State Primary Election Odds For 2020 2020 North Dakota Presidential Primary Caucus And General Election Odds

2020 North Dakota Presidential Primary Caucus And General Election Odds

North Dakota General Election Betting Odds For 2020

Find the latest betting odds on which candidate will win the popular vote in the General election in North Dakota for Senate, House, Governor, or be the next President of the United States here. While odds are not available at this time we will keep this page updated. If you want to place a wager, check out our 2 recommended online sportsbooks that offer political wagering lines. Both of these are considered the top rated and most reputable sites available to US players.

Odds For Donald Trump To Win North Dakota General Election TBA

Odds For Field To Win North Dakota General Election TBA

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Betting Odds For The 2020 North Dakota Presidential Primary & Caucus

North Dakota is considered to be a solid Republican state. They have voted Republican in the last seven Presidential elections, have had Republicans serving as the last three governors, and their House representative is Republican as of 2018. They do have a Democratic-controlled state legislature though, so there is a Democratic presence still alive and well in the state.

Voters in North Dakota don’t really get a say when it comes to the election of presidential nominees. Both parties focus their efforts on delegates for the state convention. However, during the 2020 General election voters will be able to elect local state official seats like Senators, Representatives, Governors, judges, and more.

2020 North Dakota Republican Primary

Republicans in North Dakota do not get to vote in the Presidential primary. The state’s party officials decided to forgo a presidential preference vote during the 2016 election cycle and were focusing all efforts on the April state convention. The method utilized in North Dakota during 2016 is controversial because it didn’t really give Republican citizens a voice at all.

However, this year there is an indication they may be able to vote on April 3rd, 2020. Donald Trump won support from the state and will likely speak at least once in North Dakota. That being said, you can still bet on the GOP by visiting our page covering Republican Presidential Nomination Odds.

2020 North Dakota Democratic Caucus

The Democrats in North Dakota had opted for a caucus format for the 2016 primary season which took place on June 7th, 2016. We do expect that the nominee will be determined a little bit before this state’s caucus in 2020, but we also realize that there is a possibility, though a small one, that the race will still be active come June 2nd, 2020. There are 23 delegates at stake for the Democrats, and they are allocated proportionally through a very complex process.

Check out how the lines are shaping up for the 2020 Democratic Nomination Betting Odds.

Betting on the North Dakota Presidential Primary and Caucus

North Dakota is not a state that gets a lot of attention during primary season. Since the candidates are usually determined prior to this state’s primary events, they have not been on the radar much. We are doubtful that you will find any betting lines that include ND at the sportsbooks covering political betting, and if you do, they will only cover the Democrat side of the race since Republicans often cannot vote.

You may also enjoy following the lines for the general election in November from our home page where you’ll find current betting odds for who will become president in 2020.

2020 North Dakota Democrat Caucus Voter Information

There is no voter registration in North Dakota. Anyone willing to be identified with the Democrat party that is over 18 years old may participate in the caucus. You do not need to show ID in order to participate in the caucuses. You can find additional information here: