New Mexico General Election Odds Updated

What are the odds for Clinton and Trump to win the popular vote in the General presidential election on November 8th, 2016? We’ve updated our betting odds below and offer recommendations on which sportsbooks are the most reputable to place your bets.

Odds For Hillary Clinton To Win New Mexico General Election -1000

Odds For Donald Trump To Win New Mexico General Election +550

Odds For Evan McMullen To Win New Mexico General Election +5000

Odds For Gary Johnson To Win New Mexico General Election +5000

Odds For Jill Stein To Win New Mexico General Election +5000

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Betting Odds for the 2016 New Mexico Presidential Primary

New Mexico is another state that is included in the very last Super Tuesday of the primary season. As is the case with the other June 7th primaries such as New JerseyMontana and others, the presidential nominee for each party is typically chosen prior to NM’s primary election. This year will be an exception to that rule. June 7th is a crucial date for this round of primary elections and political betting. New Mexico’s primary is closed, which means that voters may only participate on the ballot for the political party for which they are registered with. At this time, the democrat and republican parties are the only official parties in the state of New Mexico.

New Mexico is a strong democratic state that has voted democrat in five of the last seven presidential elections. They still maintain some republican presence within their split state legislature and with two of the last three governors having been republican, including the sitting governor, Susana Martinez. Martinez has been mentioned as a potential VP pick multiple times.With the various scandals surrounding Clinton and the very far left message of Sanders, New Mexico could go either Democrat or Republican this time around.  Follow the 2016 Presidential Election Betting Odds to see how the leanings of individual states affect the lines.  Both New Mexico state senators are democrat and two of the three House representatives are democrats.

2016 New Mexico Republican Primary

New Mexico delivers a total of 24 delegates for republicans. These delegates are awarded proportionally, with a 15% minimum threshold in order to win any delegates. While the number is low, at this point, every delegate counts. The New Mexico GOP primary is already getting a lot of attention due to the announcement by the Cruz campaign that they would step back and clear the way for Kasich in NM. This is part of a strategic approach by the two candidates to deny Trump delegates from the remaining primary contests. The latest polling available for New Mexico republicans dates back to February, with Cruz enjoying a one-point lead over Trump. Naturally, these polling figures are old and may not reflect the current pulse of GOP voters in NM. Kasich came in last place in NM for the RealPolitics poll. It is likely that this GOP alliance is counting on Kasich securing those votes that were originally supporting Bush, Rubio and Carson. It is too early to tell and too early to indicate a clear front runner in NM for the republicans.

UPDATE: Both Kasich and Cruz have suspended their campaigns, and Trump has reportedly acquired enough delegates to earn the republican nomination. It looks like the New Mexico republican primary may not be as significant as we had hoped.  Find out how this influences betting lines for the GOP race on our page covering the Betting Odds for Who Will Win the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination

2016 New Mexico Democratic Primary

The democratic candidates will be battling over 43 delegates in the state of New Mexico. They are awarded proportionally with a 15% minimum threshold that must be met to be eligible. We are expecting that by the time this Election Day rolls around, that Clinton will already have enough delegates to clinch the nomination. On the off chance that she does not, 43 delegates may come in handy. With Clinton and Sanders so close in some states, the awarded delegates sometimes end up almost evenly split. No polling has been capture for New Mexico’s democratic race.  You can follow the odds and betting lines for the democratic nomination here: 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary Odds

Betting on the 2016 New Mexico Presidential Primary

The republican side of the race has changed dramatically with the departure of Cruz and Kasich from the election. Trump is the presumed republican nominee at this point pending what may happen at the Republican National Convention.  Since no polling figures or betting odds have been released for the democratic side of the race, your guess is as good as ours for whether or not Sanders or Clinton will prevail in NM. It is entirely possible that the democratic presidential nominee will already be decided prior to the NM primary – so it may be a mute point.

2016 New Mexico Voter Information

Early voting begins on May 11, 2016. Election day is June 7th, with polls open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. The primaries in New Mexico are closed, hence you must vote according to the party for which you are registered. Voter registration closes approximately 28 days prior to Election Day. You can get information about voter registration, polling locations and all other election related information at this website: