State Primary Election Odds For 2020 2020 New Hampshire Primary And General Election Betting Odds

2020 New Hampshire Primary And General Election Betting Odds

2020 New Hampshire General Election Betting Odds

The New Hampshire General election will see a race for 2 US House seats, 1 seat for the US Senate, several state House and Senate seats, and a Gubernatorial race. This race along with the presidential election will be held on November 3rd, 2020. New Hampshire will hold a Primary for both the Republican and Democratic party on February 11th, 2020.

There are currently no odds for the New Hampshire 2020 General election or the 2020 Presidential primaries in NH. Oddsmakers are likely to produce odds for New Hampshire primaries as we near election day, any NH lines that become available beforehand will be posted here.

Odds for Donald Trump to win New Hampshire General election TBA

Odds for Field to win New Hampshire General election TBA

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New Hampshire Primary Betting Odds For 2020

NH primary odds will likely become available in 2020 as the election draws near. For now, New Hampshire residents can bet on politics with licensed offshore sportsbooks that carry US political betting odds and lines. The sites provided above have the most political betting odds and are trusted, legal, and licensed.

2020 New Hampshire Republican Primary

New Hampshire has mixed primaries where Republicans and Democrats can come and cast their votes. In 2016, Hillary Clinton took the state, this is something we expect the Republicans to work on before the 2020 election comes around.

However, Trump sits in a currently favored position to take the Republican nomination due to him being the incumbent and a tradition for the party to not challenge a sitting Republican President, other than that, the party may feel no other candidate could compare to the swath of followers and supporters Trump has.

2020 New Hampshire Democratic Primary

In 2016, Hillary Clinton rolled away with the Democratic primary. New Hampshire is a traditionally Blue state that favors Democrats so likely Dem candidates won’t have to work hard here but rather, make themselves stand out from the others to earn the Democratic nomination. In 2020, we expect the Democratic party to put a strong emphasis on the Primaries to weed out and select a strong candidate to face Trump.

Betting on the 2020 New Hampshire Presidential Primary

2020 NH Presidential Primary odds will be available as the election draws near. NH residents have the option of legally placing bets with licensed offshore sportsbooks that provide US political betting odds.

FAQ’s About Betting On the New Hampshire Primary

Can US Players Bet on the New Hampshire Primary?

New Hampshire is considering the legalization of local state regulated and licensed sportsbooks but has yet passed their considered bill into law. Therefore, NH residents or other US citizens may use licensed offshore sportsbooks that are legally licensed, regulated and located outside of the United States to legitimately bet on the NH Primary.

This means you can bet on the NH Primary without violating any gambling laws in the United States. As long as you are careful to limit your betting to only those destinations that are legally operating within the industry, then US players won’t have to worry about getting into trouble legally.

What Types of Betting Lines are Available For the NH Election?

You will find betting lines on who will win the New Hampshire primary for both the democrats and the republicans. Occasionally you will find additional betting lines such as which gender will the winners be. Inside of those betting lines will be a variety of wagering options, including choices such as straight outcome bets, proposition bets, over/under bets, and handicapped bets, among others.