State Primary Election Odds For 2020 2020 West Virginia Presidential Primary And General Election Betting Odds

2020 West Virginia Presidential Primary And General Election Betting Odds

2020 West Virginia General Election Betting Odds

West Virginia will be hosting several elections in 2020 including a governors race, state office races, 1 US Senate seat, and 3 US Hous seats. We offer the latest betting odds for each candidate, however, sportsbooks have yet to produce odds specifically for the West Virginia elections. As time passes and odds are made, we wil post them here.

Odds For Donald Trump To Win West Virginia General Election TBA

Odds For Field To Win West Virginia General Election TBA

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West Virginia Presidential Primary Odds For 2020

West Virginia will hold its Presidential primary for both Republicans and Democrats on May 12, 2020. Voters in West Virginia will receive the ballot for the political party in which they’re registered. For example, registered Republicans will receive the ballot that includes Republican nominee candidates.

Voters who are not registered with one of the primary political parties may request a ballot associated with the party of their choice. West Virginia is classified as offering mixed voting options since they do not require the voter to be registered with a political party in order to vote. West Virginia is a Republican-leaning state but is not a true red or blue state.

They stay primarily to the center politically and typically hold moderate to slightly right positions on issues. This makes West Virginia an ideal Territory for incumbent Donald Trump in 2020. West Virginia has voted Republican in four of the last seven presidential elections.

2020 West Virginia Republican Primary

There are 34 delegates at stake for Republicans in West Virginia. It is a winner takes all state with split allocation. They are split as follows: 22 of the delegates are awarded state wide, nine via Congressional District, and the last three are awarded to the candidate that receives the state’s popular vote. Based on all the information available at the time of this writing, the likely winner of West Virginia’s Republican primary will be Donald Trump due to him being the incumbent.

2020 West Virginia Democratic Primary

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are both vying for the 37 available delegates in West Virginia. The delegates are awarded proportionally with a 15% minimum vote threshold required in order to receive any delegates. Some of the delegates are awarded statewide and some via Congressional District. However, with so many Democratic candidates this early it is hard to determine a clear Democratic nominee.

Betting on the 2020 West Virginia Presidential Primary

While the odds aren’t currently posted they will definitely have the lines up for betting on who will win the 2020 Presidential general election. Even if West Virginia does not make it into the betting lines, we recommend monitoring the results of this primary and the others as they will all provide gamblers with valuable information for voting on who will win the nomination for each party.

West Virginia Voter Information

As mentioned above, WV primary voting is mixed, meaning it is closed to those registered with a specific political party, while those voters who are not affiliated with a party may vote for whomever they choose. Early voting in WV takes place from April 27 through May 7.  On election day, May 12th, polls are open from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm.  West Virginia provides a very comprehensive voter guide for their residents, that includes information on voter registration and status, polling locations, early voting, absentee ballots, voting by mail, etc.  You can access that information here: