2019 U.S. Political Betting Guide

2019 U.S. Political Betting Guide

White house arrowsBetting On Politics: Odds, Lines, Futures and Prop Bets

Political betting odds are not solely available just for the major elections. Whenever any U.S. politician for either the Republicans or Democrats makes his or her agenda public, such as making a speech, participating in a debate, or attempting to pass a bill, oddsmakers waste no time posting a variety of betting odds surrounding the upcoming event. Odds also emerge for political events such as a government shutdown or scandal.

The public can then wager on the prop bets and lines for the event which provides a great opportunity to those who love betting on politics since it allows you to increase the size of your bankroll in-between the two biggest political seasons: The midterm election and the presidential election.

And with things heating up between the two political parties in 2019, you can expect to see hundreds of odds on betting lines and prop bets pop up throughout the year and heading into next year for the 2020 presidential election.

Below you’ll find our recommended betting sites, legal information, and a guide on what you need to know before betting on politics in the United States.

Our Recommended Political Betting Sites

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Current Betting Odds Available on Politics in the United States

Here you’ll find all the political betting odds that are currently available at Bovada and are receiving action in the United States. All the odds, lines, and prop bets in this section will change any time a Republican or Democrat receives a betting option from the oddsmakers at our recommended betting sites.

Current Political Prop Bets

What Joe Biden Nickname Will Donald Trump Use Next On Twitter?

  • Crazy Joe  Even
  • Other   +250
  • Sleepy Joe  +350
  • Low IQ  +500
  • 1 Percent Joe  +1000

Which Democratic Candidate For President Will Trump Refer To With A Nickname Next On Twitter

  • Joe Biden  +300
  • Bernie Sanders  +350
  • Beto O’Rourke  +350
  • Elizabeth Warren  +500
  • Kamala Harris  +500
  • Andrew Yang  +1000
  • Cory Booker  +1000
  • Amy Klobuchar  +2000
  • Kirsten Gillibrand  +2000
  • Tulsi Gabbard  +2500
  • Pete Buttigieg  +4000
  • Jay Inslee  +5000
  • John Hickenlooper  +5000

Will Donald Trump Refer To Beto O’Rourke In A Tweet As “Beta O’Dork” Before The 2020 Election?

  • No  -800
  • Yes  +500

Will Donald Trump Refer To Beto O’Rourke In A Tweet As “Beta O’Rourke” Before The 2020 Election?

  • No  -500
  • Yes  +350

Will Donald Trump Refer To Beto O’Rourke In A Tweet As “Crazy Hands Robert” Before The 2020 Election?

  • No  -260
  • Yes  +200

Will Donald Trump Refer To Beto O’Rourke In A Tweet As “Robert Francis” Before The 2020 Election?

  • Yes  -130
  • No  Even

US Presidential Election 2020 – Winning Party

  • Democratic Party -150
  • Republican Party +120

Will Donald Trump Be Impeached By The House In His 1st Term?

  • Yes +150
  • No -180

This page primarily covers odds for prop bets, futures, and other options to bet on politics in between the major elections. You can find the political betting odds for winning specific major elections on these pages:

Political Betting Guide – What You Need To Know

Before casting your wager in the political betting scene, there are a few important differences that you should be aware of when betting on politics.

What is political betting?

Political betting is the act of placing money on whether something will or will not occur during an event in politics. Speeches, announcements, legislation, hearings, campaigns, and elections are some examples of what receives betting odds.

Is it legal to bet on politics in the United States?

Yes. There is not a single federal or state law that prevents someone in the United States from betting on any political odds, and Americans who are age 18 and up can sign up and register at the betting sites we recommend you use when placing a bet on any politician.

When do odds on politics become available?

When something important will happen or is expected to happen. Odds on the election are almost always available — even immediately after the midterms or presidential election — but odds on things such as the President’s State of the Union address or whether the government will be shut down are made available days or weeks before the event takes place.

What are political futures bets?

A wager on political futures is a bet made in advance of an outcome being known to gain a better payout from the odds. The midterm elections and the presidential election are great examples of political futures and because there are two years in-between the two events, it creates a lot of uncertainty, but a higher payout as a result. Political futures are arguably the most common type of bet placed on politics since election season, in general, gains the most attention from both the media and the public.


What Party Will Win The 2020 Election?

Republican +120
Democrat -150

What are political prop bets?

A political proposition bet or “prop bet” is a wager placed on the likelihood something will or will not occur on anything relating to politics but isn’t directly related to the event occurring. Things like over/under the length of a speech and how many times a word will be said during a speech are some of the common lines found in the political prop bet market.

How does betting on politics differ from sports betting?

The biggest difference is that because the majority of political odds (excluding the election) are available for only a couple days, sharp action can heavily influence the price of a line at any moment, meaning placing a bet the moment you think the odds are in your favor is paramount. Odds on sports level out after the opening line but political lines can swing at any moment.

When is the best time to bet on politics?

Right before the oddsmakers change the odds due to something becoming more likely. An example would be the 2016 presidential election when Republican Donald Trump was the underdog heading into the night but once he won Ohio, the odds flipped in his favor. If you bet any time before he was called the winner of Ohio, then you made a nice return on your investment that night.

Additional Political Betting Resources