Vermont General Election Betting Odds To Win The Popular Vote

Will Vermont decide the general election? We’ve updated the betting odds for each candidate to win the popular vote in Vermont. We also recommend 2 of the most trusted online sportsbooks to place your political wagers at.

Odds For Hillary Clinton To Win Vermont General Election -10000

Odds For Donald Trump To Win Vermont General Election +1600

Odds For Evan McMullen To Win Vermont General Election +5000

Odds For Gary Johnson To Win Vermont General Election +5000

Odds For Jill Stein To Win Vermont General Election +5000

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2016 Vermont Presidential Primary Odds

Vermont is a blue state through and through. Having voted democratic in six of the last seven presidential elections, elected two out of three democrat governors, and a democratic-controlled state Legislature, they have demonstrated the influence of the democratic party in the state. Vermont is the home state of Bernie Sanders, giving him an edge in the March 1st primary on Super Tuesday. Both parties hold their primaries on March 1st, with open voting, hence voters can vote for any candidate they choose, regardless of party affiliation. Other states taking part in the first Super Tuesday of primary season include Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

2016 Vermont Republican Primary

With Vermont’s progressive – liberal leanings, it is expected that the more moderate and liberal candidates will fare better in this territory during the primaries. This means that Vermont is a friendly region for Trump, and far less friendly for Cruz, who is among the most conservative of the candidates currently running for President. Polling shows Trump as the frontrunner, leading Kasich by only a few points. This is to be expected, as these are the two more moderate – liberal candidates from among GOP presidential hopefuls. There are 16 delegates up for grabs for republicans in Vermont, and a 20% minimum threshold that must be met in order to earn any delegates in the proportional allocation. Should a candidate earn 50% or more of the vote, they will qualify for a winner takes all scenario and effectively earn all 16 delegates. Find out how republican candidates stand on our page covering the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary Odds.

UPDATE: 2016 Vermont Republican Primary Results

As expected, Trump took the win in Vermont, however his lead over Kasich was marginal by only about 2 points. Both Trump and Kasich were awarded 8 delegates each. Also as expected, Cruz did not do well in Vermont with its anti-conservatism disposition. Trump won 32.7% of the vote, while Kasich came in at 30.4% of the vote. Rubio came in third with 19.3%.

2016 Vermont Democratic Primary

Vermont is Bernie Sanders’ stomping grounds, which bodes well for him right about now. Sanders lead over Clinton ahead of the vote was in excess of 70 points. Being that Vermont is the state in which he represents, it is expected that he will do well in the state and earn the majority of votes. The democrats have 26 delegates up for grabs, awarded proportionally, with a 15% minimum threshold required in order to receive any of the delegates.

UPDATE: 2016 Vermont Democratic Primary Results

As expected, Bernie Sanders swept the state for the win with 86.1% of the vote, earning all 16 delegates. Clinton walked away with only 13.6% of the vote and zero delegates. Of course, this is what we expected to happen based on the odds and polling numbers from this state. Check out the 2016 Democrat Nomination Betting Odds for more wagering options.

Betting on the 2016 Vermont Presidential Primaries

On the GOP side of the race, the margin between Donald Trump and John Kasich is too close to call for the win at this point. Bettors will have to go with their gut regarding whom they think will win the state. With only 2 points between Trump and Kasich, its anyone’s game. If you are concerned about making more of a sure bet, we recommend that check polling and odds closer to the voting date.  As we get closer to the presumed nominees being determined for each party, you can see how the lines are shaping up for the betting on the 2016 Presidential Election.