Texas General Election Odds Updated

Betting Odds Updated Daily: We list the latest betting odds for each candidate winning the popular vote in the state of Texas. These odds are for the general election held on November 8th, 2016.

Odds For Hillary Clinton To Win Texas General Election +800

Odds For Donald Trump To Win Texas General Election -1600

Odds For Evan McMullen To Win Texas General Election +5000

Odds For Gary Johnson To Win Texas General Election +5000

Odds For Jill Stein To Win Texas General Election +5000

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2016 Texas Presidential Primary Betting Odds

Texas, as one of the largest states in the US, holds a strong influence during presidential primary season. Both the republican and democratic primaries take place on the first Super Tuesday, March 1st. Their early placing on the schedule ensures their votes count when determining the nominee. Gallup classifies Texas as a ‘red leaning state’. This means that the Texas republican party has more than a 5 point but less than a 10 point advantage over the democrats.   However, the state has voted republican in the last seven presidential elections, has a republican controlled state legislature, and the last two out of three governors has been republican. 24 out of 36 of the state’s House representatives are also republican. In our books this makes the state a solid red state. The primaries in the state of Texas are open, meaning voters can cross party lines if they so choose.

2016 Texas Republican Primary

As Ted Cruz’ home state, Texas is definitely favoring him at this point. Polling placed him ahead of his opponents by double digits, reflecting that Texans are in his camp. There are 155 delegates at stake for republicans in Texas. The delegates are awarded proportionally to candidates who meet the 20% minimum threshold. If a candidate earns greater than 50% of the vote, then they will be awarded all 155 delegates. Many republicans are hopeful that Cruz will be able to pull that off in his home state.

2016 Texas Republican Primary Results

Ted Cruz was the big winner in the Texas republican primary, earning 43.8% of the votes. He earned 104 delegates, while Trump came in second with 26.7% of the votes and 48 delegates. Rubio was in third place with 17.7% of the votes and 3 delegates earned. Unfortunately Cruz did not exceed the 50% mark, largely because the conservative vote seems to have been split between himself and Rubio. Despite Cruz” win in Texas, he has withdrawn from the presidential race as has Rubio and Kasich. Donald Trump is the presumed republican nominee at this time. Follow how the odds fluctuate in anticipation of a possible (but not probable) contested convention from our page covering the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination Betting Odds.

2016 Texas Democratic Primary

With 251 delegates up for grabs for the democrat side, Sanders and Clinton will also be battling it out in Texas on March 1st. The delegates are allocated proportionally, with a 15% minimum threshold required to earn any delegates. In polling, Clinton leads Sanders by nearly half, and is the clear front runner in Texas. Clinton tends to poll higher among the southern states, including those in the Bible Belt, though she does not really pander to evangelicals.

2016 Texas Democratic Primary Results

Clinton took the win in Texas with 65.2% of the vote and 147 delegates. Sanders earned 75 delegates with his 33.2% of the vote. This was the expected outcome, so no surprises here.  Find out how things are shaping up for the Betting Odds For Who Will Win the 2016 Democrat Presidential Nomination.

Betting on the 2016 Texas Presidential Primary Elections

Placing bets on this primary won’t include a large amount of risk. The frontrunners are clear in this race, with Ted Cruz and Hilary Clinton well ahead of their opponents. This is an example of a clear-cut race with distinguishable winners well ahead of time. The margins enjoyed by the leaders are so large that it will be difficult for opponents to close the gap before the primaries take place.  Keep up to date on how this race influences the general election through our guide to understanding the 2016 Presidential Election Betting Odds.