State Primary Election Odds For 2020 Betting On Florida General Elections 2020

Betting On Florida General Elections 2020

Florida General Elections For 2020

2020 will have Florida holding a General election for 27 seats in the US House Of Representative, several state seats, a Primary, and a Presidential election. Betting odds and lines for these races are provided by the sportsbooks listed on this page, however, at his moment lines have yet to be made for Florida specific races but this page will be updated once those are made.

Odds for Donald Trump to win Florida General Election TBA

Odds for Field to win Elected General Election TBA

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2020 Florida Primary Information

Floridians can participate in the Florida Republican and Democratic primary voting March 17th, 2020. For the November 3rd, General elections, mail-in ballots are accepted, as well as, early voting at a voting station, and day of voting. Polls will historically remain open from 7 am to 7 pm on November 3rd, 2020.

2020 Florida Republican Primary

It is unknown at this time if anyone from the Republican Party will run against the incumbent President Donald Trump. Since 2016, the political landscape has changed dramatically and has shown us to expect the unexpected.  While it would not be unusual for no Republican(s) to challenge the sitting Republican President for the Republican nomination, it would also not shock us if someone notable chose to run against him. Trump’s controversial time in office thus far has set the stage for an ‘anything goes’ environment in 2018.

2020 Florida Democrat Primary

While there are a lot of contestants running as Democrats for the 2020 Presidency, it is too early to assume a solid pick for the Florida Democratic Primary. As soon as campaigns begin to solidify, we will update this section to present how things are looking for the Democratic primary in Florida.

Betting on the 2020 Florida Presidential Primary

Florida’s primaries for both Republicans and Democrats take place on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020.  Since this is one of the bigger states as far as delegates go – it is probable that the premium sportsbooks like those we review here will offer betting lines on who will win the Florida presidential primary.  Futures odds may start to begin emerging as early as 2019.

Alternatively, check out our homepage for the latest odds on who will be the next president of the US.

Voting Information

Early voting dates for the state primary in 2020 have not yet been released. We will update this page as soon as we have the information. The state’s Presidential Primaries will take place on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020.  Typically the polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm.  You can check your voter status and polling location here:

Florida Gambling Ballot Measures On The 2018 Midterm Election Ballot

Florida Amendment 3

This amendment says it will give Florida voters the “exclusive” right to decide on casino gambling in the state. However, this would take away the Florida State Legislature’s ability to pass any laws relating to gambling, since all gambling-related legislation would have to come through a citizen-initiated process requiring signatures to equal 8% of the previous total of voter in the most recent presidential election and have 8% in at least 14 of 27 districts.

A Yes vote means you don’t want the Florida State Legislature to have the ability to pass laws relating to gambling, and a No vote means you want the state to retain the right to pass laws that are gambling-related.

Total donated to committees supporting the amendment: $37,318,938.46

Top Donors:

  • Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. – $19,655,00.00
  • Seminole Tribe of Florida – $16,775,000.00
  • No Casinos Inc. – $851,008.46

Total donated to committees opposing the amendment: $731,832.00

Top Donors:

  • West Flagler Associates, LTD – $650,000.00
  • Hialeah Park – $81,832.00

Florida Amendment 13

The other gambling-related amendment on the Florida ballot this election is Florida Amendment 13, and it’s simple to understand.

A Yes vote means you want to ban placing bets on dog racing in the state and potentially put criminal charges on both the operation and the person placing a wager on a dog race. A No vote means you want betting on dog racing to remain legal.

Total raised in support of the amendment: $2,498,293.82

Top Donors:

  • Doris Day Animal League – $1,500,000.00
  • GREY2K USA Worldwide – $516,268.82
  • GREY2K USA Education Fund – $50,000.00
  • K-M Revocable Table – $50,000.00
  • Richard Schechter – $50,000.00

Total raised to oppose this amendment: $80,942.13

Top Donors:

  • Gary Keller – $10,000.00
  • Steve Schlachter – $5,000.00
  • Timothy Ertl – $4,500.00
  • Brad Boeckenstedt – $2,000.00
  • L. Raines – $1,800.00