State Primary Election Odds For 2020 2020 Wisconsin General Election Betting Odds

2020 Wisconsin General Election Betting Odds

Wisconsin Betting Odds To Win The 2020 General Elections

The General Elections, Presidential Primary, and Presidential Election will occur in 2020 providing many odds and betting lines for wagerers. Wisconsin will elect 8 US House Representatives, as well as, several state seats. Below are the available odds, at this time sportsbooks are not providing any odds for the Wisconsin Presidential, Primary, or General Election.

Odds For Donald Trump To Win Wisconsin 2018 Gubernatorial Election TBA

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2020 Wisconsin Presidential Primary Election Odds

The state of Wisconsin will conduct their Presidential primary for both Republicans and Democrats on April 7th, 2020. One advantage that they have is the fact that they are the only contest in the Presidential primary election that takes place between March 26 and April 5, hence candidates should be spending more time with them due to the lighter schedule.

According to Gallup, Wisconsin is a competitive state, meaning that the parties are within 5 points of each other in party affiliation. In competitive states, it comes down to voter turnout. Wisconsin has voted Democrat in the Presidential election for the last eight elections, meaning that the democrats have often been the successful ones when it comes to getting out the vote.

2020 Wisconsin Republican Primary

We will be watching for updated polling number to surface after campaigns become more developed and solidified. Wisconsin is being considered as a wild card for the 2020 Presidential Election for both parties, with that uncertainty it is likely Donald Trump will make many visits to the state to gain a foothold on voters. Trump is highly likely to be the Republican nominee because he is the incumbent, however, if another candidate from the same party that is more likable enters, then Trump could face an uphill challenge.

2020 Wisconsin Democratic Primary

The Democrat Presidential candidates announced are all battling for 96 delegates in Wisconsin. Delegates are awarded proportionally with a minimum 15% threshold requirement in order to get any delegates. At this point in the game, it is too early to claim which candidate would win the Democratic nomination, even more so continue their campaign until the end.

Betting on the 2020 Wisconsin Presidential Primary

Wisconsin could prove to be a very interesting state this primary season but to be perfectly honest, it is anyone’s game at this early of a point. With so many variables at this point, placing your wager early could yield you quite the nice payout should you guess correctly. However, circumstances could also dramatically change on either side, providing additional risk. Look at our front page for currently offered lines on the 2020 Presidential election odds.

Wisconsin Voter Information

Wisconsin is an open primary, hence voters can vote either republican or democrat regardless of party affiliation. Voting takes place in April. Voters who would like more information about voting in the presidential primary in Wisconsin can visit this page: