State Primary And Electoral College Election Odds For 2024 2022 Texas Democratic Primary Results + General Election Odds

2022 Texas Democratic Primary Results + General Election Odds

Texas 2022 General Election Odds + Primary Results

In 2021, Texas’ general election will be held on November 3, with the US Presidency on the line in addition to races for all 36 US House seats, one US Senate seat, and 166 different state congressional seats. Before that, of course, the TX Presidential primaries were held to choose the Democratic and Republican candidates for what promises to be the most hotly contested POTUS race in US history. You can wager on a variety of US election odds at various online sportsbooks.

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2022 Texas Gubernatorial Election Information

Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The 2022 Gubernatorial election in the state of Texas has already garnished national attention with governor odd for Matthew McConaughey and other popular candidates. However, McConaughey has not announced his intentions to run for governor and a plethora of other candidates have already emerged. Other candidates include:

  • Greg Abbott (R) (Incumbent)
  • Delilah Barrios (D)
  • Beto O’Rourke (D)
  • Daniel Harrison (R)
  • Donald Huffines (R)

2022 Presidential Election Odds

  • Donald Trump (R) TBA*
  • Joe Biden (D) TBA*

*Odds Provided By Bovada.

How Did TX Vote In The 2016 Presidential Election?

In the 2016 Presidential election in Texas, Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton as expected, 52.23% to 43.24%. Texas has one of the weakest Republican political trifectas in the country, and the state has been on the precipice of turning blue for a few years now. In 2020, Texas should still be reliably red, but a good Democratic candidate can definitely continue to hammer away at the state’s historical GOP standing.

What is Texas’ Political Makeup?

  • State House: Republican majority (82-65, 3 vacancies)
  • State Senate: Republican majority (19-12)
  • Gubernatorial: Republican

2022 Texas Electoral Odds

  • Republican Candidate -370
  • Democratic Candidate +260

2020 Texas Democratic Primary Results

  • Joe Biden – 34.5%, 111 delegates
  • Bernie Sanders – 30%, 102 delegates
  • Michael Bloomberg – 14.4%, 10 delegates
  • Elizabeth Warren – 11.4%, 5 delegates
  • Tulsi Gabbard – 0.4%, 0 delegates

Odds For 2020 Texas Democratic Primary Recap

The Democrats do not expect to swing Texas in the 2020 Presidential election, but the blue wave has been chipping away at red dominance in the state for years, and this election could offer more of the same erosion.

Until recently, the thinking was that the DNC candidate to win in TX would have to be a mainstream politician like Joe Biden. While Bernie looked to be favored in TX before the primary per the Democratic election odds, Biden won the state by nearly five points.

Via Bovada

  • Bernie Sanders -375
  • Joe Biden +325
  • Michael Bloomberg +1800
  • Amy Klobuchar +10000
  • Elizabeth Warren +10000
  • Pete Buttigieg +10000
  • Tom Steyer +10000

2022 Texas Republican Primary Odds

In 2016, Ted Cruz was the big winner in the Texas Republican primary, earning 43.8% of the vote, while Donald Trump came in second with 26.7% of the vote. However, in 2020, Cruz wasn’t on the ballot and incumbent Trump had a big lead among his “challengers” on the GOP odds boards. Trump won Texas with a yuge 94.1% of the vote.

Betting on the 2024 Texas Presidential Elections

Betting on the 2024 Texas Presidential general will be possible once the best election betting sites post state-specific odds near the November election. Because TX is worth so much electorally, you can expect the state to have a tremendous amount of betting interest.

Voter Information for 2022 TX General Election

  • When do the polls open in TX? The Texas general election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2021. Polls will be open for 12 hours, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • Where is my Texas polling place? The Texas Secretary of State website has information about how to find your TX polling place.
  • Can I vote early in Texas? Yes, TX allows for early voting for all registered voters, which you can learn more about at the Texas early voting resource page.
  • Does Texas allow absentee voting? Texas does not allow no-excuse absentee voting. To qualify for absentee voting in TX, you will have to meet a certain set of criteria.
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