michelle Obama 2020 Democratic Vice President Odds

While the former First Lady is still featured on political betting boards with chances to win the Democratic nomination and 2020 Presidential election, she’s also on the list of potential VP picks for Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or anyone else who picks up the DNC nod.

All that said, Michelle O has made no indication that she’s interested in politics at this time, so she’s a bit of a long shot. However, if you think she’s got the itch, she could probably get the VP nomination with a single phone call. With that kind of power, perhaps putting a few bucks on “Big Mike” isn’t a bad idea.

Odds On Michelle Obama Becoming The Next President In 2020

Odds IconBased on the current political betting odds, Obama may have a chance to beat Donald Trump in 2020.

Of course, Obama is a longshot compared to Democratic favorites like Joe Biden. But when examined next to Tulsi Gabbard or Michael Bennet, Obama actually fared better in Presidential betting odds.

Odds Of Michelle Obama Winning The Democratic Nomination

Obama’s chance of winning the Democratic nomination is much better than her shot at the Presidency, although the likelihood is thin since she simply hasn’t joined the race. Other than Hillary Clinton, another former First Lady, Obama leads the pack of non-candidate odds.

According to Bovada, Obama has a better chance of earning the Democratic nomination than Tulsi Gabbard and Amy Klobuchar, among a few other big names.

Can I Bet On Michelle Obama Now?

The glory of futures bets is that they can be bet on at any time. This style of betting is particularly popular in terms of political wagers, especially for events like the 2020 election a year from now.

As long as a sportsbook offers odds on Michelle Obama’s Presidency chances, bets can be placed on the former FLOTUS. If you think Obama has a shot, many online sites are currently accepting action.

What The Current Betting Odds Tell Us About Obama’s Chance Of Winning In 2020

Unfortunately for Obama, or maybe it’s a good thing since she’s not a fan of politics, her current betting odds tell us she is not likely to become the next President of the United States.

However, if Obama did change her mind on things, her odds would skyrocket into the upper tier of candidates. Until then, there’s no reason to hold out too much for Obama.

Obama’s Chances Of Winning Based On Prediction Markets

Like other non-candidates such as Oprah, Obama has a 0% chance of winning any elections in 2020. Predictwise, a popular prediction market, has little faith in the Princeton grad’s chances.

With her current numbers, Obama ranks with candidates that have already dropped out, including Kirsten Gillibrand and Beto O’Rourke.

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Would Michelle Obama Ever Run For President?

Michelle Obama has been adamant over the years that she has no passion for the political game. Even going as far as to discourage Barack from running his multiple campaigns over the last couple of decades, Michelle is not likely to ever run for elected office.

With that being said, there is a good chance that Obama will still be involved in the political future of America, even if only indirectly.


Experience IconAfter graduating from Harvard Law, Obama began working as an associate at Chicago’s Sidley & Austin law firm where she eventually met future-husband Barack Obama. By 1991, Obama had entered the public sector in Chicago’s city government before joining the nonprofit Public Allies.

Obama then began her tenure at the University of Chicago, serving in various capacities from 1996 through 2008 when she took her leave of absence to serve as the First Lady.


Education IconObama graduated from Chicago’s Whitney Young High School as the salutatorian in 1981 before starting her college career at Princeton. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in sociology cum laude, Obama continued onto Harvard Law School where she graduated in 1988.

How Much Can I Win If I Bet On Michelle Obama?

Betting on Obama, even with a small amount, would pay out handsomely if she were to win the nomination or election. Obama’s odds on Bovada are list as +10000 for the Democratic Party nomination and +20000 for the Presidential election.

Just by placing $100 on either bet would return $10,000 and $20,000, respectively.

Top 5 Reason Obama Will Not Win In 2020

  1. Since Obama is not currently running in 2020, her chances of winning are slim.
  2. Even as the former FLOTUS, Obama has no experience running for elected office herself.
  3. Announcing a run in the 2020 election now would likely be too late to have any real effect.
  4. Obama could use her influence in better ways than launching a campaign in an already-crowded Democratic field.
  5. Obama has expressed that she has no passion for politics, meaning she probably won’t voluntary enter them again.

**This page is not intended to be a public endorsement our only goal is to inform bettors of the current odds found online. Our team strives to provide transparent information that reflects the best qualities of the candidate. Odds and other information provided on this page should only be used to make an informed betting decision.