Philippines Presidential Election Odds

Philippines Presidential Election Odds

Betting on the 2022 Philippine Presidential Election

Philippine flag iconEvery six years, the island nation of the Philippines elects a new President, with votes next being cast on May 9, 2022. Current PH President Rodrigo Duterte is exiting office due to term limits, and due to the inclusion of retired professional boxers and Filipino celebrities into the race, the Philippines Presidential Election betting odds are expected to draw in more action and revenue than ever before.

International election betting experienced an uptick due to the overall “Trump Effect” from 2016, and PH political odds have hit the forefront of that market due to the inclusion of Manny Pacquiao in the 2022 Philippines Presidential race. To learn more about election odds and where bets on election outcomes can be placed safely and securely online, cast your ballot for our guide to betting on the 2022 Presidential election in the Philippines.

Best Philippine Election Betting Sites For 2022

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How To Bet On Philippine Presidential Election Odds

The best option for laying some action on Philippine Presidential odds is signing up at one of the legit online sports betting sites we have reviewed here.

Surf through each of the online political sportsbooks and find the PH election odds that you want to bet on and click on the join or signup icon featured on the homepage. We recommend joining more than one site so that the odds can be shopped, and the most profitable political wagers can be secured.

The next step is to fund your online or mobile sportsbook account with either USD or cryptocurrency deposits. Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies deliver the fastest deposits and payouts, and provide the only option for sub-24 hour withdrawals.

Once accounts are funded, locate the political section of the online sportsbook site, and inside, find the Philippines election betting odds which may be located under an international politics tab. Good luck!

Current Philippines Presidential Election Odds For 2022

Odds To Win 2022 Presidential Election In The Philippines - BetOnline Sportsbook

Presidential Election Winner

  • Bongbong Marcos -10000
  • Leni Robredo +1600
  • Manny Pacquiao +5000
  • Isko Moreno +20000
  • Alan Peter Cayetano +30000
  • Antonio Trillanes +30000
  • Bong Go +30000
  • Sara Duterte-Carpio +30000

PH Presidential Election Winner - BetOnline Sportsbook

Politics Special Props

Manny Pacquiao for Philippine President?

  • No -5000
  • Yes +800

International Political Election Betting News & Headlines

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Philippines President Manny Pacquiao?

On September 16, 2021, retired professional boxer from the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao, accepted the nomination of the PDP-Laban Party to run for PH President in 2022 as their candidate.

Pacquiao immediately leaped to the front-runner position at online election betting sites and political polls, however, it was expected early on that a more formidable opponent for Manny would declare themselves eligible prior to ballots being cast on May 9, 2022. That’s exactly what happened when former Senator Bongbong Marcos entered the race, as he’s now the overwhelming favorite to win the election.

Above, we’ve posted the current odds for PH Presidential Election betting across the top online political betting sites.

Types Of Philippine Election Bets

The most common options for betting on election outcomes in the Philippines are futures odds and political prop bets.

Philippine Election Futures Odds

Futures odds for political election outcomes feature a list of all candidates running for that particular office with moneylines for each that predict their chances of winning, according to bettors and oddsmakers.

They will be listed from first to worst, with the lowest political moneyline odds offered for the presumed victor. These Philippines President futures odds will not pay out until the election concludes, with bets for 2022 cashing in next May.

Philippine Political Prop Bets

Political props for PH elections will also involve moneyline odds for outcomes, but will usually be limited to two potential options. Yes or no, or over/under totals are often the makeup of political prop bets in any realm, and also often require an election outcome to deliver a payout.

Prop bets for Philippine election outcomes can be offered up for any situation involving the spectrum of politics, however, and can take action on withdrawal dates, Twitter comments, type of clothing, and anything else that oddsmakers can think up.

Philippines Politics Explained

The Philippines is a democratic nation that elects a new President every six years. The Philippines President is limited to one six-year term and cannot seek reelection for consecutive terms. The Philippine Vice President is elected independently of the Philippine President.

There is a Senate body that features at-large elections and a House that includes elected territorial representation. A Supreme Court acts as the Judiciary body.

Senators are elected every six years while House Representatives are elected every three years.

Philippine Political Betting FAQs

Can I bet on Manny Pacquiao to become the next PH President now?

Yes. Pacquiao’s Presidential Election odds are posted now at top online sportsbooks and will payout (or not) in May of 2022 after all votes are counted.

Is Rodrigo Duterte running for Philippines President again?

No, Rodrigo Duterte is not running for President again, nor is he running for any other Philippine political office. Duterte has announced his retirement from politics.

Can I bet on Philippine elections at domestic sportsbooks?

No. We’ve yet to discover any US-based sportsbooks offering political odds for US or International election outcomes, and domestic Philippine sportsbooks (i.e. MSW) do not offer election odds, either. Offshore sportsbook sites are the best option to bet on PH Presidential odds.

Is betting on International elections legal in the United States?

Yes. Because there are no federal gaming laws in place to prevent offshore sports betting sites from taking wagers over the Internet on Philippine election results, there are no laws to break when placing such wagers.

All of the international sportsbook sites featured in the table above accept action on Philippines Presidential lines as well as elections and other political odds from numerous other countries.

How much can I win by betting on Manny Pacquiao to become President?

Given his +800 odds, you’d win $800 for a $100 bet on Pacquaio to become the next President of the Philippines. However, we advise betting the other way, even though the payout is considerably smaller (-5000).

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