State Primary Election Odds For 2020 2020 New Jersey State Primary And General Election Odds

2020 New Jersey State Primary And General Election Odds

New Jersey General Election & Midterm Betting Odds

New Jersey’s Elections will occur on November 3rd, 2020. Below are available 2020 General Election odds concerning New Jersey political seats. In addition to one open Senate seat, New Jersey is looking to appoint 8 U.S. House Representatives, and several state official seats.

Odds For Bob Menendez To Win New Jersey Senate Election TBA

Odds For Field To Win New Jersey General Election TBA

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New Jersey Primary Betting Odds For 2020

Betting on the New Jersey primaries is available with offshore sportsbooks and domestic sportsbooks that carry political betting odds. New Jersey recently passed sports betting laws which includes everything from basketball to politics. This year expect a spike for political betting. New Jersey has mixed primaries where both Republicans and Democrats must vote with their registered party but independents can vote for any party.

2020 New Jersey Republican Primary

Betting lines will be available for the Republican primary as the 2020 primary election draws near. Residents can legally wager with the use of domestic or offshore sportsbooks. This will be the first year domestic political betting is offered in New Jersey. In 2016 during the Presidential campaign trail, Donald Trump found support in New Jersey from residential Republicans perhaps due to his previous ties to Atlantic City and New Jersey officials like Bob Menendez.

It is likely Trump will stop in New Jersey red-areas to rally supporters to go to the polls and vote for him again in the 2020 Presidential Election.

2020 New Jersey Democratic Primary

In 2016, Hillary Clinton won the state in the Presidential bid by a substantial margin. Democrats will likely try to find a candidate that can match that in the 2020 Presidential election. Betting on the Democratic primary is much like betting on the 2020 Presidential election but state specific.

Betting on the 2020 New Jersey Presidential Primary

Odds for the 2020 Presidential primary in New Jersey are likely to come out in early 2020 or when a more defined group of frontrunners is confirmed. NJ residents are expected to break numbers at the polls and on political betting ventures.

2016 New Jersey Voter Information

New Jersey’s primaries are closed, hence party registration is required. The deadline to register for the state primary election will depend on your registered party affiliation, whether Democrat, Republican, Third Party or Independents. Voters must participate in the election of the party for which they are registered. In other words, Democrats can only vote for Democratic candidates, etc.

There is no early voting available in New Jersey. You can check your registration status or find your polling location here: State of NJ Department of State Official Website