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Jennifer Nichols is a professional writer and political betting enthusiast. She also has a background in marketing, which provides unique insight into the way politically relevant information, statistics and polling information is interpreted and shared.

When she's not writing about the political landscape in the US, Jennifer enjoys working on her extensive DIY home renovation projects, camping and traveling.

Coming from a military family, Jennifer moved around quite a bit during her childhood and is happy to be settled down here in Tallahassee. As one of the earlier team members to join PEO, Jennifer is a veteran writer for the site.

Jennifer can be reached by email: Jennifer@presidentialelectionodds.net

Website: https://www.presidentialelectionodds.net/blog/author/jennifer/

deval patrick announces presidential run

Lacking Odds And Recognition, Deval Patrick Officially Announces 2020 Campaign

After mulling a 2020 presidential run earlier this week, Deval Patrick has officially decided to enter the White House race just a few months before the Iowa Democratic caucus in February. Through his official Twitter account, Patrick revealed his intentions to build a “more inclusive American Dream for everyone.”
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cory booker tom steyer next to drop

Despite Qualifying For November Debate, Steyer And Booker Favored To Drop Next

We are just one week out from the next Democratic debate in Atlanta, Georgia and things are looking bleak for some candidates. Held on the Oprah Winfrey stage at Tyler Perry Studios, MSNBC and The Washington Post will host the event on November 20 with ten Democratic Party candidates, including: Sen. Elizabeth
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adam schiff release testimony schedule

Democrats Release Testimony Schedule For Next Week, Odds Favor No Whistleblower Appearance

After receiving criticism from President Donald Trump and his administration for their use of private testimonies, the House Democrats announced on Wednesday that they will restart public hearings next week related to the President’s impeachment inquiry. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff announced
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2020 election battleground polls

Battleground Polls, Odds Favor Trump Over Warren, Other Dems In 2020 Election

The latest battleground polls show President Donald Trump still has life in the 2020 Presidential Election despite his low approval ratings and the possibility that he is impeached during his first term. According to new surveys conducted by The New York Times and Siena College, Trump is beating out the top three
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2019 gubernatorial state elections

2019 Gubernatorial Elections Could Effect Trump Odds in 2020 Presidential Race

Tomorrow is election day for a number of gubernatorial and state races throughout the United States, including mayoral races in the South and the lower house of the New Jersey legislature, to name a few. And, while President Donald Trump is not officially running for any of these positions, many Democrats see
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nancy pelosi house votes formalize impeachment inquiry

Odds Are Against Trump As House Votes To Formalize Impeachment Inquiry

Does today mark the true beginning of President Donald Trump’s worst nightmare? Will there be more skeletons to find or demons to excise during the impeachment process? Or worse: could we run out of Halloween puns before the end of this story? The House of Representatives voted on a resolution today formalizing
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