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Trump Conviction Odds, Biden Impeachment Odds, And More

It’s that time of year again, folks.

With the 2024 Presidential primary season kicking off in earnest, the political odds are finally even.

The last time we checked in, the betting boards were replete with boring inanity like which Trump-era official would be next to find themselves in legal hot water. There were odds on various leaks, various charges, and so on. But there just wasn’t that much to choose from day to day.

Now, that’s changed.

The hopeful 2024 GOP candidates have already had their first debate, and erstwhile frontrunner Ron DeSantis has separated himself from the pack. Only he went in the wrong direction. And spectacularly.

But while the Republican primary seems to be a race for second place (aka Vice President) and a bunch of potential cabinet positions (i.e. Vivek Ramaswamy), there are all kinds of bets you can place.

The most popular of these, of course, have to do with 45 himself, Donald Trump. Just as in 2015-2016 and 2019-2020, the Trump brand is well represented on the boards. You could say that Trump is once again carrying the election odds.

And whether or not this is the last election cycle where that will be true (though we can’t imagine political betting without The Donald), it’s probably best to revel in the moment that is right now.

Here’s where Trump stands at the best online election betting sites:

Donald Trump Odds (Via Bovada Sportsbook)

Twitter/X: Trump To Be Suspended Before 2025

  • No -550
  • Yes +350

Take the easy money. There’s no way X is giving the ex-President the heave-ho.

Will Donald Trump Be Found Guilty Of One Or More Felonies In New York?

  • Yes -200
  • No +150

It’s hard to imagine that any of these charges will actually stick. The only thing the establishment wants less than Trump on the 2024 general ballot is a whole bunch (and we mean a whole bunch) of civil unrest.

Will Donald Trump Be Found Guilty Of One Or More Of The 2020 Election Result Federal Charges?

  • Yes -300
  • No +220

See above.

Will Donald Trump Be Found Guilty Of One Or More Of The Classified Documents Federal Charges?

  • Yes -350
  • No +245

See above again.

Will Donald Trump Be Found Guilty Of One Or More Of The 2020 Presidential Election Georgia Result Charges?

  • Yes -145
  • No +110


Prison Match Bet: To Serve Time First

  • Donald Trump -1000
  • Hillary Clinton +550

Neither will be serving any prison time, so don’t tie your money up on a bet that’s going to end in a push several years from now. These are sportsbooks, not interest-free banks.

Donald Trump Odds (Via BetOnline Sportsbook)

Donald Trump To Be Remanded In Custody Pre-Trial During 2023?

  • No -5000
  • Yes +1200

Don’t bet the favorite here. Don’t bet the underdog, either. While Trump obviously isn’t going to be remanded to custody pre-trial, the maximum wagers at political sportsbooks make this a no-go. There are easier, cheaper ways to invest than a -5000 sure thing. 

Trump Trial Odds – Classified Documents – Number Of Guilty Counts

  • 34 Or More -110
  • Under 10 +150
  • Between 10-33 +400

Take the under.

Trump Trial Odds – Georgia – Number Of Guilty Counts

  • 11-33 -145
  • 3-10 +225
  • 0-2 +325

Take the biggest payout.

Trump Trial Odds – Hush Money/Stormy Daniels Case – Number Of Guilty Counts

  • 25 Or More -120
  • Under 5 +200
  • Between 5-24 +300

We forgot this was even a thing. Imagine being sued for being blackmailed.

Trump Cleared On First 4 Indictments Before 2025?

  • No -10000
  • Yes +2000

Not a chance, but again, abstain. The maximum payout on this is like $10.

Trump To Be Convicted And Serve Jail Time Before 2025?

  • No -350
  • Yes +225

Not a chance, and this one is worth a gamble. Bet the maximum.

Trump Truth Social Posts During September 2023

  • 2000 Or More +120
  • Between 1000-1999 +150
  • Fewer Than 1000 +300

We don’t use Truth Social, so we don’t know The Donald’s averages. We’re staying away, but if you crunch the numbers, take whichever wager puts the numbers under his monthly usual. He should be less active during his upcoming slate of trials. 

When Will Trump Tweet Next?

  • 2024 Or Later +120
  • Before October 2023 +150
  • Between October-December 2023 +300

This one’s too tough to call. Trump’s only tweeted once since X reinstated the @RealDonaldTrump account. It could be tomorrow. It could be on Election Night 2024.

Which Word Will Trump Tweet Next?

  • Election +215
  • Biden +250
  • Rigged +400
  • Corrupt +600
  • Deranged +1000
  • Witch-hunt +1000
  • Hunter +1600
  • Lunatic +2000
  • Russia +2000
  • Pence +5000

Trump will probably tweet something like this and drive bettors crazy:

“After I challenged the Rigged, Corrupt Biden Election, I was subjected to a Witch Hunt by deranged lunatics in the Democrat Party. Russia Collusion was a proven Hoax. The only one to collude with Russia was Joe and Hunter BIDEN. Mike Pence was a mistake.”

As you can see, Trump is the headline. But he’s not the only politician you can bet props on.

We don’t know why Biden impeachment odds took so long to get on the boards (we thought the international sportsbooks were immune from the rampant mainstream news bias), but they’re finally up. There are even some Hunter Biden odds now that his sweetheart plea deal was exposed and shelved.

Check these out:

Joe Biden Odds (Via Bovada Sportsbook)

Will Joe Biden Be Impeached During His First Term As President?

  • No -310
  • Yes +225

We’d like to think there’s no way. However, Biden is the favorite to win in 2024, he’s made every indication he’s going to run, and the Democrats absolutely do not want him in the White House. Maybe they’ll stab him in the back. Probably not, but the odds on “Yes” aren’t as crazy as they seem.

Joe Biden Approval Rating At Year End

  • Over 41 +110
  • 41 Or Under -140


Will Joe Biden finish his first term as President?

  • Yes -800
  • No +460

Yes. Even if he’s impeached, he won’t be convicted. He’ll finish the term. Probably. Kamala did just make headlines for this, though.

Will Joe Biden Pardon Donald Trump?

  • Joe Biden NOT To Pardon Donald Trump Before The 2024 Election -2900
  • Joe Biden To Pardon Donald Trump For All Potential Federal Crimes Before The 2024 Election +900

Of course not. But again, betting maximums say pass.

Joe Biden Odds  (Via BetOnline Sportsbook)

Joe Biden Exit Date

  • 2025 -140
  • 2026 Or Later +155
  • 2023 +1000
  • 2024 +1000

2025 is the safest bet.

Joe Biden To Be Indicted Before Next General Election

  • No -5000
  • Yes +1200

No. Impeachment, maybe. Indictment, never.

Joe Biden To Leave Office Via Impeachment

  • No -4000
  • Yes +140


Will Joe Biden Complete Full First Term?

  • Yes -1500
  • No +600

Most likely, yes. But one more time – and this bears repeating – betting the max on something like this is the only way to make a meaningful return, and it’s usually not going to be as good a return as just buying some crypto or betting some other line.

Hunter Biden Odds (Via Bovada Sportsbook)

Hunter Biden Specials

  • To Confirm He Is In Rehab In 2023 +500
  • To Relocate To China In 2023 +10000
  • To Relocate To Ukraine In 2023 +15000
  • To Have His Artwork Exhibited In MoMA By The End Of 2023 +8000

None of the above (unless the first one is a condition of some new plea arrangement he works out).

Will Hunter Biden Be Convicted Of A Felony And Serve Time In Prison Before 2025?

  • No -4000
  • Yes +1000


Will Hunter Biden Be Pardoned By Joe Biden In His First Term As President?

  • No -1600
  • Yes +700

Yes, of course. If he gets charged with or convicted of a crime. Or if the potential to be so charged/convicted in the future is there. Basically, if Hunter doesn’t have immunity from his entire past by the time his (Corn) Pop leaves office, you bet his dad will bail him out. Take a flyer on that fat +700.

Hunter Biden Odds (Via BetOnline Sportsbook)

Will any of these happen to Hunter Biden in 2023

  • To be fined by the D.O.J. +200
  • To go into a rehab clinic +250
  • Announce to be a father +600
  • To run in the New York Marathon +1200
  • To be at the US Open tennis final +1200
  • To appear on a reality TV show +1600
  • Move to China +10000
  • Move to Ukraine +10000
  • To date Kim Kardashian +12500

A fine seems the likeliest outcome. But it won’t be in 2023. Avoid this one because none of them is going to hit.

Hunter Biden To Be Indicted Before Next General Election

  • No -180
  • Yes +140

Probably not, but maybe. This one feels like a coin flip.

Hunter Biden To Serve Jail Time Before 2025

  • No -600
  • Yes +350

Probably not, but maybe. Joe won’t pardon Hunter if he gets a 30-day sentence, so if it’s something light like that, we wouldn’t be terribly surprised. Anything too much longer and he’ll be pardoned. Hunter going to jail would already be a dagger for the Biden reelection campaign, so a pardon wouldn’t hurt Joe’s image. It might even endear him as a “family man” or something.

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