2024 Presidential Candidates and Party Affiliation 2020 Nancy Pelosi Reelection Odds For The US House of Representatives 

2020 Nancy Pelosi Reelection Odds For The US House of Representatives 

Nancy Pelosi

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Presidential Election Odds: Bovada

  • Kamala Harris +400
  • Joe Biden +450
  • Donald Trump Sr. +550
  • Ron DeSantis +1200
  • Mike Pence +2000
  • Nikki Haley +2000
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +2500
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson +3300
  • Michelle Obama +3300
  • Cory Booker +4000
  • Elizabeth Warren +4000
  • John Kasich +4000
  • Pete Buttigieg +4000
  • Ted Cruz +4000
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2020 House Election Update (11/4): Nancy Pelosi won reelection easily, taking 79.2% of the vote. That said, she may not be chosen to be the Speaker of the House in 2021, considering that her colleagues are unhappy with their lack of progress in taking more of the House and so may look to more progressive leadership in the lower chamber. 

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is one of the longest-serving members of Congress, and she has lately seen a resurgence in national notoriety due to her status as the Speaker of the House. Of course, she is as polarizing as her archrival, President Donald Trump, and her initiation of Trump impeachment over various unsubstantiated charges has led to nationwide calls to impeach Nancy Pelosi herself.

Still, the 2020 Nancy Pelosi reelection odds for the US House have her as a major favorite, primarily because she isn’t elected via a nationwide vote, and she’s beloved in California, which is the bluest state in America. In fact, Pelosi re-election is such a foregone conclusion that many legal election betting sites won’t even post odds on her race.

However, Pelosi is often featured in political props and other election-related wagers. If Trump wins reelection and the Democrats retain the House in 2020 (which is currently the favored outcome according to bettors), you will likely find Pelosi Speaker of the House odds at most reputable offshore sportsbooks. To learn more about Pelosi and whether or not you should take a gamble on her, read our brief guide. And no, you don’t have to pass it before you can find out what’s in it!

Who Is Nancy Pelosi?

Democrat IconNancy Pelosi is a career politician from the state of California, serving as member of the House of Representatives since she first took office on June 2, 1987. Pelosi represents CA’s 12th District in the US House, and she’s also the current Speaker of the House, which is post she’s held since the Democratic party retook the chamber majority after the 2018 House elections.

Most notably, Pelosi has boosted her profile by leading impeachment proceedings against President Trump, and she also made headlines by tearing up the 2020 State of the Union speech where Trump called for a national response to the coronavirus pandemic.

These stunts have endeared her to her electorate, and she has overseen the more general alignment of the Democratic Party to the socialist left at the behest of “The Squad.” Pelosi is branded as an establishment Democrat, though she has struggled to balance that with the Progressive mandates in the current House. Still, she remains one of the most famous and visible politicians in the United States.

Is It Legal To Bet On US House Elections Online?

You can legally bet on politics – including House of Representatives elections – if you use an offshore betting site to do so. Though you will come across advertisements of “Vegas election odds” and the like, these are hypothetical. That is, you cannot actually wager on politics in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the US. Domestic sportsbooks are challenging this, but right now, your only option for safe, secure election betting is to use one of the reputable sites listed here.

There are no federal laws barring offshore betting on elections (or any other markets, like entertainment and sports), though two states – Washington and Connecticut – have nominally barred all forms of online gambling. That said, offshore sites will accept residents from both states, and we’ve never heard of anyone getting into legal trouble for using them. Of course, you should abide by all local laws and sign up only at your own discretion.

Odds of Nancy Pelosi Being Re-elected to the House of Representatives in 2020

While official odds have not been released by oddsmakers yet, we are pretty convinced her odds are very favorable for keeping her seat in the House.  She is widely popular in her state and district, and thus far we have not seen a potential candidate strong enough to blow her house down.  When and if official odds are released, we will list them here.  In the meantime, there are some intriguing political prop bets you can get in on as well as Presidential election betting odds and Vice President candidate odds.

Nancy Pelosi Odds

If all Presidential votes are not counted by 11:59 A.M. on January 21, 2021, or if there is an official dispute that is hung up the judicial system, the Speaker of the House will be rewarded the Presidency. This potential scenario has created a betting line on what Representative Pelosi’s position will be on January 21.

What Position Will Nancy Pelosi Hold On January 21, 2021?

  • Speaker of the House -50000
  • US President +7000

2020 House of Representatives Betting Odds

Odds IconUS House betting odds are not currently posted for individual races, though you can expect the most high-profile elections to get coverage at the top gambling sites. As the November general nears, you should be able to find betting lines on several prominent members of Congress, including Nancy Pelosi. The following US House election odds are live at Bovada:

US House Of Representatives Control

  • Democrats -400
  • Republicans +275

House And Senate Balance Of Power

  • Democratic House, Democratic Senate +120
  • Democratic House, Republican Senate +140
  • Republican House, Republican Senate +375
  • Republican House, Democratic Senate +4500

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2020 Nancy Pelosi Primary Results

On March 3, 2020, California held its so-called “top-two” primary. This system puts all candidates on the same ballot, and the top two vote-getters advance to the general election regardless of party affiliation.

In the 2020 Congressional primary for California, Pelosi earned nearly 191,000 votes (74%) and Shahid Butler – also a Democrat – took just over 33,000 votes (13%). These two will be facing off on the November general, though it is unlikely Pelosi will come close to losing that race.

Either way, CA’s 12th Congressional district will not have Republican representation on the ballot.

Can I Bet On Nancy Pelosi Now?

Not yet. While you will likely find various Pelosi odds at sportsbooks once the general election nears (or if Trump is impeached against before November 2020), it is far too early for books to be offering lines on Congressional elections.

That said, because of her longtime service and the fact that she took the 12th District primary by 61 points over her chief rival, sportsbooks may not bother putting out Pelosi House odds, as she’d be a favorite in the neighborhood of -10000 or so.  

How Much Can I Win If I Bet On Nancy Pelosi?

Once odds are posted, depending on what they are, you could win very little – or quite a lot – by betting for or against Pelosi. For the House general, Pelosi’s odds (if they’re even offered) will be so high that payouts will be negligible. If she’s a -10000 favorite, for example, you’d have to risk $10,000 just to win $100.

However, her odds for Speaker of the House, given her age and general odd behavior, will be much shorter, perhaps -500 or so. In this case, a $500 wager could earn you $100 of profit. Stay tuned and keep your bankroll ready – or at least whatever part of is left after Pelosi and Co. extract their annual fees.

Nancy Pelosi Bio

Nancy Pelosi, nee Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro, was born on March 26, 1940, in Baltimore, MD. Her father, Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr., was a Democratic congressman in Maryland, and he later became the mayor of Baltimore (1947-1959).

Pelosi’s brother, Thomas D’Alesandro, III, also served as mayor of Baltimore (1967-1971), and her mother Annunciata was a Democratic political activist and feminist. As a result, Pelosi was effectively a politician since birth. Indeed, she began her professional political career the moment she graduated from college, and she’s been a fixture in the US machine ever since.

Nancy Pelosi’s husband is Paul Pelosi, and the couple has been married since 1963. Pelosi has five children by Paul, and the family maintains a Catholic household.


Education IconNancy Pelosi graduated from the Institute of Notre Dame (an all-girls high school) in 1958, and she graduated from Trinity College four years later with a BA in – you guessed it! – political science. Immediately out of school Pelosi would serve as an intern for US Senator Daniel Brewster (D-MD). 

Political Experience

Experience IconPelosi has more political experience than most US politicians, as she has been involved in high-level government for nearly 60 years. She has held the following posts during her career (not including her early work assisting other prominent politicians):

  • Chair of California Democratic Party (1981-1983)
  • US House of Representatives, CA 5th District (1987-1993)
  • US House of Representatives, CA 8th District (1993-2013)
  • US House of Representatives, CA 12th District (2013-present)
  • House Minority Whip (2002-2003)
  • Leader of House Democratic Caucus (2003)
  • House Minority Leader (2003-2007, 2011-2019)
  • Speaker of the House (2007-2011, 2019-present)

Nancy Pelosi Policies

Policy IconThe political platform of Nancy Pelosi is fairly standard Democratic fare, and she is considered to be an establishment politician. Her pet issues are:

  • LGBTQ rights
  • Anti-border wall
  • Pro-immigration
  • Pro-choice (supports partial-birth abortion)
  • Pro-marijuana
  • Pro-mass surveillance (PRISM)
  • Anti-waterboarding
  • Supports removal of confederate monuments
  • Voted against “God” in schools
  • Pro-AGW (climate change)
  • Pro-ACA (Obamacare)
  • Anti-gun
  • Anti-draft
  • Anti-Trump

Nancy Pelosi Voter Base

Voter Base IconPelosi’s voter base is about what you’d expect, and it comprises her largely leftist constituency in San Francisco County (CA D-12). Her policies run the gamut, stopping just shy of outright Progressive extremism, and she thus appeals to a wide swath of voters:

  • Democrats
  • Progressives
  • Socialists
  • Women
  • Minorities
  • Disarmists
  • Never Trumpers

Nancy Pelosi On Gambling

Gambling IconGambling and the regulation of betting have never been a topic of much discussion for Nancy Pelosi, and we are unaware of any particular stances she might have on the subject.

As a federal politician, she certainly wields influence over how California may vote in authorizing legal sports betting, online gambling, and commercial casinos at the state level, but she doesn’t technically have a vote, nor has she weighed in on the issues in any meaningful way.

How To Contact Nancy Pelosi

You can get in touch with Pelosi’s office via the following. While you may have luck using the Nancy Pelosi phone number listed, the better option is usually email.

  • Telephone: (415) 556-4862
  • Email: Form on official Pelosi website

Nancy Pelosi Reelection FAQs

When is the next House election?

The next election for the US House of Representatives is on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. All 435 members of the House will be up for reelection, including Nancy Pelosi. Given the Pelosi primary results (she won by 61 points over the guy she’ll be facing in the general), the election – for her – should be a foregone conclusion. However, with so many races on the docket, you should be able to find House of Representatives’ odds for several of the more contested ones.

Is Nancy Pelosi up for reelection in 2020?

Yes. Nancy Pelosi will be up for re-election just like every other member of Congress. Ever Congressperson will be voted for on November 3, 2020, in the general Presidential election, and you’ll be able to find Congressional betting odds on a number of important races.

When is Nancy Pelosi up for reelection?

Speaker Pelosi was up for election in the CA House primary on March 3, 2020, which she won easily. There doesn’t seem to be any credible Nancy Pelosi primary challenger in the near future, so most people expected the Pelosi primary go exactly as it did, with her earning the vast majority of the vote. They largely expect the same for the general election in November.

What are the odds Pelosi could be primaried in the future?

Practically zero. Since entering politics in the 1980s, Pelosi has faced primary challengers literally dozens of times, and none has come close to dethroning her. She’s about as big a lock to win her district as anyone in Congress, and only a health emergency or retirement seems likely to derail that.

Will Nancy Pelosi be Speaker of the House in 2020?

What are the chances of Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker again? Well, since she seems to have wide support in the Age of Trump, there’s a pretty solid chance that she’ll be voted Speaker of the next Congress – if the Democrats hold the House majority.

Could Nancy Pelosi be the House Minority Leader?

If the Democrats lose the House in 2020, it is possible that the Democratic caucus could grant Minority Leader status to Pelosi. Frankly, this would be the only Nancy Pelosi election where the outcome isn’t more or less predetermined, as the House might also opt for a younger rising star if they lose control of the chamber.

Can Nancy Pelosi be voted out in 2020?

Yes, conceivably. However, she is hugely popular in her home district (which includes San Francisco), and it is unlikely that the challenger she’s facing in November – who she beat by over 60 percentage points in the primary – will give her any kind of challenge. For bettors, there will likely be no lines available for this contingency.

What is the Nancy Pelosi Approval Rating?

The metric for all pols is whether or not they have the support of their constituencies. So, does Pelosi have the votes? According to her primary numbers, certainly, but her approval rating is also informative. Unsurprisingly, nationally, she’s sitting at about 35.5%, but in her district (which is the only thing that matters), it’s much higher.

How is the Speaker of the House elected?

The Speaker of the House is elected by roll-call vote at the start of every new Congress, and they serve at the pleasure of said House. These terms are two years long, as each Congress is technically two one-year Congressional sessions.

How did Nancy Pelosi become Speaker of the House?

Longevity, mainly. Pelosi had served in the House for 20 years and was viewed as a senior member from an important district in a major state. Given these factors, and countless others behind the scenes, she was voted Speaker of the House in 2007 and has served in that capacity numerous times since.

How long has Nancy Pelosi been Speaker of the House?

In total, Nancy Pelosi has held the position of Speaker of the House for five years through three separate Congresses. While there have been whisperings of an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Nancy Pelosi connection whereby a passing of the torch could occur, many pundits believe that AOC is too far to the left to get wide party support for such a move. Rest assured, you’ll be able to find betting odds on AOC and the next House Speaker whenever the time comes.

Can Nancy Pelosi be removed as Speaker of the House?

She could be removed, and there was plenty of talk of doing just that after the Pelosi impeachment vote (and generally failed Nancy Pelosi impeachment proceedings). Later, after her SOTU stunt where numerous headlines declared “Nancy Pelosi Rips Speech” and “Nancy Pelosi Tears Up Speech,” renewed calls for censure and impeachment were mounted by the GOP minority, but these fell on deaf ears.

What is the Nancy Pelosi Clap Meme?

The meme in question, also called the Nancy Pelosi clap back, occurred when she sarcastically clapped in Trump’s face after his 2019 SOTU speech. However, with the length of time she’s been in office, there are plenty of Nancy Pelosi memes to choose from. One of the most popular has to do with the “special” Nancy Pelosi pens the Speaker handed out when signing the formal Trump impeachment papers.

Is Nancy Pelosi an alcoholic?

There has been plenty of speculation that her Congressional office is effectively a Nancy Pelosi drunk tank, as the Congresswoman is well known for slurring her speeches and misspeaking. She is effectively the female Joe Biden. A Nancy Pelosi speech may not rise quite to the level of “Corn Pop,” but they’re usually pretty close, and any Pelosi press conference is tends to be pretty entertaining. However, due to her advanced age, this could also just be simple cognitive decline, so there’s really no telling. If she’s not a drunk, she’s certainly drunk for power!

Is there any chance Nancy Pelosi is dying?

While many people likely hope this would be the case sooner than later, and though many reputable offshore betting sites offer so-called death pools where you can wager on the next politician or celebrity to kick the bucket, we’ve never seen any such odds on Nancy Pelosi. Naturally, everyone dies at some point, but federal politicians have access to the best healthcare on earth, and it is rare for any pol to pass away while in office.

What are the odds of Pelosi becoming President?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is technically third in line in the Presidential line of succession. If Trump had been removed from office along with VP Mike Pence, for example, Pelosi would have automatically become President. During the 2019-2020 impeachment of Donald Trump, there were actually a few sites offering betting odds Pelosi becomes President.

How much is Nancy Pelosi worth?

To the American taxpayer? Nothing. But how much does she cost? Literally trillions! Of course, that’s the case for all pols. As for her personal holdings, most outlets peg the Nancy Pelosi net worth in the neighborhood of $120 million. Why or how a career public servant has been able to amass that sort of wealth is anyone’s guess.

How old is Nancy Pelosi?

The officially listed Nancy Pelosi age is 80, as she was born in March 1940. She is not the oldest serving member of the House or the Senate, but she’s up there, and in terms of seniority on the job, she’s got about as much as anyone could possibly have.

What is Donald Trump's nickname for Nancy Pelosi?

Nancy Pelosi can be considered to be Donald Trump’s biggest critic and opponent in Washington DC, and the President has come up with some alternatives names to use to refer to her other than Nancy:

  • Crazy Nancy
  • Nervous Nancy
  • High Tax Nancy
  • High Crime Nancy