State Primary Election Odds For 2020 Maryland 2018 General Election Betting Odds

Maryland 2018 General Election Betting Odds

2018 Maryland General Election Betting Odds

The 2018 general election in Maryland includes seats for 8 for the US House Of Representatives, one US Senate seat, and a gubernatorial race between Larry Hogan (R) and Ben Jealous (D).  None of these races are yet specifically covered in the betting lines or odds at premium sportsbooks, but this could change.  There are other races and prop bets to wager on for the 2018 midterm elections that are not MD specific.

We have listed some information below about the gambling measures that will be on the ballot on November 06, 2018 for your review.  We always encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote and be involved in the political landscape in your state of residence.  It is your chance to have a say.

Top Rated Sportsbooks Offering Betting Odds For The 2018 Maryland General Elections

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Gambling Ballot Measures In Maryland For The 2018 Midterm Elections

Maryland Question 1

An estimated $517 million in tax revenue from casinos will come to the state of Maryland in 2018, and currently, there is no law requiring state legislatures to use that money on the state education system. Under this amendment, 100% of gambling tax revenue would be required to go to education by 2023.

A For vote means you want casino tax revenue to used to fund education in Maryland, and an Against vote means you do not want to fund education using tax revenue from gambling.

Total donated to the campaign to support this measure: $750,000.00

Top Donors:

  • Maryland State Education – $500,000.00
  • National Education Association – $250,000.00

There are no campaigns registered against the measure and have no reported donations opposing Maryland Question 1.

Maryland State Primary Presidential Betting Odds For 2020

While it is too soon to speculate on the odds for who will win the 2020 Maryland state primary, you will find that there are futures odds for who will win the presidency in 2020.  Futures bets are certainly more of a risk, but the payout is also much higher should you wager on the legitimate outcome of the election.  Once candidates officially announce their intent to run for President, the betting lines and odds will begin to take shape, and we will, of course, have that information here.

2020 Maryland Republican Primary

There are 38 Republican delegates up for grabs in Maryland. They are allocated in a winner take all fashion but are split between 14 state delegates and then 24 that are awarded via congressional district. This approach means all candidates could win some of the delegates in Maryland if they win over individual districts. To receive all of the delegates, a candidate would really have to win over the entire state.  You can find the latest GOP betting odds here.

2020 Maryland Democratic Primary

Maryland’s Democrat delegates are awarded to candidates proportionally as long as they meet or exceed the 15% minimum vote threshold.  Check out our Democratic odds page to see what the latest betting odds from Las Vegas are.

Betting on the 2020 Maryland Presidential Primaries

It is far too early to expect to see even futures odds for the Maryland state primary.  Once we have information about candidates who are officially in the race, we can begin to start speculating on how the Maryland primaries will pan out.

2020 Maryland Primary Voter Information

Voters must be registered by TBD. This includes voters who desire to change the part for which they are registered. The state primary election will be held on Tuesday, April 28, with polls open from 7 am to 8pm. Anyone who is in line by 8pm will be allowed to vote. If you need to look up your polling location, you can do so here: