State Primary Election Odds For 2020 Tennessee 2016 Presidential Primary Odds

Tennessee 2016 Presidential Primary Odds

Tennessee General Election Betting Odds To Win The Popular Vote

Odds For Hillary Clinton To Win Tennessee General Election +1600

Odds For Donald Trump To Win Tennessee General Election -10000

Odds For Evan McMullen To Win Tennessee General Election +5000

Odds For Gary Johnson To Win Tennessee General Election +5000

Odds For Jill Stein To Win Tennessee General Election +5000

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Tennessee Presidential Primary Betting Odds For 2016

Tennessee is one of the 12 states that participate in the 2016 Super Tuesday. Typically carried by the republicans, Tennessee is usually a red state, but does have a democratic presence to speak of. Both parties hold their primary on March 1st as part of Super Tuesday, and each of them offer open primary voting. This means that voters are free to vote for any candidate they choose, regardless of what party they are registered with. There are 58 republican delegates to be awarded and 67 democrat delegates up for grabs.

All of the active presidential candidates made appearances in Tennessee except for one, Bernie Sanders. Rubio was able to earn the endorsement of Nashville Governor Bill Haslam and Sen. Lamar Alexander prior to the primary. Both sides of the race seemed to understand that Tennessee is a valuable state to have in your corner, with a decent number of delegates to boot.

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Betting on the 2016 Tennessee Primary

The odds for winning the primary in Tennessee favored Trump and Clinton respectively. The polls definitely supported this position. It is likely that most gamblers who had their sights set on betting on the TN primary went with the frontrunners with the polls and betting odds all in favor of that strategy. We would say the spread was wide enough that not many bettors took the risk of betting on Cruz, Rubio or Sanders.

Results With Delegates Won


As expected, Donald Trump took the win in Tennessee with a substantial lead over Cruz and Rubio, who came in second and third place. Trump beat Cruz by a smooth 14 points, and Rubio by 17 points. The state of Tennessee is not a winner takes all, and as long as you earn at least 20% of the vote, you are awarded delegates proportionally. Carson and Kasich did not earn enough of the votes to be awarded any delegates. Despite Rubio’s campaigning efforts and strong endorsements, he was not able to perform well in Tennessee. Both the polls and betting odds pointed to a Trump victory, so regardless of how you feel about Trump’s politics, betting on him from time to time can win you some extra money. The breakdown of delegates was awarded as follows:

Trump 31 delegates

Cruz 14 delegates

Rubio 9 delegates

Carson 0 delegates

Kasich 0 delegates


In an even bigger victory margin, Clinton overtook Sanders by 34 points, Sanders did earn enough votes to receive some delegates however, so it was not a total loss for him. In fact, his share of the second place delegates was not too shabby at all, exceeding what the leftovers for the GOP candidates got. Had Sanders spent some time campaigning in Tennessee, then he may have done a little better among voters. The odds favored Clinton for the win, and most gamblers were probably savvy enough to recognize that the betting odds and polls lined up pretty squarely, indicating that the best bet to win the Tennessee Democratic primary was Hillary Clinton. The breakdown for democrat delegates is as follows:

Clinton 42 delegates

Sanders 22 delegates