Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer

South Carolina debate stage

South Carolina Primary Odds And Democratic Debate Prop Betting Guide 

There’s no way to downplay how important tonight is for the remaining Democratic candidates and how each individual performance could positively or negatively impact their odds to win the 2020 presidential election. Seven Democrats will take the stage this evening. Whether you’re curious about the
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steyer gabbard drop out odds

Odds Favor Tom Steyer, Tulsi Gabbard To Drop Out Next

When the first votes of a primary are cast, the path toward winning a party’s nomination becomes more narrow as it snowballs into a playoff-like system similar to sports. Rather than competing in win-or-go-home matchups, earning as many delegates as possible is the name of the game. Early on in the process, there
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cory booker tom steyer next to drop

Despite Qualifying For November Debate, Steyer And Booker Favored To Drop Next

We are just one week out from the next Democratic debate in Atlanta, Georgia and things are looking bleak for some candidates. Held on the Oprah Winfrey stage at Tyler Perry Studios, MSNBC and The Washington Post will host the event on November 20 with ten Democratic Party candidates, including: Sen. Elizabeth
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Tom steyer fourth debate

Fourth Time’s A Charm: Tom Steyer Misses First Three Debates, Qualifies For October

So much for cutting down the field. After failing to qualify for the third Democratic debate—set this Thursday in Houston, Texas—billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer met the thresholds set by the Democratic National Committee to participate in the fourth debate next month in Ohio. So far, making the fourth debate
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ohio fourth debate

In full swing: Ohio to host fourth 2020 Democratic debate in October

The third Democratic presidential debate in September 12 is still another week away in Houston, Texas. Nevertheless, the Democratic National Committee has released information regarding the fourth debate in October. Reported first by Reid J. Epstein via Twitter, the debate will be October 15– and October 16, if
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Democratic debate stage

Third Democratic debate expected to be one-night event without Gabbard and Steyer

Two nights or not two nights; that is the question. As the deadline looms to qualify for the third Democratic debate in Houston, Texas, half the field is not expected to make the cut. If no others qualify, the ten current 2020 Democratic candidates will share one stage on September 12. Candidates have until 11:59
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