Betting Odds On The 2019-2020 Gubernatorial Elections

Betting Odds On The 2019-2020 Gubernatorial Elections

Betting Odds On The 2019-2020 Governors’ Races

Oftentimes, Midterm elections include multiple Governor races. With the growing momentum of political betting, we were not surprised to see betting lines and odds on key races during the 2018 Midterms. In 2019, three states including Kentucky, Louisana, Mississipi will hold Gubernatorial races. In 2020, eleven states will hold Gubernatorial races including Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, North Dakota, Indiana, Utah, and Delaware. Four state Governorship seats are considered “safe”, these include Delaware, North Dakota, Utah, and Indiana.

The sportsbooks listed below will provide options for betting on the 2019-2020 gubernatorial elections.

Sportsbooks Offering Odds on 2019-2020 Governors Races

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2018 Midterm Gubernatorial Race Results

As of the results tallied, 22 Democrats are now holding Governorship positions compared to 25 Republicans as of 2018. The Democrats have gained 7 seats so far while the Republicans have lost 7 seats. This means seven US States have flipped to blue states, while eight US blue states retained their stronghold. Republicans, on the other hand, retained 18 red states but had not flipped any states for their party.

Key Governorship Races:

Florida – Republican Candidate Ron DeSantis won against Democratic Candidate Andrew Gillum and Reformist Candidate Darcy Richardson

Georgia – Republican Candidate Brian Kemp won against Democratic Candidate Stacey Abrams and Liberal Candidate Ted Metz

Texas – Republican Candidate Greg Abbot won against Democratic Candidate Lupe Valdez and Liberal Candidate Mark Tippets

Wisconsin – Democratic Candidate Tony Evers won against Republican Candidate Scott Walker and Liberal Candidate Phil Anderson

Is It Legal To Bet On US Gubernatorial Elections?

Wagering on the results of a Gubernatorial Election is perfectly legal within the US so long as the bettor utilizes legitimately licensed sportsbooks. These sportsbooks can be either hosted offshore or regulated by the state they are betting in or reside in. Intra-state betting is not permitted in the United States via reinterpretations of the Federal Wire Act after PASPA’s removal from the U.S. codebook.

About The 2018 Gubernatorial Races

The midterm elections arrived November 6th, officially concluding 2018’s election year. Nearly all thirty-six U.S. states have Governor’s races on this date, except Louisiana as their Gubernatorial Election will be held on the first Tuesday of November; Governor’s races also include three territories such as the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Gubernatorial Elections regard a state’s governorship which for 36 states is at stake this November.

Currently, Republicans hold thirty-three governorships, however, many of these Republican strong-holds cannot stay as incumbents due to term limitations. This provides a keen opportunity for disgruntled Democrats to steal seats and flip states from Red to Blue. Governorship changes present potential national implications as the upcoming 2020 Census nears and State Governors or Office of State Governor positioned individuals may use their veto power concerning the redrawing of their Congressional districts.

Americans are sure to take to the polls this November as strong opinions, feelings, and personal securities are challenged by Democrats and Republicans alike. Many political analysts predict the Democrats to sweep the nation and gain significant footing as 26 Republicans attempt to defend their seat in the middle of a Pro-Democratic midterm election trend. If Gubernatorial seats are vacated, then special elections may take place in corresponding states.

States Involved in the 2018 Gubernatorial Election

While most states are already heavily involved in midterm election campaigns for Senate and House races, as well as, individual state amendments, Gubernatorial races are providing equal if not more entertainment for the media, public, and sportsbooks. Eleven Governors races are considered a toss-up meaning they could easily flip parties which provide sportsbooks involved in the political betting market great action and competitive odds.

States with Gubernatorial Elections in November: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

A Look At Current State Governor Races

Currently, three Republican incumbents were appointed to their Governor position after their state Governor either resigned, retired or died, and are seeking their first independent electoral mandate. In typically Red states, Republican Gubernatorial candidates must replace their departing incumbents in six states. Texas’s Gubernatorial race has received the most media and polling attention as few states have been publicly polled twice, interest in Texas’s Governor’s race may only be coincidental as most attention focuses on Texas’s Senate race between Red-incumbent Ted Cruz and young Blue challenger Beto O’Rouke who has made waves since he first stepped up to the plate. Below we present a snapshot glance at states with Governor’s races and their Governorship candidates:

Governors Races

State Gubernatorial Candidates
Alabama Maddox v. Ivey
Alaska Dunleavy v. Begich v. Walker
Arkansas Henderson v. West
Arizona Ducey v. Garcia
California Newsom v. Cox
Colorado Polis v. Stapleton
Connecticut Lamont v. Stefanowski v. Griebel
Florida Gillum v. DeSantis
Georgia Kemp v. Abrams
Hawaii Ige v Tupola
Idaho Jordan v. Little
Illinois Pritzker v. Rauner
Iowa Hubbell v. Reynolds
Kansas Kobach v. Kelly v. Orman
Maine Mills v. Moody v. Hayes v. Caron
Maryland Hogan v. Jealous
Massachusetts Baker v. Gonzalez
Michigan Whitmer v. Schuette
Minnesota Walz v. Johnson
Nebraska Krist v. Ricketts
Nevada Laxalt v. Sisolak
New Hampshire Sununu v. Kelly
New Mexico Grisham v. Pearce
New York Cuomo v. Molinaro
Ohio Cordray v. DeWine
Oklahoma Stitt v. Edmundson
Oregon Brown v. Buehler
Pennsylvania Wolf v. Wagner
Rhode Island Raimondo v. Fung v. Trillo
South Carolina McMaster v. Smith
South Dakota Sutton v. Noem
Tennessee Lee v. Dean
Texas Abbot v. Valdez
Vermont Scott v. Hallquist
Wisconsin Evers v. Walker
Wyoming Throne v. Gordan


How Often Are Gubernatorial Elections?

Typically, most states will hold their Gubernatorial Elections every four years. New Hampshire and Vermont hold their Gubernatorial Elections every even-numbered year, 9 states hold their Governor’s races during a Presidential election year. Three states will hold their Gubernatorial elections the year before a Presidential Election and 2 states will have their Governor’s races after a Presidential Election year. The remaining 34 U.S. states and 3 U.S. territories hold their Governor’s races during midterm election years. Washington D.C. does not appoint a Governor due to its federal district status, however, D.C. has a mayor operate its local government and hosts mayoral elections every four years.

Why Are Governors Races A Frequent Political Betting Option?

Due to the frequency of Gubernatorial Elections, sportsbooks are capable of offering Governor’s races as a wagering option for future or political prop bets. As states spread out the timeline of their potential Gubernatorial Elections, sportsbooks have time to research, plan, and provide competitive odds for political bettors. Not only are Governor’s races a popular sportsbook option in the U.S. but other countries which adopt similar political systems as the U.S. may also hold their own Gubernatorial Elections which sportsbooks are sure to jump on.

Which Sportsbooks Have The Odds I Want?

BetOnline and Bovada are known for their political wagering options from gubernatorial races, Senate races, House races, and 2020 Presidential Election options. Currently, their 2018 gubernatorial options are limited but as we near November 6th and party candidates are narrowed, these legitimate online sportsbook platforms are sure to populate their betting odds table.  You can find the current odds at the top of this page.