State Primary Election Odds For 2020 Rhode Island Presidential General Election Odds

Rhode Island Presidential General Election Odds

Rhode Island General Election Betting Odds To Win The Popular Vote

Hillary Clinton is a huge favorite to win the popular vote in Rhode Island and collect the much needed electoral votes. Find the latest betting odds below and check out our list of trusted online sportsbooks that offer political betting odds.

Odds For Hillary Clinton To Win Rhode Island General Election -5000

Odds For Donald Trump To Win Rhode Island General Election +1000

Odds For Evan McMullen To Win Rhode Island General Election +5000

Odds For Gary Johnson To Win Rhode Island General Election +5000

Odds For Jill Stein To Win Rhode Island General Election +5000

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2016 Rhode Island Presidential Primary Betting Odds

Like several northeastern states, Rhode Island is a true blue state with left leanings and a liberal position on most matters. They have gone blue in the last six presidential elections, and have a moderate to liberal disposition, making it a less than ideal environment for conservative candidates. The state’s presidential primary for both parties will take place on Tuesday, April 26th along with several other northeastern states during the third Super Tuesday.

The state has been having their own political uproars with several local democrat politicians defecting to the GOP side, while some existing republican candidates have gone with a third part option. Riffs within the Rhode Island Republican Party can muddy the waters during a primary. With some of the dems jumping ship to the GOP side, it is clear that both parties are loosing their connections in the state.

2016 Rhode Island Republican Primary

Due to the liberal disposition of the state of Rhode Island, Donald Trump probably has the best chance for securing the delegates in this state, followed by John Kasich. Conservative candidates such as Ted Cruz will struggle more to win over voters. There are 19 republican delegates at stake in Rhode Island. Thirteen of these delegates are awarded proportionally statewide. The remaining six delegates are awarded via Congressional District proportionally. A 10% minimum threshold must be met to receive any delegates. This may not sound like a significant amount of Delegates, but at this point in the game every single vote counts. While there has not been any recent polling done for Rhode Island republican voters, the states moderate to liberal standing makes it likely the Trump will prevail here. As able 26 draws closer we will likely have access to more current polling information that will give us an idea of how voters are leaning.

If the odds haven’t been posted yet for Rhode Island, you can view our GOP page that is updated daily to see what the current odds for winning the Republican nomination are.

2016 Rhode Island Democratic Primary

The Democratic primary in Rhode Island is a little less predictable. The northeast New England states are the stomping ground of Bernie Sanders, and he is winning state after state in recent primary and Caucus events. However, he does reside further to the left than Hillary does, and this will either strengthen his favorability among voters in Rhode Island or will cause voters to turn to Clinton. Americans have openly expressed that they struggle with trust in Clinton, which may be to Sanders’ advantage. Despite this Clinton is polling about nine points ahead of Sanders in the last poll that was done in late February. Since that pole was done however, Sanders has won multiple states, which may give him the momentum he needs to sweep all of the New England States on the third super Tuesday. As of this writing the Rhode Island Democratic primary could be one by either candidate.  The odds for being the Democratic nominee are posted here.

Betting on the 2016 Presidential Primary

Betting odds and lines have not yet been posted for the Rhode Island presidential primary. Sometimes the smaller states do not get included in the betting lines for political betting. If today was the last day to place a wager on the Rhode Island presidential primary, our best guess would be in favor of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump security delegates for the State. However, Sanders and Cruz taking the winds for their parties is also entirely possible. We are not positive whether or not Rhode Island will be added to the political betting lines at the online sportsbooks featured on the site. You will still want to follow the third super Tuesday results because it will definitely impact which candidates will win the nomination for each party and go on to the general election.

Rhode Island Voter Information

Rhode Island requires that voters are registered at least 30 days prior to the election in which they are voting. This means that the deadline to register to vote in the presidential primary was March 26th. Voters may vote in person or if they qualify, by mail. Poll opening hours very by community in Rhode Island but close state wide at 8 PM. You can register to vote, verify your polling location, find out identification requirements, and get answers to your questions about voting in Rhode Island at this website: