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Denise has been a part of PEO since its conception in 2015 and overseas all content creation for the site, including the news. She has been heavily involved in the development of this website and the direction it has taken.

With more than a decade of experience in the betting industry, Denise was excited to be able to combine her knowledge of betting with her interest in politics, bringing it all together through the creation of one of the first and most comprehensive political betting guides on the web.

Despite being very intrigued with politics, Denise says she gets enough of it at work and spends her free time with her grandchildren, her 4 dogs or a good book. She has lived in Tallahassee for nearly 30 years and has been involved with content creation and web development for a little over 18 years.

Denise can be reached via email: Denise@presidentialelectionodds.net

Website: https://www.presidentialelectionodds.net/

will Manny Pacquiao odds payout in 2022 for PH President

Pacquiao Odds Top PH Election Betting Lines, But Will Manny Win In 2022?

Two major online political sportsbooks have now posted odds that suggest Manny Pacquiao will become the next President of the Philippines, but do these lines denote that he will actually win once all votes are counted in May of 2022? The following two futures lines at online sportsbooks offering PH Presidential
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political odds ask is Matthew McConoughey running for Governor now that abortion law has passed in Texas

Lone Star State’s Abortion Law Spotlights Texas Election Odds For Governor

Via a 5-4 vote from the US Supreme Court, an abortions prohibition in the state of Texas after six weeks of pregnancy has been upheld. The SCOTUS has not necessarily approved of the termination of abortion rights in TX, instead, merely allowing for the controversial statute to make its way through the traditional
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impeachment odds for Joe Biden grow after Afghanistan airport crisis

Biden Impeachment Odds Grow, Presidential Chances Dip, Following Afghanistan Fail

As explosions continue to rock Kabul, the exit strategy for President Joe Biden continues to come under question as thousands of allies await evacuation. Pundits are beginning to ask whether a plan was in place at all as no legitimate course of action seems to have begun despite all focus being placed on the
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who will be indicted in 2021

Political Betting Odds Predict Who Will Be Indicted On Criminal Charges In 2021

Clintons, Trumps, Matt Gaetz, Bidens Among Indictment Odds Offered Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, Rudy Giuliani Lead Odds To Be Indicted British Royal Family Betting Odds For Indictment Are Unfavorable It seemed as if online political sportsbooks were finally beginning to enter the dry season that typically follows
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2022 US Senate Midterm Election Odds Favor The DNC

Political Odds Imply DNC Senate Majority Following 2022 Midterm Elections

The Democratic Party currently controls the US House, Senate, and the White House, and now they are setting their sights on retaining that power by taking care of business in November of 2022. The DNC and the Republican Party each hold 50 seats in the US Senate, and the Democratic Vice President/Senate President
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Biden looking mean to the left of Trump trying to look smooth

2020 Presidential Debates Force Trump To Face Tax Release Bombshell

The First Presidential Debate Tuesday, September 29th from 9:00-10:30 PM The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio TV: CBS Moderator: Chris Wallace – FOX News The final five weeks of the election cycle is when you can expect each side of the political aisle to unleash the big guns, the final onslaught of dirt
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Joe Rogan looking to the right

What Are The Odds Biden Accepts Joe Rogan’s Fourth Debate Offer?

Joe Rogan, host of the immensely popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” has put forth an offer to moderate a fourth and final Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. According to a recent report from CNN, Trump is all in on the idea of participating in the proposed fourth debate, and his
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