Who Will Win the 2019 Gubernatorial Races?

Who Will Win the 2019 Gubernatorial Races?

Betting Odds On The 2019 Governors’ Races

Odds for who will become the new Governor of a state have become popular lines at political betting sites, and we’ve got three important races in 2019 with more to follow in 2020. In 2019, three states will hold races. Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi all elect their new Governors in November of 2019.

In 2020, 11 states will hold gubernatorial races: Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, North Dakota, Indiana, Utah, and Delaware. Four state Governorship seats are considered “safe”: These include Delaware, North Dakota, Utah, and Indiana.

As soon as odds become available for these races – we will post them on this page. The sportsbooks listed below will provide options for betting on the 2019-2020 gubernatorial elections. Below that we have more information about the upcoming races.

Sportsbooks Offering Odds on 2019 Governor Races

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2019 Gubernatorial Elections

There are three states holding gubernatorial elections in 2019. While most states hold their governorship elections in even-numbered years during the standard general elections (both midterm and Presidential), a handful buck that trend. The following states will be electing their next governors (and other state government representatives) in November 2019:

About The 2019 Gubernatorial Races

There will be three 2019 gubernatorial races, all of which will be held in November.  These include the following states and will be contested among the listed rival candidates appearing on the ballots:

Kentucky 2019 Governor’s Race

  • Governor Matt Bevin (R, incumbent)
  • State Attorney General Andy Beshear (D)
  • John Hicks (Libertarian Party)

Louisiana 2019 Governor’s Race

  • Governor John Bel Edwards (D, incumbent)
  • Eddie Rispone (R)

Mississippi 2019 Governor’s Race

  • State Attorney General Jim Hood (D)
  • Lt. Governor Tate Reeves (R)
  • Bob Hickingbottom (Constitution Party)
  • David Singletary (Independent)
  • Current Mississippi governor Phil Bryant (R) is term-limited and cannot seek re-election


Is It Legal To Bet On US Gubernatorial Elections?

Wagering on the results of a gubernatorial election is perfectly legal within the US so long as the bettor utilizes legitimately licensed sportsbooks. These sportsbooks can either be hosted offshore or regulated by the state they do business in, though domestic US books have not offered political odds of any kind to date. Thus, your best opportunity to wager on political betting odds is to sign up at an offshore sports betting site, such as the ones above.

How Often Are Gubernatorial Elections?

Typically, most states will hold their gubernatorial elections every four years. New Hampshire and Vermont hold theirs during every even-numbered year, and nine states hold their governor’s races during Presidential election years. Three states hold their gubernatorial elections the year before a Presidential election, and two states will have their governor’s races after a Presidential election year.

The remaining 34 U.S. states and 3 U.S. territories hold their governor’s races during midterm election years. Washington D.C. does not appoint a governor due to its federal district status, though D.C. hosts mayoral elections every four years.

Why Are Governors Races A Frequent Political Betting Option?

Due to the frequency of gubernatorial elections, sportsbooks are capable of offering Governor’s races as a wagering option for future or political prop bets. As states spread out the timeline of their potential gubernatorial elections, sportsbooks have time to research, plan, and provide competitive odds for political bettors.

Not only are governor’s races a popular sportsbook option in the U.S., but other countries which adopt similar political systems to America’s may also hold their own gubernatorial-style elections, which sportsbooks are sure to jump on.

Which Sportsbooks Have The Odds I Want?

Several top sports betting sites are known for their political wagering options from gubernatorial races, Senate races, House races, and 2020 Presidential Election options. Currently, their 2019-2020 gubernatorial options are limited, but as we near the elections and party candidates are narrowed, these legitimate online sportsbook platforms are sure to populate their betting odds tables.  You can find the current odds at the top of this page.