Washington General Election Betting Odds To Win The Popular Vote

Find the most recent betting odds for each candidate to win the popular vote in Washington.

Odds For Hillary Clinton To Win Washington General Election -10000

Odds For Donald Trump To Win Washington General Election +1600

Odds For Evan McMullen To Win Washington General Election +5000

Odds For Gary Johnson To Win Washington General Election +5000

Odds For Jill Stein To Win Washington General Election +5000

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The state of Washington begins their foray into the 2016 presidential election by holding their democratic caucus on March 26th.  The republicans use a primary election to allocate their delegates, and this takes place on May 24th.   One thing that is different in Washington state is that you receive your ballot in the mail with a return envelope.

Voting is closed, and both the democrats and republicans have issued declarations that must be completed by voters who wish to participate in the primary events.  The declaration is a statement of which party the voter chooses to be affiliated with. The declaration is on the return envelope for the ballot and must be completed in order for the vote to be counted.  The declaration that the voter chooses must match the candidate party for which they voted.  The voter agrees not to participate in caucus or primary events for the opposing party.  For the democrat caucuses, voters must physically attend the caucus meetings for their precinct.

Washington is considered to be a democratic leaning state and rather liberal.  They are one of the few states that has legalized recreational marijuana use and that has also implement the $15 an hour minimum wage policy (only in Seattle).  This indicates that the state’s residents hold political preferences that are definitely progressive in nature.  These are things to be considered when betting on the Presidency and who will win that state in the general election.

2016 Washington Democratic Caucus

Though Washington holds a statewide presidential primary election, the democrats have opted to allocate the party’s delegates through the caucus format. This will take place on March 26th with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both seeking the party nomination. Democrats may still vote in the primary, however the results will not be applied to the delegate allocation process. All registered democrats are welcomed to participate in the caucus. There are 118 delegates at stake for the democrats. These delegates are awarded proportionally based on the results of the caucuses. Some of the delegates are awarded statewide and some by congressional district. Current polling numbers are not available as of this writing, but we expect some to surface within the next few days.

We also have a page offering the Democratic nomination odds.  While the sportsbooks are sporadic with posting their odds, when they are up they always have lines on who will win both parties.

2016 Washington Republican Primary

Washington state republicans will vote in their primary on May 24th. It is likely that by that time, we will be down to only two candidates vying for the nomination. Republicans worked to try to move the primary date to early March, however the measure was blocked by the democrats. As mentioned previously, voters participate by returning the ballot that was mailed to them ahead of time. At the time of this writing, three candidates still remain in the race for the GOP: Trump, Cruz and Kasich. There are 44 delegates to be awarded towards the republican nomination. Washington is a proportional state, which means that the delegates are awarded proportionally based on the voting results. Some of the delegates are awarded statewide, while some are also awarded via congressional district. A candidate must meet the 50% threshold in order to receive all delegates in each district. There is a minimum 20% threshold that must be met in order to receive any delegates. Due to the absence of recent polling in Washington, we cannot tell you who is the front-runner at this time. However, due to the state’s progressive leanings, it is most likely Trump.

Check out our Republican nomination odds if you are interested in betting on who will go to the general election.

Betting on the 2016 Washington Primary and Caucuses

For those of you interested in betting on who will win the 2016 Washington republican primary and/or the 2016 Washington democratic caucus, you will have to find a legally licensed sportsbook that offers this type of betting line within their political betting platform. Both polling and odds for this state have been difficult to come by, and our guess is that Trump and Clinton hold the best positions for taking the wins for their party in Washington simply based on the state’s political leanings at this time.

2016 Washington Voter Information

Democratic Voter Info

Democrats are holding their presidential caucuses on March 26th at 10:00 am. You can pre-register and find your caucus meeting location here: https://www.demcaucus.com/register

Republicans Voter Info

Republicans will be holding a state primary election on May 24th. Because Washington handles their voting by mail, there is no polling location information to worry about. You can get more information about the primary election in Washington here: http://wsrp.org and https://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/2016-Presidential-Primary.aspx