Wisconsin Betting Odds To Win The Midterm Elections in 2018

Odds For Tony Evers (D) To Win Wisconsin 2018 Gubernatorial Election -155

Odds For Scott Walker (R) To Win Wisconsin 2018 Gubernatorial Election +125

Odds For Tammy Baldwin (D) To Win Wisconsin 2018 Senate Election -1600

Odds For Leah Vukmir (R) To Win Wisconsin 2018 Senate Election +700

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2016 Wisconsin Presidential Primary Election Odds

The state of Wisconsin will conduct their presidential primary for both republicans and democrats on April 5th.  One advantage that they have is the fact that they are the only contest in the presidential primary election that takes place between March 26 and April 5, hence candidates should be spending more time with them due to the lighter schedule.  Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have confirmed appearances in the state scheduled before the April 5th primary, and Chelsea Clinton is scheduled for three appearances on behalf of her mother Hillary Clinton.  Trump is also expected to appear in the Badger state before the primary events.

According to Gallup, Wisconsin is a competitive state, meaning that the parties are within 5 points of each other in party affiliation.  In competitive states, it comes down to voter turnout.  Wisconsin has voted democrat in the presidential election for the last seven elections, meaning that the democrats have often been the successful ones when it comes to getting out the vote.

2016 Wisconsin Republican Primary

The most recent polling in Wisconsin was conducted in mid February, and showed Trump with an 11 point lead over Cruz, and 22 point lead over Kasich. A month later and less one candidate (Rubio), it is possible the gap between Trump and Cruz is much smaller. We will be watching for updated polling number to surface. While Trump is leading in Wisconsin, there are some portions of the state he does not do well in, with a definitive regional divide in support. He is actually the most unpopular in the reddest regions of the state, including the party’s bedrock counties. IN these areas, 64% of republicans view him negatively and he has a net favorability of minus 39. He does much better in rural areas with a plus 21-favorability rate.

The Cruz campaign is already pouring resources into the state, including a strong contingent of manpower, four field offices, tv adds and personal visits by Senator Cruz. They hope to get a jump on winning over Wisconsin voters prior to the nation’s full attention being placed on the state. There are 42 delegates at stake, and Wisconsin is a Winner Take All state with both statewide and congressional district delegate allocation. It is possible that Cruz will do well in Wisconsin since Trump is polling poorly with conservatives.

Betting odds on the Republican presidential primary nomination

2016 Wisconsin Democratic Primary

The democrat presidential candidates are battling for 96 delegates in Wisconsin. Delegates are awarded proportionally with a minimum 15% threshold requirement in order to get any delegates. The February polling from Wisconsin showed Sanders with a 1% lead over Hillary. In other words, they are neck and neck in this state. Though Clinton’s daughter Chelsea will be representing her for three events, it is expected that Clinton will make appearances in Wisconsin prior to the April 5th voting day. Due to how closely she and Sanders are running in the polls, it is definitely necessary for her to court voters ahead of time. At this point in the game, Wisconsin is too close to call for either democratic candidate.

Betting odds on the democratic primary nomination

Betting on the 2016 Wisconsin Presidential Primary

Wisconsin could prove to be a very interesting state this primary season, with changes in the field taking place on the GOP side and a neck and neck race on the democrat’s side. To be perfectly honest, it is anyone’s game at this point. Though the republicans appear to have a clear front runner, that polling is old, one candidate has withdrawn and Cruz is highly motivated to deliver a stellar ground game in Wisconsin, which could make all the difference. Bernie Sanders is giving Clinton a run for her money with a strength nobody expected. This is the kind of primary race that makes the gambling side of politics exciting. With so many variables at this point, placing your wager early could yield you quite the nice payout should you guess correctly. However, circumstances could also dramatically change on either side, providing additional risk.

We have the 2016 Presidential election odds here.

Wisconsin Voter Information

Wisconsin is an open primary, hence voters can vote either republican or democrat regardless of party affiliation. Voting takes place on Tuesday, April 5th, with polling hours from 8 am to 9 pm EST. Voters who would like more information about voting in the presidential primary in Wisconsin can visit this page: http://www.gab.wi.gov/voters