Utah General Election Betting Odds Updated

Utah is a very important state that could potentially decide who will be the next President of the United States. Evan McMullen is actually in a very close race to win the popular vote with Trump while Hillary Clinton is the long shot.

This is quite interesting because if Evan McMullen wins Utah, it’s possible that neither Trump nor Clinton will reach the 270 electoral votes necessary to become the next commander and chief.  This would then bring the decision to the House of Representatives to decide on who will be the next president.  Interesting indeed considering Evan McMullen actually has a genuine shot of winning the state.

Below are the latest betting odds for each candidate to win the popular vote in the state of Utah for the upcoming Presidential general election held on November 8th, 2016.

Odds For Hillary Clinton To Win Utah General Election +900

Odds For Donald Trump To Win Utah General Election -140

Odds For Evan McMullen To Win Utah General Election +140

Odds For Gary Johnson To Win Utah General Election +5000

Odds For Jill Stein To Win Utah General Election +5000

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On March 22nd, 2016, Utah citizens will get to exercise their voice for who they want to become their party presidential nominee. This year, both democrats and republicans have decided to do a presidential caucus rather than a primary election. The 2015 state legislature determined not to fund the state run primaries in 2016 once the republicans announced they were switching to a party run caucus format. This left the state’s democrats with no choice but to follow suit, though they are not happy about it. The republican caucus is closed, meaning only republicans can participate. The democratic caucus is open, so they are allowing anyone to participate.

Check out our homepage if you are interested in betting or finding odds on who will win the Presidency.

2016 Utah Republican Presidential Preference Caucus

The republican caucus will be the first of its kind in Utah. Until this year, the GOP has always used the state run primary voting method for exercising their say in the party nomination.  Utah’s republican leaders felt that a caucus venue would result in a better participation.  In addition, they are holding the first all-online caucus voting in history.  This means that voters do not have to attend a neighborhood caucus meeting in order to cast their vote – they can simply do it online.  Multiple third party companies have been hired to oversee the online vote and ensure its integrity.

There are 40 delegates at stake for republicans in Utah.  The delegates are awarded proportionally unless one of the candidates exceeds the 50% threshold, in which case it becomes a winner takes all state.  This could be very crucial for Ted Cruz who hopes to catch up and surpass Trump for the nominee.  Kasich remains in the race, while Rubio has suspended his campaign following his loss in Florida.

The republican debate scheduled to take place in Salt Lake City has been cancelled because Donald Trump refused to attend.  Kasich followed suit.  Many are saying that Trump does not want to debate Cruz prior to the caucus in Utah.  No recent polling has been done in Utah, however Cruz is expected to be ahead at this time with a shot at taking the majority of votes and all delegates for the state.

We also have a page offering odds for betting on who will win the 2016 Republican nomination. It’s down to 3 now, so the odds have drastically changed as the field narrows.

2016 Utah Democratic Presidential Preference Caucus

Against their will, the democrats will also hold a presidential caucus on March 22nd.  They feel that this will result in less involvement from voters, hence they are not pleased about the situation. The difference in the democratic caucus is that there will be no online voting available.  The state party leaders feel that the expense involved in adding an online voting element is too costly at this point.  This means that in order to participate in the democratic caucuses, you must physically attend a meeting.

The democrats have 33 pledged delegates at stake in Utah.  Polling is sparse in Utah, with the last ones taking place mid to late February.  At that time, Clinton was leading Sanders between 7 and 10 percentage points.  Depending on how hard Sanders campaigns in Utah, these numbers could easily shift.  If there is anything we’ve learned through this process, its that nothing is set in stone.

You can check out the latest odds on who will win the 2016 Democratic nomination here.

Betting on the 2016 Utah Presidential Caucuses

At this point, the clear bets for the 2016 Utah presidential caucuses are Hillary Clinton for the democrat side and Ted Cruz for the republican side.  While we do expect Cruz to take the win for the GOP delegates in Utah, we are uncertain what his margin of victory will be.  With Rubio out of the race, his chances most likely improve, however Kasich refuses to bow out despite miniscule support. It is possible that some of Rubio’s supporters could move over to Kasich.  We think the odds to win are with Cruz.

For the democrat side, Clinton’s lead is nice and most would agree that she is a strong bet to win Utah at this time.  However, there is still time for Sanders to get in there and campaign hard to sway voters his way.  An upset is unlikely on the democrat side, but is certainly possible.

2016 Utah Caucus Information

Caucus Night for democrats in Utah begins at 6pm on Tuesday, March 22nd.  Democrat voters will need to report in person to their caucus location in order to participate.  For more information about caucus locations and requirements for voting, visit the Utah Democrats website.

Republicans are not required to visit a caucus location and are able to vote online by pre-registering ahead of time.  The neighborhood caucus meetings begin at 7pm and run through 9pm.  You can learn more about registering to vote online and how to find your caucus meeting locations here:  http://utah.gop