State Primary Election Odds For 2020 2020 Mississippi Primary And General Election Betting Odds

2020 Mississippi Primary And General Election Betting Odds

2020 Mississippi General Election Betting Odds + Primaries

Mississippi will host a general election in 2020 to elect one US Senator and four US House reps. Of course, that is also the same election as that for the US presidency, and the polls for all these races will be open on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The primary elections to determine the DNC and GOP nominees will be held on Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

Interestingly, MS is one of a very few states that has its state government elections in an odd year prior to the typical Presidential general election. As such, Mississippi will be holding its state House, Senate, and gubernatorial elections on Thursday, November 5, 2019. While there are no odds yet posted for these elections (remember to check back closer to November!), you can currently wager on the nationwide Presidential primary odds and on various other political props and futures at offshore betting sites.

  • Odds For Donald Trump To Win Mississippi Senate Election: TBA
  • Odds For Field To Win Mississippi Senate Election: TBA

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2020 Mississippi Republican Primary Odds

In 2016, President Donald Trump won the Mississippi Republican primary with 47% of the vote. Trump will be on the ballot this time around as the incumbent, and it is likely he will receive the Republican party nomination, as he’s the clear leader on the GOP Primary odds boards. When the MS primaries and general election get closer, state-specific odds will be available at most of the best political betting sites.

2020 Mississippi Democrat Primary Odds

In 2016, Hillary Clinton won the Mississippi Democratic primary with 82% of the vote. Currently, Elizabeth Warren (Clinton’s heir apparent) is leading the pack per the Democratic primary odds, but as the election draws closer, the candidates’ positions could all be shaken up. March 2020 is still a long way off!

Betting on the 2020 MS Presidential Primary

Betting on the Presidential primary is a good way to get involved in political betting. Betting on USA elections is as popular around the world as it is in America. Right now, there are several categories of political betting available online, including impeachment odds for Trump, a host of Democrat debate odds, and more. Bet early, and bet often!

2020 Mississippi General Election Information

Date: Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Federal Election

  • Electoral College Votes: 6
  • House seats up for election: 4
  • Senate seats up for election: 1

State Election

  • House seats up for election: 122 (Nov. 5, 2019)
  • Senate seats up for election: 52 (Nov. 5, 2019)
  • Governorship up for election: Yes (Nov. 5, 2019)

How Did MS Vote In The 2016 Presidential Election?

In the 2016 Presidential election, Donald Trump soundly defeated Hillary Clinton by taking 57.86% of the vote compared to Clinton’s 40.06%. Typically a strong red state, there is no indication that 2020 will be any different, and MS is considered an almost total lock for the Republican party.

What is Mississippi’s Current Political Landscape?

  • State House: Republican majority (74-44, 2 independent, 2 vacancies)
  • State Senate: Republican majority (31-18, 3 vacancies)
  • Gubernatorial: Republican

MS Elections Voter Information For 2020

  • When do the polls open? The MS polls for the primary elections open on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, for both parties. You will be able to vote from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • Where do I go to vote? You can use the Mississippi polling place locator at the state’s “Y’all Vote” page to find out where to go to cast your votes.
  • Can I vote early? No, Mississippi does not allow for no-excuse early voting.
  • Does MS offer absentee voting? MS does not offer no-excuse mail-in or absentee voting. However, if you qualify for Mississippi absentee voting, you can learn about the process at the preceding link.