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Can Bill Weld beat the odds and win against Donald Trump in 2020?

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2020 fundraising totals for 1st-quarter released: Trump, Bernie lead all campaigns

So, which 2020 candidate has the biggest war chest? The Federal Election Commission released the full first-quarter fundraising reports for each of the 2020 presidential candidates on Monday, and the filing showed that President Donald Trump raised more money than any other candidate with a total of $30.3 million
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William Barr getting to work

Attorney General William Barr says he will release a redacted version of the Mueller report ‘within a week’

The clock is officially ticking. And “Barr”-ing any setbacks, we will be able to read the Mueller report “within a week.” The redacted version that is, and for now, Attorney General William Barr has said he is “not going to say anything more until the report is out.” Barr testified before the House Appropriations
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Donald Trump making faces

President Trump Twitter Prop Bets: Odds For Which 2020 Democratic Candidate Gets Nicknamed Next

Don’t worry: We promise this is not #fakenews. But oddsmakers chose to have a little fun today and posted some prop bets on President Donald Trump (+230) after his 50-tweet tirade on Twitter over the weekend. When the dust “somewhat” settled on Monday morning, the only person, place, or thing he didn’t lash out at
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Andrew Yang 2020 Presidential Candidate

Andrew Yang’s 2020 Presidential Odds Skyrocket After Qualifying For First Democratic Debate, Now Listed as High as 20 to 1

After being labeled a “longshot” by most and having absolutely “no chance” by others, oddsmakers made it clear this week: Andrew Yang is now a 2020 presidential contender. Yang, a 44-year-old entrepreneur from New York, made headlines this week after announcing on Twitter that he had officially qualified for the
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Donald Trump

Trump Says He Will ‘VETO!’ Bill Blocking His Border Emergency Declaration After 12 GOP Senators Help It Pass

The President got angry with 12 Republican men and women this afternoon for voting against his biggest campaign promise. The Senate voted 59-41 in favor of the bill that would block the national border emergency declared by President Donald Trump (+230|30.30%), which he said he used to keep his campaign promise
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