Odds To Win The Democratic Presidential Nomination 2024

Odds To Win The Democratic Presidential Nomination 2024

Democratic Nomination Odds For The 2024 Primary And General Elections

Democrat Icon45th President of the United States Joe Biden has been sworn into office, and typically, it would be reasonable to assume that he would be the Democratic Party’s nomination once again in 2024. Biden’s advanced age has prompted several other candidates to step into the limelight and also appear in the election odds, with some possessing a solid chance at winning.

Betting on who will be the Democratic nominee has become an increasingly popular wagering option over the last few electoral seasons.  Learning more about the Democrat nominee odds is a key component to successfully wagering so that the results of the vote equal a winning night for you, as well.

The odds are based on how the candidates are performing in the race, and you will see the odds fluctuate as polls change, scandals erupt, and the election draws nearer.  Our recommendations for sites that offer betting lines on politics provide the most competitive odds and lines in the business.

Who Is Running For The 2024 Democratic Nomination?

Joe Biden was able to mow through a large field of DNC Presidential candidates and become the Democratic Party’s nominee for POTUS in 2020, and even though he won the election, he’s facing some stiff competition from his own allies in 2024. Nothing is official just yet, but the election betting odds reveal that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Vice President Kamala Harris are pulling close to Biden and could challenge him during the next DNC Presidential Primary.

Futures betting is typically the only option for betting on the 2024 presidential election far in advance of the actual event, which includes lines for betting on the odds to win the Democratic nomination. If your bet is correct, your payday could be very promising. Keep in mind that there are betting lines and odds for individuals who have not announced an actual run for the nomination, too.

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2024 Top Democratic Candidates

Joe Biden

Joe Biden (D)

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Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris (D)

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Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren (D)

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Stacy Abrams

Stacy Abrams (D)

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Alexandria Cortez

Alexandria Cortez (D)

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Other Democratic Candidates With Presidential Nomination Odds

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama (D)

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Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo (D)

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Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang (D)

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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders (D)

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Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg (D)

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Michael Bennet

Michael Bennet (D)

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Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg (D)

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Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar (D)

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Cory Booker

Cory Booker (D)

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Gretchen Whitmer

Gretchen Whitmer (D)

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2024 Democratic National Convention

Joe Biden was officially nominated as the Democratic Presidential candidate at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on August 21st, 2020. A few days earlier, he announced Kamala Harris as his pick for Vice President. Kamala is the first Black/Indian woman ever nominated for office by the Democratic party.

The 2024 Democratic National Convention has yet to be scheduled, and the political landscape could be entirely different by then, but it sure is fun to speculate on just who will be speaking and what nominee will receive the nod from the DNC. The earlier the better when it comes to futures odds, so take advantage of these DNC Convention odds as soon as they appear for maximum payouts.

2024 DNC US House And Senate Elections

Because US House elections are held every two years, every single seat is being contested once again in 2024. The betting odds for the US House of Representatives to maintain a Democratic majority are expected to remain high, but the GOP always has a trick up their sleeve, and it isn’t over until the final vote tallies are reported.

The US Senate betting odds in 2022 suggested that the DNC would retain a majority, and voters delivered on that prediction and kept the chamber blue for at least two years. Although odds have yet to appear, we expect the Republican Party to hold a strong edge in the US House of Representatives and predict the Senate election odds will be tight and hover near even for both parties.

Betting Odds To Win The Democratic Nomination

Democratic Nomination Odds

  • Joe Biden-170
  • Kamala Harris+800
  • Gavin Newsom+900
  • Michelle Obama+1400
  • Gretchen Whitmer+2000
  • Pete Buttigieg+2000
  • Hillary Clinton+2500
  • Amy Klobuchar+4000
  • Elizabeth Warren+5000
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez+6000
  • Bernie Sanders+6500
  • Andrew Cuomo+10000
  • Andrew Yang+10000
  • Beto O'Rourke+10000
  • Cory Booker+10000
*More odds available at Bovada

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Democratic Election Betting FAQs

Is It Legal To Bet On Who Will Win The Democratic Nomination?
Yes it is. There are no federal gambling laws that prohibit US residents from betting on politics from legally licensed and regulated sportsbooks either domestically or through licensed offshore betting sites. Unless you live in the state of Washington, there are not any state laws that make it illegal to bet online. The repeal of PASPA has expanded the sportsbook market in the US, but political betting lines are more prevalently found through offshore sportsbooks such as the ones listed in this guide.
What Types of Bets are Available for Betting on the Democrat Nomination?
There are a few primary betting options that you will see at most all of our recommended sportsbooks: Who will win the Democrat nomination? What gender will the Democrat nominee be? Who will be the Democrat VP pick? Who will the Democrat winner be at the various state caucuses? What will the gender balance be on the Democratic Presidential ticket? In addition to these betting lines, you will also find additional bet variations, such as handicapped bets and over/under bets, among others.
Who Can Bet on the 2024 Democratic Primary?
You don’t have to be a Democrat to bet on Democrat election odds. Anyone can bet on who will win the 2024 DNC nomination as long as they are old enough to legally participate in online betting (18+ in most jurisdictions). You may be a staunch conservative who will be voting Republican this election, but that does not preclude you from predicting who will be on the Democratic Presidential ticket. In addition to potentially being a moneymaker for bettors, political betting is also a lot of fun. Anyone who finds politics intriguing and thinks they are astute at interpreting the landscape would enjoy participating.
Where Can I Bet on Who Will Win the 2024 Democratic Nomination?
There are several top-rated online sportsbooks that legally offer political betting lines to US players. We have created a refined listing of recommendations that are based on our extensive review process for finding legally licensed, high quality and respected online betting destinations. We anticipate that the expanding US sportsbook market will also begin to include political betting lines in the future.
Do any of the Democratic Presidential candidates support online gambling?
In the 2016 Presidential election, Hillary Clinton was the only Democratic Presidential candidate to openly support the possibility of online gambling. On the national level, online gambling doesn’t appear to be a priority this election cycle for either party.
Is Betting On The Democratic Primary A New Form Of Gambling Entertainment?
While online access to this type of entertainment may be fairly new, betting on who will win the Democrat nomination is as old as the Presidential election itself. It actually used to be an accepted part of the political process in the early 1900s and could bring in a hefty payday for those whose predictions were on the money. With today’s statistical tools and scientific polls, it should be even easier to make an accurate prediction of who will come out on top.

Other Political Parties And Candidates

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