Third Party Candidates for the 2024 Presidential Election Odds To Win The Libertarian Presidential Nomination 2024

Odds To Win The Libertarian Presidential Nomination 2024

Libertarian Nomination Odds For The 2024 General Election

Libertarian Party logo2020 Presidential Election Update (11/4): Jo Jorgensen, the LP candidate, got about 1.1% of the total national vote in the 2020 election. However, she siphoned off enough Republican votes in certain swing states to assist presumptive winner Joe Biden in likely taking the White House. 

Wagering on political election outcomes in the United States has attracted a lot of attention over the past few years. Although a Libertarian has yet to be elected to a significant office in the USA, they have become the most viable third party in politics today, typically receiving the third-highest number of votes among election candidates.

Current President Donald J. Trump was a heavy underdog in the 2016 Presidential election, and many made a lot of money on his low odds. Perhaps it was that payout and the following four years of wild political developments that have drawn so much attention to election betting. Now, more than ever, voters and bettors alike must carefully consider each candidate that is running for office, as anything is possible.

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Who Is Running As The Libertarian Candidate For President In 2024?

The Libertarian candidate for President in 2020 was Jo Jorgensen, who has been involved in Libertarian politics since the early 1990s. Jorgensen was unsuccessful in her campaigns for the South Caroline State House in 1992, and Vice President of the United States in 1996 as a running mate of Harry Browne.

There have yet to be any Presidential candidates from the Libertarian Party to declare as eligible for the 2024 election cycle.

Who Will Win The 2024 Libertarian Nomination?

The 2020 Libertarian National Convention ran from May 22 until May 24, and produced Jo Jorgensen as their candidate for President of the United States after four cycles of voting. The 2024 Libertarian Convention is expected to occur in late May of 2024, at which time their official Presidential and VP nominees will be announced.

Current Betting Odds To Win The Libertarian Nomination






2024 Libertarian Nomination Odds

Odds IconLibertarian candidate 2024 odds are not available at top political sportsbooks at the moment, but that could change if their nominee can somehow gain momentum via the national political spotlight. Since Libertarian candidates are rarely invited to the Presidential Debates, it is difficult for their party to gain an edge at ballot boxes.

In fact, the leading Libertarian candidate for POTUS’s chances of becoming the next President of the United States are typically much less than politicians and celebrities that are not currently running for election. That is because certain individuals have the potential to replace the current candidate in the case of an unforeseen dropout or death.

Odds For The 2024 Libertarian Vice President Candidates

Unlike other political parties, Libertarian Presidential candidates do not select their VP running mates. Instead, the Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate is selected during the Libertarian Primary process in a similar manner to how the Presidential candidate is chosen.

If for some reason Libertarian VP odds show up well in advance of the 2024 Convetion, we’ll post those lines here.

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Libertarian Election Betting FAQs

What is the Libertarian Party?

A Libertarian (based from the word Liberty) is someone who believes in personal freedom, allowing people to do what they want as long as it doesn’t negatively affect others. Generally speaking, they believe in lessening overall authoritative control.

Will there ever be a Libertarian President?

As long as the United States practices and promotes two party politics, it is not likely that a Libertarian candidate will become President. The most probable scenario for a Libertarian candidate to attain the Oval Office would be for a popular Democratic or Republican candidate to change parties and run as a Libertarian.

Has there ever been a Libertarian President?

No, a Libertarian party member has never been elected as the President of the United States.

Has a Libertarian candidate ever received an electoral college vote?

Yes, two Libertarians have received a single electoral college vote during the Presidential election cycle. John Hospers received a vote in 1972, and Ron Paul received a vote in 2016.

Is there a Libertarian running for President in 2024?

Not yet, but we expect a gaggle of canddiates to toss their hat in the ring in the very near future.

Is Libertarian right or left?

Libertarian values lean right (conservatively) on fiscal issues but tend to lean left (liberally) on social issues. In addition, there are right and left leaning factions of Libertarian ideologies.

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