State Primary Election Odds For 2020 Colorado Caucus And General Election Betting Odds

Colorado Caucus And General Election Betting Odds

Colorado General Election Betting Odds To Win The Popular Vote

There are currently no odds listed for the House, Senate, or Gubernatorial elections in Colorado but we will update this page as they come in. Despite the fact that sportsbooks are shortchanging their CO bettors there are some good election races to watch.

– There are 7 House of Representative seats available in the 2018 election

– Governor race includes: Jared Polis (D), Walker Stapleton (R), Bill Hammonds (Unity), and Scott Helker (L)

Top Rated Sportsbooks Offering Betting Odds To Win The Colorado Popular Vote In The General Presidential Election

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Betting on the 2020 Presidential Primary

The 2020 election is still in the distance but sportsbooks are already releasing odds for the Presidential election. While many things can change over the next few months it will be important to watch the candidates as they make their way across America on the campaign trail.

2020 Colorado Republican Primary

The Republican primary will likely go to the incumbent President Donald Trump barring a political disaster between now and then. Colorado went blue during the 2016 election a move that many people predicted considering their laid-back stance on many political issues. We expect much of the same from the 2020 election depending on who wins the Democratic Primary.

2020 Colorado Democrat Primary

The 2020 Democratic primary will be decided as the election draws closer. Right now there are several respectable candidates that could make a run in 2020 but it is still too early to decide. Democrats have done really well with voter turnout in Colorado over the recent years.

Betting Odds To Win Colorado Caucuses

Are you looking to bet on who will win the Colorado Caucuses?  This page of our presidential election odds  guide offers information about each candidate (both democrats and republicans) including the latest poll numbers and predictions. Additional betting information and why we feel that particular candidate may or may not do well in Colorado can be found by clicking the slide down (More About Candidate +).

While there are several political betting sites that offer odds on the Colorado caucuses, we only list the most reputable that we know to be trustworthy sportsbooks.  We want our visitors to enjoy the betting process, and not have to sweat getting paid from an offshore site.  So you can be confident that the 2 sites we recommend are the top rated sites in the industry.

Understanding How The Caucuses Work In Colorado

The state of Colorado uses the caucus system to decide who will be the nominee for president. Colorado once used the primary system but switched to the caucus system in 2002. The caucuses in Colorado utilize closed voting, hence, if you are not registered in the state in either party, you cannot participate. Whatever party you join, you must do it at least 30 days prior to the caucus and live in the precinct that you registered in.

The Democrats and the Republicans caucus differently. The Democrats first have representatives from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders give a brief speech in each precinct. After that, they take a straw poll and count the votes. The Republicans do it much differently. Basically, the Republican voters can choose who they want to win, but the delegates are not bound to who wins. What this means is that in July, at the Republican convention, the delegates can then choose whomever they want because the rules state that they are not bound to the winner. It is actually a most unusual situation, and the reasoning behind it is to avoid a situation in which a candidate wins the state, but then drops out of the race, rendering their votes useless. Conversely, many presidential hopefuls do not visit Colorado much because they may end up not being awarded the delegates even if they win! In essence, the Colorado delegates may end up supporting the frontrunner at the time of the convention but that lost the state during the actual caucus.

The Republicans will have 34 delegates and 3 super delegates, which means that they are not bound to any candidate, and the Democrats will have 78 delegates, and 12 will be super delegates. If there is a tie in the Democrat caucus, the winner is decided by chance (coin toss for example). Republicans are expecting a much smaller turnout due to the fact that their vote may be overturned by the super delegates. In fact, the republican caucus is not even covered in the betting lines due to the uncertainty of the final delegate awards. Betting on the Colorado presidential caucuses will only include the democrat lines.

Results Of The Primary – 2016

Both the republicans and democrats held a caucus in Colorado, but the republican results were not really tallied or monitored since their delegates are uncommitted. The democrat results were closely monitored however, and the results were surprising. Sanders took the win over Clinton by a margin of about 18 percentage points. It was a good win for him and demonstrated that he is still in the game among voters. Of course Clinton leads Sanders by close to 700 delegates, so it doesn’t impact things significantly, but could mean there is more to come from him. Here is how the democrat delegates were awarded:


1st place: Sanders received 58.9% of the votes winning 35 delegates
2nd place: Clinton received 40.4% of the votes winning 24 delegates