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Jennifer Nichols is a professional writer and political betting enthusiast. She also has a background in marketing, which provides unique insight into the way politically relevant information, statistics and polling information is interpreted and shared.

When she's not writing about the political landscape in the US, Jennifer enjoys working on her extensive DIY home renovation projects, camping and traveling.

Coming from a military family, Jennifer moved around quite a bit during her childhood and is happy to be settled down here in Tallahassee. As one of the earlier team members to join PEO, Jennifer is a veteran writer for the site.

Jennifer can be reached by email: Jennifer@presidentialelectionodds.net

Website: https://www.presidentialelectionodds.net/blog/author/jennifer/

GOP Senate leadership gathered at a podium

US Senate Betting Lines Debut As State Campaigns Heat Up

Just yesterday, we were lamenting the fact that US Senate and House odds had disappeared from the boards and that there were no betting lines available for Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and their reelection chances. Today’s sunrise brought with it much more than a heaping helping of Vitamin D, as
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President Trump speaking with Joe Biden

Odds For Trump And Biden To Drop Out Of Race Appear For Different Reasons

The two-party system of politics that the United States has adhered to over the past several decades has provided some strange matchups for who will become the next President. Odds have now appeared at top political betting sites that allow bettors to wager on if either candidate will drop out before November 1.
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Trump wearing a face mask

Trump All In Against COVID-19 and Dr. Fauci as His Reelection Odds Remain Low

It appears that President Donald Trump is running out of options to defend his reputation against the rising numbers of Coronavirus infections in many states across the country. Despite the President wanting to move onward with reopening in an effort to reestablish many previously established rising economic
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Colin Powell pointing his index fingers upwards

Will Colin Powell’s Biden Nod Inspire More Republicans To Go With Joe?

Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States. An endorsement from any politician for a member other side of the aisle is never a good look and would normally represent a blemish that a Presidential campaign would prefer
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Odds on North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Yo Jong

Odds Favor Kim Yo Jong As North Korea’s Next Supreme Leader

Kim Jong Un has not been seen in North Korea since April 11. However, there have been countless reports of the Supreme Leaders’ possible location via satellite images, likely usage of a private train and villa, and possible death have all surfaced online in recent weeks. With constant media speculation on
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