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Putin Odds And Betting On Donald Trump’s Potential Peacekeeping Role In Russia

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues with mixed results, Vladimir Putin’s future status as the nation’s leader could be in jeopardy. Offshore sportsbooks have weighed in by offering political prop bets that ask gamblers to correctly predict the year that Putin loses power and gives way to new leadership in Russia.

Betting Odds For Vladimir Putin’s Exit Date

  • 2026 or Later +150
  • 2022 +200
  • 2023 +350
  • 2024 +600
  • 2025 +800

Online political sportsbook sites are projecting that Putin will most likely remain in power beyond January 1, 2026, but the second most likely outcome is that he is removed from office before December 31, 2022.

While political oddsmakers do use actual probabilities to create betting lines for election outcomes and other results in the realm of those that govern cities, states, and countries around the planet, the above moneylines are also heavily impacted by where the most wagers are being laid.

We simply warn against using the above Putin odds as a forecaster of actual events and to only entertain them as a means to earn some coin by betting on Russia’s future leadership status.

The Presidential election odds for Donald Trump still place him as the overall favorite to win in 2024, but what is his stance on the Russia Ukraine conflict?

It is hard to get a read on the relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. It is a mixture of strange familiarity and reluctance to engage that gives off a less than savory vibe whenever the two are together.

The following Trump prop bet implies that the former President will not visit Russia for a peacekeeping mission, or any other reason, and does not give bettors the option to wager on “no.”

Trump Odds To Visit Russia

  • Yes +700

Wagers placed right now have the potential to earn 7-to-1 net profits by betting on the above Trump odds to visit Russia, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be for political purposes.

Trump could simply drop in on Moscow to check the climate and investigate the real estate market. The Trump betting line does indicate that the appearance would need to be public, however, but it is hard to imagine any potential Russian visit that would be private in any way.

The exact same profit potential is also offered by the following Trump prop bet for if he will visit China.

Odds Trump Will Visit China?

  • Yes +700

Joe Biden just concluded a visit with Xi Jinping and declared his intention to support neighboring Taiwan in the event of a China invasion. Trump is by no means an ally of Xi Jinping, and that is reflected in the following betting line asking if there will be a meeting between the two of them prior to the end of the year.

Will Trump Hold A Public Meeting With Xi Jinping?

  • Yes +2000

It is never safe to rule anything out of Trump’s playbook, but a Russia or China visit seems outlandish at this juncture. If you disagree, lay some action now and cash in on the above Trump prop bets while they are still on the boards.

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