State Primary And Electoral College Election Odds For 2024 2020 Louisiana Primary Results And General Election Odds

2020 Louisiana Primary Results And General Election Odds

Louisiana Primary Results And General Election 2020 Odds

The Louisiana general election will be held November 3, 2020. However, unlike most states, the local and state government elections in Louisiana were held on November 16, 2019. While there were no odds posted for most of those 2019 elections, the LA governorship was contested, and that attracted some gubernatorial betting odds to choose from.

Aside from those lines, you can now wager on the 2020 Presidential election. Louisiana primaries were held on July 11, 2020, delayed from Saturday, April 4, 2020, due to COVID-19. Offshore sportsbooks have plenty of political betting lines posted for the LA general and other election odds.

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2020 Louisiana General Election Information

Date: Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Federal Election

  • Electoral College Votes: 8
  • House seats up for election: 6
  • Senate seats up for election: 1

State Election

  • House seats up for election: 105 (Nov. 16, 2019)
  • Senate seats up for election: 39 (Nov. 16, 2019)
  • Governorship up for election: Yes (Nov. 16, 2019)

2020 Presidential Election Odds

  • Donald Trump (R) TBA*
  • Joe Biden (D) TBA*

*Odds Provided By Bovada.

How Did LA Vote In The 2016 Presidential Election?

In the 2016 Presidential election, Donald Trump easily defeated Hillary Clinton by a vote of 58.09% to 38.45%. However, the state currently has a Democratic governor, and if the incumbent wins re-election, that could be a harbinger of potential GOP difficulties in the state down the line. (The LA gubernatorial primary will be held on October 12, 2019.)

What is Louisiana’s Current Political Landscape?

  • State House: Republican majority (60-39, 4 independent, 1 vacancy)
  • State Senate: Republican majority (25-14)
  • Gubernatorial: Democratic

2020 Louisiana Electoral Odds

  • Republican Candidate -1200
  • Democratic Candidate +900

2020 Louisiana Democrat Primary Results

Before the rescheduled primary, the Democratic primary odds at offshore books had several big names at the top of the list.  In the 2016 LA Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton took 71% of the vote, and establishment candidate Joe Biden won the state in 2020.

  • Joe Biden – 79.5%, 54 delegates
  • Bernie Sanders – 7.4%, 0 delegates
  • Elizabeth Warren – 2.4%, 0 delegates
  • Michael Bennet – 2.3%, 0 delegates
  • Andrew Yang – 1.7%, 0 delegates
  • Michael Bloomberg – 1.6%, 0 delegates

2020 Louisiana Republican Primary Results

It’s a sure bet that President Donald Trump will be the GOP candidate in 2020. In 2016, Trump won the Louisiana Republican primary with 41.4% of the vote, and the state is a traditional red stronghold. In the LA Republican primary, Trump won bigly, earning 95.9% of the vote and taking all 46 delegates.

2019 Louisiana Gubernatorial Election Odds

Louisiana holds its state congressional and governorship elections in odd-numbered years before Presidential election years. In 2019, LA hosted its elections on Saturday, November 16. The race was contested between only two candidates:

  • Governor John Bel Edwards (D, incumbent)
  • Eddie Rispone (R)

The numbers slightly favored Edwards to retain his post, though businessman Eddie Rispone was polling just 2-3 points behind him. Edwards won with 51.33% of the vote to Rispone’s 48.67%.

Betting on the 2020 Louisiana Presidential Election

Most of the top-rated election sportsbooks have 2020 future Presidential election odds available right now. You can wager on potential candidates, debate performances, hot-button issues, and more. And of course, you can also bet on Donald Trump impeachment odds, which are extremely popular at the moment. Louisiana electoral odds are also up.

2020 Louisiana Voter Info

  • When do the polls open? The Louisiana Presidential election will be held from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.
  • Where do I go to vote? You can find you Louisiana polling place at the state’s Voter Portal website.
  • Can I vote early in LA? Yes, Louisiana early voting is available, though most voters must do so in person at specific polling places designated to host early voting services.
  • Is there absentee voting in Louisiana? While absentee voting is allowed, you must have a reason for requesting a LA absentee ballot. To find out if you qualify, just visit the preceding link.
  • Does Louisiana have vote by mail? No. If you wish to vote remotely due to COVID-19, you must fill out the requisite absentee ballot form and be approved.
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