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files and documents that have been stamped as classified

Political Prop Bets Now Taking Action On Next Politician Found With Classified Documents

First, it was former President Donald Trump who was found holding classified documents. Then President Joe Biden ended up in possession of top secret files that didn’t belong to him.

Now, former Vice President Mike Pence is in the crosshairs of the FBI after he was found with classified docs.

This has caused for a few political prop bets to emerge that forecast the next President or VP who ends up turning over classified material.

Next President/VP Found With Classified Documents?

  • Dick Cheney +225
  • Bill Clinton +225
  • Barack Obama +350
  • George W Bush +425
  • Al Gore +1200
  • Dan Quayle +1200
  • Jimmy Carter +5000

The oddsmakers at BetOnline produced the above prop, with Dick Cheney and Bill Clinton having an equal chance of being raided or turning over files next.

Bovada has also gotten in on the classified documents odds, broadening the horizon to include any former political player with sticky fingers.

Next Politician To Have Classified Documents Seized

  • Mike Pompeo +175
  • Kamala Harris +400
  • Barack Obama +450
  • Antony Blinken +1000
  • Rex Tillerson +1000
  • George W Bush +1200
  • Hillary Clinton +1200
  • Bill Clinton +1400
  • Dick Cheney +1400
  • John Kerry +1400
  • Al Gore +2000
  • Condoleezza Rice +2200
  • Dan Quayle +2500

If you believe that any of the above candidates will be next, then you should place your bets with Bovada. All candidates featured in BetOnline’s prop have higher moneylines at Bovada.

For instance, BetOnline is offering a +225 on Dick Cheney, and Bovada has the former VP at +1400. A $1 wager on Cheney will go a lot further at Bovada if he is next, earning payouts of $15 as opposed to $3.25 at BetOnline.

The benefit of betting at BetOnline.ag is a smaller window of options. The prop only includes former VPs and Presidents, and their odds list all that are still living except for Kamala Harris.

Bovada is also currently featuring odds for betting on Donald Trump and the documents seized at Mar-a-Lago. There is an additional prop included that relates to the events that took place at the US Capitol Building on January 6, 2020.

Trump Indictment Prop Bets

  • Department Of Justice To Indict Donald Trump In 2023 In Relation To January 6th Events +800
  • Department Of Justice To Indict Donald Trump In 2023 In Relation To Classified Material +175

The two Donald Trump betting options above are unrelated. This is simply a list of potential Trump prop bets that will payout if he is indicted on either the classified material or the events from January 6th.

Both Trump prop bets can payout and are mutually exclusive. Only an indictment is necessary. A guilty verdict is not required to cash in.

If you’re interested in laying some action on any of the above prop bets, we advise making haste. The reason? Top secret documents could be found at any moment. You can wake up tomorrow morning wishing you had placed a wager, or you can risk some cash now and earn big.

Proposition lines are also notorious for disappearing without notice. The online sportsbooks included in our election betting site reviews have been known to remove lines for any number of reasons, but all wagers placed before will remain in good standing.

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