State Primary Election Odds For 2020 2020 District of Columbia General Election & Primary Betting Odds

2020 District of Columbia General Election & Primary Betting Odds

Betting On The Washington D.C. 2020 General Election & Convention

The District of Columbia has several seats up for election in the 2020 state primaries, including participating in a Presidential Convention and election. D.C.’s General election is November 3rd, 2020 and will include City Council seats, a Congressional Delegate House seat, Ward members of the Council of D.C., a US Senator, a US Representative, National Party Committeepersons, Local Party Committee Members and Officials, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, and State Board of Education member. To get more information on important dates and deadlines for D.C.’s General election, refer to the District of Columbia Board of Elections deadline page.

Below are available odds on the 2020 Election, at this time most sportsbooks have yet to produce odds specific to D.C.’s general election or primary races. When these odds are available, we will update this section.

    • Odds for Donald Trump to win General Election: +150
    • Odds for Field to win General Election: TBA

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Betting On The D.C. 2020 Presidential Primary Convention

The District of Columbia is a small geographical region in the US and is the only US area not represented in the US Senate or House but rather represented by Shadow US Senators and Representatives who are not sworn in or seated by the US Senate and lack congressional voting power (but can cast nonbinding floor votes). The capital is allotted 3 electoral votes due to the adoption of the 23rd Amendment to the US Constitution in 1961, which entitles the District of Columbia the same number of electoral votes as the least populated state in the nation.

Since D.C. is so small both parties have decided to go directly to a state Convention rather than hold a Primary or Caucus. The Democratic D.C. Presidential Convention will be held on June 6th, 2020 and the Republican Convention will be on March 14th, 2020.

Betting On The Washington D.C. Republican Convention

Voting in D.C. has always favored Democratic candidates, in fact, no Republican has ever won a single electoral vote. Despite the lack of ever gaining an electoral vote in D.C., the 2020 Election could present an opportunity for Trump since he did not do well against Hillary Clinton in D.C. in 2016. Trump is the incumbent President and no other notable Republicans have publicly challenged him for the seat meaning his odds to win the Republican nomination are very likely but in terms of the Presidential election, the District may be more difficult to win over.

Betting On The Washington D.C. Democratic Convention

The District has been solid blue for the last 14 US Presidential elections. In fact, over those years every electoral vote in D.C. went to a Democratic candidate. In 2020, Dems may feel safe in terms of the party position during the Presidential election, however, with so many Democratic candidates running in 2020 it may be difficult for the District to name a clear winner for the Democratic Primary pick.

District of Columbia Voter Information

Where can I check my voter registration status?
Follow the link and input your name and birthdate to find out:

Where do I register to vote?
If you haven’t registered, you can do so using this page:

Does Washington D.C. allow absentee voting?
Absolutely, everything you need to know about absentee voting can be found here:

Can I vote early in Washington D.C.?
Early voting centers are available, however, the page linked here may be outdated from the 2018 elections but as we near the 2020 Presidential election, the D.C. Board of Elections will update this page: