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Hillary Clinton 2024 odds

Political Betting Lines Predict Hillary Clinton Will Run For President Again

Hillary Clinton has not ceased political activism since she lost the Presidency in 2016. In the meantime, she’s held an active Twitter presence and made several appearances at progressive fundraising events.

Still, she’s been able to remain largely under the media radar since her departure from the campaign trail. Given the dormant fire that is Conservative Hillary Hate, she has benefited from a smooth and swift exit.

Hillary For President? Again?

However, this life in obscurity is seemingly short-lived as media pundits have hinted at a Clinton comeback in 2024. Just as soon as the headlines broke, Hillary betting lines made their return to top sportsbooks.

Hillary Clinton To Run in 2024?

  • No -500
  • Yes +300

To be clear: Hillary Clinton has not made any formal announcement of a 2024 Presidential run. Three times may have been the charm for sitting President Joe Biden. However, the case is unlikely to be the same for Mrs. Clinton.

The Clinton 24’ rumors began in December when The Hill published an opinion piece that slated the former Secretary of State as “the Dem’s best hope.”

Desperation Pervades The Left

Article author Joe Concha states that, in the calamity of Democrats clinging to their chairs by threads, Hillary Clinton is the best player on the field. With her experience and pre-existing support, she stands out from other potential candidates like Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Republicans (and some Democrats too) want Hillary’s head. And another run for office would be the equivalent of delivery on a silver platter—it’s political suicide. Especially if Trump decides to pursue the Republican candidacy.

Even if she doesn’t run, the recent buzz around her name will force Clinton to re-enter the political landscape. The public wants her opinion and they want her involved in the race.

Furthermore, they want to know if she still supports Joe Biden.

Hillary Clinton To Endorse Non-Biden Democrat?

  • No -1000
  • Yes +550

The current President’s approval rankings have tanked abominably in the year that he has held office. As of January 2022, his approval had shot down to 42%. And while slippery ratings are not uncommon for a first-year President, Democrats are preparing for the worst.

Betting On The 2024 Election

All of this buzz around 2024 is quite intriguing, especially considering the fact that we’re already in an election year. It seems that the media is steamrolling straight past the Midterm Elections and into the Presidency.

That being said, 2024 Presidential election odds and other political betting lines are popping up daily at top sportsbooks. There are odds for U.S. elections as well as international events. Even if you don’t bet, these sportsbooks are a surprisingly good way to keep an eye on current events.

I mean, how do you think we came up with this article?

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Source: The Hill

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