International Election Betting Odds

International Election Betting Odds

International Election Betting Odds

International BettingFollowing the 2016 US Presidential Election cycle that was captured by Donald J. Trump, political betting took off across the United States in a major way. Since that time, the spectrum has expanded to encompass international election betting odds that are occurring in other countries around the planet as well as prop bets regarding political scandals and controversies.

Whether betting on election odds in the UK, France, Australia, Germany, the European Union, Canada, or Brazil, this guide will prepare online political gamblers for what’s in store inside of each region and details regarding what prop bets are offered.

No international political betting guide would be complete without providing a list of the best online election sportsbooks in business today, and we’ve included that for readers in the following section.

Best Online Sportsbooks For International Political Odds

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How To Bet On Politics Around The World

While there are domestic sports betting options that exist in many states across the USA, we’ve yet to hear of any of them offering Presidential election odds on international or local elections. Because of this, the best option for betting on UK election odds, French Presidential betting odds, or any other political races is with one of the offshore sportsbook sites that we feature in the table above.

Betting on election odds across the globe requires becoming a member with an online political sportsbook site, and we detail that process below.

  1. Search through each of the international election betting sites we feature above and determine the political odds that you want to wager on. (Note – we advise joining up with more than one sportsbook site so that bettors can shop the odds and find the best path to a payout)
  2. Head to the homepage of the political betting site of choice and click the join icon located near the top.
  3. Enter the requested account data to create a user profile.
  4. Deposit funds into your bankroll and investigate the benefits of betting with Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies.
  5. Preview the sportsbook bonus offers presented and decide if the extra promo cash should be accepted.
  6. Make your bets and cash in on your winnings once the election results are announced.

International Betting News

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Types Of International Political Betting Odds

UK Election Odds

UK Political BettingOne of the fastest growing categories within international political sportsbooks are the lines that are posted for UK election betting odds. Much like in the United States, the U.K. has experienced seismic shifts in their political landscape over the past few years, with all sorts of interesting politicians entering the fray and causing turmoil on one side of the aisle or another.

Below we have provided several examples of General Election 2021 UK betting odds that are currently circulating online sportsbook sites. None of these UK General Election betting lines will payout until election results are declared, a majority is established, or an elected official departs office.

UK Election Odds

U.K. Politics Next UK General Election

  • Conservatives -330
  • Labour +215
  • Liberal Democrats +10000

U.K. Politics: Overall Majority at Next General Election?

  • Yes -140
  • No +100

Year of Keir Starmer Exit

  • 2024 or Later +100
  • 2023 +180
  • 2022 +450
  • 2021 +1200

Boris Johnson Conservative Leader at Election

  • Yes -135
  • No -105

Keir Starmer to be Labour Leader at Next Election?

  • Yes -500
  • No +300

U.K. Politics Odds: Next Conservative Party Leader

  • Rishi Sunak +180
  • Sajid Javid +700
  • Elizabeth Truss +1000
  • Michael Gove +1100
  • Dominic Raab +1200
  • Jeremy Hunt +1200
  • Ben Wallace +1400
  • Priti Patel +1400
  • Oliver Dowden +2500
  • Penny Mordaunt +2500
  • Robert Jenrick +2500
  • Gavin Williamson +3300
  • Tom Tugendhat +3300
  • Grant Shapps +4000
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg +4000
  • James Cleverly +4000
  • Johnny Mercer +4000
  • Mark Harper +4000
  • Kwasi Kwarteng +5000
  • Steve Baker +5000
  • Tobais Ellwood +5000
  • Esther McVey +6600
  • Rory Stewart +6600
  • Ruth Davidson +6600
  • Andrea Leadsom +10000
  • Graham Brady +10000
  • Nigel Farage +10000
  • Ben Houchen +15000
  • Matthew Hancock +15000
  • George Osborne +20000

