2020 Presidential Candidates and Party Affiliation Marianne Williamson – 2020 Presidential Candidate Odds

Marianne Williamson – 2020 Presidential Candidate Odds

Maryanne Williamson (D)

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* This data reflects the popularity of Democratic candidates based on data collected from Democratic Primary Voters. Percentages represent favorability to win the 2020 Democratic nomination. Data was taken from 12/8-12/31/2019

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Who Is Marianne Williamson?

Democrat IconMarianne Williamson is a 66-year-old spiritual leader, author, actress, singer, and activist. She announced her run for the 2020 presidential election as a Democrat on January 28, 2019. Best known for her New York Times bestsellers, particularly A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles. Before running for president, Williamson ran an unsuccessful U.S. House of Representatives campaign as an independent for California 33rd congressional district.

Voter Base

Voter Base IconBased on Williamson’s personal views, exhibited through her writings and teachings, coupled with her ideas expressed during the Democratic debates, Williamson’s support usually comes from New Age voters and minorities. Williamson also attracts spiritually-minded individuals as voters and students. A tentative list of Williamson’s supporters is below:

  • The New Age
  • Women
  • LGBT+
  • Native Americans
  • African Americans
  • Spiritualists
  • Progressives

Odds For Marianne Williamson To Win The 2020 Presidential Election

Out of all the potential candidates to win the Presidency, sportsbooks do not give Marianne Williamson great odds to directly oppose Trump in the 2020 Election. This is likely due to other Democratic candidates, such as Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, taking the spotlight. On certain sportsbooks, Williamson’s odds to win the presidency are so low that they are grouped with non-candidates like Oprah Winfrey and Ted Cruz.

Odds IconOdds Of Marianne Williamson Winning The Democratic Nomination

Williamson is a longshot candidate, even within the Democratic Party. Her current odds are only +10000 on Bovada, which are the same odds given to Oprah Winfrey, but still better than Michael Bennet and John Delaney. However, Williamson still has time to turn things around. Williamson is always a popular candidate during the Democratic debates, usually appearing as the most search Democrat on her nights. If the author can make it back to the debate stage, she has a chance to make waves in the party.

Can I Bet On Marianne Williamson Now?

Our crystal ball says that Marianne Williamson wagers are still up at all the top political betting sites. However, the longer she stays in the race, the longer her odds are likely to get (though they admittedly can’t lengthen much more than they already have at this point). While the public has a high level of interest in Williamson, bettors do not view her as a credible Democratic candidate. If you think a Williamson win is in the cards, a wager now would be timely enough.

What The Current Betting Odds Tell Us About Williamson’s Chance Of Winning In 2020

Odds are currently unfavorable for Marianne Williamson as oddsmakers do not see her as competition against Donald Trump for the 2020 election. If Williamson elects to remains in the race, she will need to qualify for the Democratic debates to get some much-needed exposure. Williamson, like Trump, is a celebrity figure with no political experience, proving even the most unique candidates can win a presidential election.

Marianne Williamson’s Chances Of Winning Based On Prediction Markets

Since Williamson is such a unique candidate in the race, prediction markets usually do not have much information on her. Predictwise doesn’t even list the spiritualist on their chances of winning the Democratic nomination. To actually earn the Democratic nomination in 2020 and go head-to-head with Trump, Williamson will need to knock off Warren’s 49% chances. Biden’s 19% chances and Sanders’s 8% also present a challenge.

With her current 0% chance, Williamson sits with the likes of Julian Castro at the bottom of the barrel.

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In Her Own Words

The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world. – Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson’s Running Policies

Policy IconMarianne Williamson is running her 2020 Presidential Election campaign on policies that provide Education, Universal Healthcare, Criminal Justice Reform, reduce Student Debt, correct Wealth Inequality, fight Climate Change, support a $15 minimum wage, and those which pay Reparations to Natives, and African-Americans. Marianne Williamson has also been a long-time advocate for racial justice and race relations, as well as, encouraging Women into positions of power and creating support foundations for those affected by HIV/AIDs.

Marianne Williamson’s Previous Policies

While Williamson has never served in a public office before, her run at the 33rd Congressional District of California in 2014 means she has political campaigning experience. Her 2014 campaign policies revolved around ending child poverty, offering, universal healthcare, providing economic justice, LGBTQ equality, Women’s reproductive rights, fighting climate change and providing renewable energy, providing greater access to high-quality education and free college, implementing campaign finance reform, and ending the perpetual war and increasing investments in peacebuilding.


Experience IconIn 1979, Williamson ran a combo metaphysical bookstore and coffee shop in Houston, Texas. In 1983, Williamson moved to California where she began lecturing on healing spirituality and toured around the world. In 1992, Williamson published her first book a Return to Love and twelve other self-help books later on in her life, with her 1997 book Healing the Soul of America providing political yet spiritual tones and a movement toward progress and change.

In 2014, Williamson ran as an Independent for the California US House of Representative seat but was unsuccessful in winning the top two candidate positions and ranked fourth. In 2018, Williamson published her 20th anniversary revised edition of Healing the Soul of America, possibly to use in her 2020 campaign. Williamson sits on the Board of Directors of the RESULTS organization which is working to end poverty domestically and globally, as well as, produced the Sister Giant Conferences.

In 2019, Williamson announced her run after announcing the formation of an exploratory committee. She launched the Marianne Williamson 2020 campaign site shortly after her official announcement.


Education IconWilliamson attended Pomona College in Clairmont, California for two years studying theater and philosophy. Williamson dropped out of Pomona College in her junior year and thus never completed her college education.

Civic Work

Williamson was an activist in the 80s during the abruption of the HIV/AIDs crisis and founded several Centers for Living which acted as an HIV/AID refuge and non-medical community support center for psychological and emotional resources. In 1989, Williamson created Project Angel Food to cook and deliver nutritious meals to HIV/AIDs patients and later extended the service to men, women, and children affected by life-threatening illnesses.

In 2004, Williamson co-founded The Peace Alliance, a nonprofit grassroots education and advocacy organization supporting peacebuilding projects and the US Government approach to peacebuilding rather than conflict focused foreign policy.

Williamson sits on the RESULTS Board of Directors that lobbies public office, produces research, and works with the media and public to create political pressure to end hunger and poverty globally.

Marianne Williamson’s Views On Gambling

Gambling IconWhile this candidate has yet to make any public statements regarding her political stance on gambling. She has written an excerpt that explains how she personally or at least professionally feels about gambling. She considers gambling a negative habit that is an indulgence that can lead to an addiction which she believes may be the cause of an unconsciously fueled physical desire that is mistaken for pleasure.

How Much Can I Win If I Bet On Marianne Williamson?

Williamson is a longshot candidate, so if she were to win after placing a bet on her, the payout could be huge. On Bovada, Williamson has odds of winning the Democratic nomination at +10000. With a $100 bet, that would equate to $10,000.

If Williamson were to win the presidency, a $100 on her +20000 odds would pay $20,000.

Top 5 Reasons Marianne Williamson’s Chances Of Winning Are Unlikely In 2020

  1. Due to her spirituality, Williamson is not always taken seriously.
  2. Williamson has no experience in governmental operations.
  3. Voters that would support Williamson are more likely to vote for other liberal candidates like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.
  4. Williamson has no name recognition outside of her interesting quotes during the debates.
  5. By not qualifying for the third debate, and likely more after that, Williamson and her views are likely to get lost in the mix.

**This page is not intended to be a public endorsement our only goal is to inform bettors of the current odds found online. Our team strives to provide transparent information that reflects the best qualities of the candidate. Odds and other information provided on this page should only be used to make an informed betting decision.