State Primary Election Odds For 2020 Nevada General Election Betting Odds For Popular Vote

Nevada General Election Betting Odds For Popular Vote

Nevada General Election & Midterm Betting Odds

Odds For Dean Heller To Win Nevada Senate Election -125

Odds For Jacky Rosen To Win Nevada Senate Election -105

Odds For Alex Laxalt To Win Nevada General Election -130

Odds For Steve Sisolak To Win Nevada General Election EVEN

Top Rated Sportsbooks Offering Betting Odds To Win The Nevada Popular Vote In The General Presidential Election

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Nevada Primary Betting Odds For 2020

The Nevada primary elections are scheduled for Saturday, February 15th. Nevada residents can legally bet on the primary elections with the use of offshore sportsbooks and domestic sportsbooks that offer political betting. It is too far in advance for odds but when they come available they will be accessible on this page.

2020 Nevada Republican Caucus

Nevada has closed caucuses where political party members can come and cast their vote for their parties candidate. In 2016, Hilary Clinton won Nevada in the Presidential race, expect President Trump to focus on the areas he narrowly lost during his 2016 campaign.

2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus

The Democrats are looking for a top candidate that they can put up against Trump in an effort to take the white house back. Several names have already made their way to the top of the sportsbooks that offer political betting but in the next 2 years, we expect those names to change a good bit.

Betting on the 2020 Nevada Presidential Primary

Of course in Nevada, you can bet on the Presidential election, welcome to the land of the free. Nevada residents have two options domestic sportsbooks in Las Vegas or offshore sportsbooks that are legal in the USA. Both services provide odds and betting lines for state-specific primaries.

Voter Links

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