U.K. Politics: Next Labour Party Leader

  • Andy Burnham +200
  • Angela Rayner +500
  • Lisa Nandy +650
  • Yvette Cooper +1250
  • Clive Lewis +2000
  • Rosena Allin-Khan +2000
  • Sadiq Khan +2000
  • David Lammy +2500
  • Ed Miliband +2500
  • Jess Phillips +2500
  • Peter Kyle +2500
  • Rachel Reeves +2500
  • Wes Streeting +3300
  • Dan Jarvis +5000
  • Dawn Butler +5000
  • Hillary Benn +5000
  • Jim McMahon +5000
  • David Miliband +6600
  • Janet Daby +6600
  • Jonathan Ashworth +6600
  • Nick Thomas-Symonds +6600
  • Richard Burgon +6600
  • Stephen Kinnock +6600
  • Zarah Sultana +6600
  • Dan Carden +8000
  • Stella Creasy +8000
  • Bridget Phillipson +10000
  • Emily Thornberry +10000
  • Jeremy Corbyn +10000
  • John McDonnell +10000
  • Laura Pidcock +10000
  • Rebecca Long-Bailey +10000
  • Anas Sarwar +12500
  • Anneliese Dodds +12500
  • Jonathan Reynolds +12500
  • Lucy Powell +12500
  • Tony Blair +15000
  • Diane Abbott +20000
  • Seema Malhotra +30000

British Royal Family Betting Odds

Royal Family BettingWhile members of England’s oligarchy are not technically elected, they are certainly political and online bettors will find their odds listed alongside the Presidential odds for other countries. While these British Royal Family odds are mostly prop bets involving baby names, conspiracies, weddings, and scandals, there are also futures that ask when certain Royals will achieve the crown.

Royal Family Odds

UK to Hold Referendum on Monarchy?

  • Yes +3300

Prince Andrew to be Indicted?

  • Yes +750

Prince Charles to Become King by 2025

  • No -500
  • Yes +300

Prince William to be King by 2025?

  • No -4000
  • Yes +1000

French Election Betting Odds

France Political BettingDonald Trump drew a lot of attention toward French Presidential betting odds after he and Emmanuel Macron traded barbs following a 2019 NATO Conference. If online sports bettors are interested in wagering on the next President of France, odds for each potential candidate are on the boards now.

If you are looking for peculiar political betting odds, French Presidential Elections include an additional line for a top-2 finish, much like prop bets for PGA Golf, Pro Tennis, and other sports with large fields of competitors.

French Election Odds

2022 French Presidential Election Odds

  • Emmanuel Macron -120
  • Marine Le Pen +350
  • Xavier Bertrand +350
  • Valerie Pecresse +1000
  • Michel Barnier +1400
  • Jean-Luc Melenchon +2000
  • Eric Zimmour +2500
  • Anne Hidalgo +4000
  • Edouard Philippe +4000
  • Laurent Wauquiez +5000
  • Yanick Jadot +5000
  • Arnaud Montebourg +6600
  • Pierre de Villiers +6600
  • David Lisnard +8000
  • Francois Baroin +8000
  • Nicolas Dupont-Aignan +10000
  • Benoit Haman +25000
  • Francois Hollande +25000
  • Nicolas Sarkozy +25000

French Presidential Election French Presidential Election: Top-2 Finish

  • Marine Le Pen -475
  • Emmanuel Macron -250
  • Xavier Bertrand +250
  • Jean-Luc Melenchon +475
  • Valerie Pecresse +600
  • Michel Barnier +1000
  • Anne Hidalgo +1200
  • Eric Zimmour +1400
  • Yanick Jadot +2000
  • Edouard Philippe +2800
  • Laurent Wauquiez +3300
  • Pierre de Villiers +3300
  • Arnaud Montebourg +4000
  • Francois Baroin +4000
  • David Lisnard +5000
  • Nicholas Dupont-Aignan +5000

Next German Election Odds

German Political BettingA recent phenomenon at online election betting sites are the German Federal Election odds that are currently receiving action. These German Election odds offer moneylines for each potential candidate for Chancellor, and lists them in order of first to worst in regard to the chances of winning.

German election betting is relatively new to US political sportsbook sites and our staff expects these options to expand in the coming years.

German Election Odds

Next German Chancellor Odds

  • Armin Laschet -600
  • Annalena Baerbock +400
  • Olaf Scholz +1400
  • Markus Soder +4000
  • Alice Weidel +20000
  • Robert Habeck +20000
  • Jens Spahn +30000

EU President Odds

EU Political BettingEU election odds involve the voting process to install the President of the European Council, the President of the European Commission, and the President of the European Parliament.

Betting On EU Elections is not as sexy as the odds for political leadership positions in specific countries, and thus, we’ve not seen many lines posted offering odds for these three aforementioned positions. We do expect this realm to grow, and we would not be surprised to see political prop bets for EU elections in the near future.

2021 Australian Election Odds

Australian Political BettingYou don’t need to head to the land down under just to wager on Australian politics betting odds. Just head over to our top online sportsbook sites listed above and you’ll discover the latest Australian Election betting odds for the next Prime Minister as well as which party will control Parliament.

When it comes to Aussie political betting odds, Australian Election 2021 lines will populate the boards for most of the year until a winner is declared. Betting early on these prop wagers will secure larger payouts due to the higher odds, but will also take longer to cash in because winnings cannot be withdrawn until after election day.

Australian Election Odds

Australian Federal Election Odds

  • Coalition -140
  • Labor +100

Next Prime Minister Of Canada Odds

Canadian Political BettingOf all the countries that have inspired recent election odds, Canada is the closest in proximity to the United States in regard to geography, language, and the makeup of its people. Canada election odds, 2021 or otherwise, most often is limited to Prime Minister betting lines.

For online gamblers that want to bet on politics, Canada Prime Minister odds, although not on the boards at the moment, offshore sportsbook sites are your best option. We are also anxious for territorial, state, and provincial Canadian election odds to emerge.

Brazil Election Odds

Brazil Political BettingBrazil is the largest and most populated country in South America, rivaling only the United States on the Western Hemisphere. Brazil election betting at this time only involves Presidential odds, but we expect that to increase as political sportsbooks expand their options across the boards.

North Korea Odds On Kim Jong Un

North Korea Political BettingWhile the country of North Korea’s election process is not the most accurate picture of democracy on the planet, betting on NK politics is still in play. While actual election odds are not likely to appear until the country experiences some sort of revolution, prop bets for Kim Jong Un and his family frequently populate online political sportsbook sites.

International Political Prop Bets

Technically, all political odds qualify as prop bets, but due to the growth in online election betting since 2016, most online sportsbooks have granted it its own category. With that in mind, political prop bets cover any wagering outcome that does not directly involve an election winner.

Below are some examples of international politics prop bets that have captivated online betting audiences over the past few months.

International Political Props

Next World Leader to be Slapped?

  • Boris Johnson +700
  • Alexander Lukashenko +800
  • Abdel Fattah el-Sisi +1000
  • Joe Biden +1000
  • Justin Trudeau +1000
  • Nicolas Maduro +1000
  • Rodrigo Duterte +1000
  • Viktor Orban +1000
  • Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador +1200
  • Mario Draghi +1200
  • Mark Rutte +1200
  • Scott Morrison +1400
  • Naftali Bennett +2000
  • Jacinda Ardern +3300
  • Shinzo Abe +3300
  • Angela Merkel +5000
  • Vladimir Putin +5000
  • Kim Jong Un +6600
  • Xi Jinping +6600
  • Mohammed Bin Salman +10000

Any Country to Leave the EU Before 2025?

  • No -900
  • Yes +500

Next Country to Leave the EU?

  • None before 2025 -900
  • Italy +575
  • France +800
  • Hungary +1600
  • Austria +2500
  • Cyprus +2500
  • Malta +2500
  • Slovakia +2500
  • Bulgaria +3300
  • Greece +3300
  • Poland +3300
  • Romania +5000
  • Croatia +6600
  • Czech Republic +6600
  • Netherlands +6600
  • Belgium +10000
  • Estonia +10000
  • Finland +10000
  • Latvia +10000
  • Lithuania +10000
  • Spain +10000
  • Sweden +10000
  • Denmark +20000
  • Germany +20000
  • Ireland +20000
  • Portugal +20000
  • Slovenia +20000
  • Luxembourg +50000