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GOP Lawmakers Storm Private Testimony, Trump Impeachment Odds Dip Slightly

Top 5 Democrat Odds

The Top 5 Democrats With The Best Odds To Win The 2020 Nomination

The public betting market for politics can change on a dime, and you don’t need to look any further than the 2020 Democratic Nomination odds this year to see proof of that. Remember when Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke were the favorites back in January? Remember how Elizabeth Warren plummeted on the board
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Pete Buttigieg Polls Well In Iowa, Boosting His 2020 Democratic Nomination Odds

Iowa has long been regarding as one of the most crucial states heading into presidential elections. Scheduled for February 3, 2020, the Iowa caucus is vital to a successful campaign. The Democrat with the most support during the caucus has gone on to win the party’s nomination in every election cycle since 1996.
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Clinton Calls Gabbard A “Russian Asset,” Tulsi Dares Hillary To Enter 2020 Race

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” said Carl Sagan, a world-renowned American astronomer and science writer. The “Sagan standard,” as it’s commonly referred to as today, is an aphorism we should consider applying to today’s political landscape, especially as we inch closer to 2020.
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