State Primary Election Odds For 2020 Nebraska Presidential Primary and General Elections

Nebraska Presidential Primary and General Elections

Nebraska General Election Betting Odds

The Nebraska Midterm and General Elections are around, and with politics heating up, there is no better way to let off some steam than by betting on the candidates. Offshore sportsbooks post odds for individual state elections that residents can wager on. Nebraska residents can use these sportsbooks to place bets on their political party or another. Currently, there are no odds for the Nebraska Midterm Elections but if any become available we will post them here.

Top Rated Sportsbooks Offering Betting Odds To Win The Nebraska Popular Vote In The General Presidential Election

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Nebraska Primary Betting Odds For 2020

In Nebraska, there are two closed caucuses for each political party. The caucuses are only available to residents of Nebraska who are registered with the political party. The Republican caucus dates are not set yet, but they typically happen around the same time so we are expecting early March.

2020 Nebraska Republican Caucus

In 2016, Donald Trump painted the state red with his big win in the Nebraska Republican caucuses. Trump took home 58% of the vote and marked his name as the Republican Candidate. We expect Nebraska to be much the same in 2020 but if you feel differently, betting lines will be available for the Nebraska caucuses as the 2020 election draws near.

2020 Nebraska Democratic Caucus

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took in the most votes at the 2016 Democratic caucuses. 2020 will be an interesting year for the Democrats as they hope to select a candidate that can take the white house. As the election draws closer, betting lines will be available for the Nebraska caucuses.

Betting on the 2020 Nebraska Presidential Primary

The 2020 Primary will give each state an indication of what way the state will likely swing. In 2016, Donald Trump rolled over Hillary but Bernie had a really strong showing. A lot of voters are up in the air about the 2020 election so it will be interesting to see what way this state swings.

2016 Nebraska Voter Information

The Democratic caucuses are being held on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2018. The caucuses will take place between 10:00 am CST and 8pm CST, as well as 9:00 am MST and 7:oo pm MST. You can find your caucusing district location here:

Anyone may request an early voting ballot either by mail, fax or in person. These ballots must be submitted prior to the closing of the polls on Election Day. They may be submitted via mail or in person. The polls are open on May 10th from 8am to 8pm in the CST zone, and 7am to 7pm in the MST zone.

2016 Democratic Caucus Results

The people of Nebraska felt ‘The Bern’ as Sanders took the state with a win of 57.1% over her 42.9% feedbak. Sanders will walk away with 15 delegates, Clinton 10 delegates, with the last 5 delegates serving as Super Delegates. View more odds for winning the Democratic nomination here.