State Primary Election Odds For 2020 2020 Oklahoma Primary And General Election Betting Odds

2020 Oklahoma Primary And General Election Betting Odds

Oklahoma General Election Betting Odds 2020

The Oklahoma 2020 General Election for Senate, House, and Gubernatorial races, as well as, the presidential race will occur on November 3rd, 2020. We will keep this page updated with odds potential candidates int he race.

Odds For Donald Trump To Win Oklahoma General Election TBA

Odds For Field To Win Oklahoma General Election TBA

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2020 Oklahoma Primary Betting Odds

Oklahoma is another state participating in Super Tuesday on March 3rd, 2020. Nearly 150 thousand more Republican voters turned out for the primary on March 1st in 2016 than for previous primaries, with impressive numbers on the Democratic side as well. State leaders attribute some of that to the fact that the candidates spent time campaigning in the state and really paying attention to the people.

There are 43 Republican delegates at stake and 42 Democrat delegates up for the taking. This state holds closed voting, hence voters are required to vote along party lines, however, this is the first time that the Democrats have allowed independent voters to participate in their primary. The Republicans did not open their voting to independents, but they did see approximately 1000 independents and 2800 democrats switch affiliate associations and join the Republicans. The state has traditionally been a solid red state.

Fifty years ago, 82 percent of the registered voters living in Oklahoma were Democratic. That number has dropped to 42 percent at present, reflecting a steady decline of the number of Democrats within the state. The political landscape in Oklahoma has seen quite a few changes since 1960.

Betting on the 2020 Oklahoma Primary

With the shift favoring the Republicans, and a new type of energy being present in the Republican race during the 2016election cycle, we’re sure the oddsmakers had their work cut out for them determining the odds for 2020. In 2016, Oklahoma voters went against the tide on this one and neither of the presidential election frontrunners for either side saw victory in Oklahoma during that election year. Therefore, if you were to bet on the to frontrunners, then you definitely didn’t win the jackpot, sometimes it pays to consider the chances of the underdogs.

Results For Each Party In 2016


Cruz took the win over Trump and Rubio as first place leader in Oklahoma Republican Primary. It is one of the three Super Tuesday states won by Cruz. Cruz’ victory over Trump was by a solid 6% and a nice 8% over Rubio. Anyone who took a chance on Cruz in their political betting probably saw a pretty nice payday on March 1st. Just as the margin of victory was close, the distribution of delegates was also rather close:

Cruz: 14 delegates

Trump 12 delegates

Rubio 11 delegates

Carson 0 delegates

Kasich 0 delegates


The Democrats had an upset of their own during the Democratic Primary as Sanders beat Clinton by a decent margin of 10%. Despite the declining number of Democratic voters in the state, the ones that did decide to weigh in made their choice clear in this case. As a primarily conservative state, we are surprised to see the Democrats rally around a self-proclaimed socialist – so it was more likely a referendum on Obama/Clinton politics that voters are fed up with.

Regardless of the driving force behind it, Sanders took the win in an undeniable way. A lot of Democrats are still in denial that Sanders is a serious contender and could ever beat Clinton – so they were many gamblers on the Dems side likely went with frontrunner Clinton. The state’s delegates were awarded as follows:

Sanders 21 delegates

Clinton 16 delegates