Current Event Betting Odds

Current Event Betting Odds

Political Betting On Current Events

Current events bettingPolitical gambling is surging in popularity, but Presidential Election odds only cash in every four years. If you’re after political lines that payout in the near future, election betting on current events delivers action where the results are known within days.

This guide reveals the details behind what political betting on current events consists of, the types of lines offered, political prop bets that are currently receiving the action, and how to read the odds.

We round out this primer with links to the best online political sportsbooks offering current event betting, so don’t place a wager without reading through to the end.

Best Online Sportsbooks Offering Odds On Political Current Events

SportsbookBonusRatingUSAVisit Site
Bovada Sportsbook Logo50% Max $1,0005 Star RatingUSA FriendlyVisit Site
MyBookie table logo50% Max $1,0004 Star RatingUSA FriendlyVisit Site
Betonline Sportsbook Logo50% Max $1,0004 Star RatingUSA FriendlyVisit Site
bookmaker logo200% Max $5004 Star RatingUSA FriendlyVisit Site

What Is Political Betting On Current Events?

Any current event that is grabbing headlines and national attention is likely to inspire the sites featured in our political election betting site reviews to produce odds. Just about all odds produced in this category will fall under the hat of entertainment prop bets, but they can be housed on the sportsbook under political, financial, special wagers, or sections labeled “current events.”

Simply stated, current event betting lines that involve elections or politicians will provide a list of outcomes to wager on. If the wager is successful, the current event prop bet will earn the gambler money. Learn about how these betting lines work in the next section.

How To Bet On Political Props For Current Events

Prop bets for current events in the spectrum of politics allow for betting on singular outcomes. These outcomes have odds of winning that are listed in moneyline form. These political moneyline odds for each potential result will payout if it occurs, and the amount that can be won versus the total wagered can be determined using simple calculations.

Negative moneyline odds typically imply the favorite to win, but more than one outcome can be listed below zero. The lowest overall has the highest probability of winning, and the favorite can be listed in the positive.

The following example provides the breakdown of how the moneylines work in regard to risk vs. reward.

What Will Biden Do First At Speech?

  • Wave Hello To Audience -130 ($1.30 wagers net $1)
  • Salute (Flag Or Soldiers) +250 ($1 wagers net $2.50)
  • Trip Or Fall Down +1300 ($1 wagers net $13.00)

Types Of Current Events Betting Odds

As long as the subject of the betting line includes a politician and something current going on that is drawing national or global attention, odds can and will be created and posted at online sportsbooks.

Types of pollical betting odds offered for current events can include, but are by no means limited to, the following categories

  • Betting on inflation of financial and commodity markets (gas prices, food prices, betting against the stock market and closing index prices)
  • Odds of war, national guard deployment, military withdrawal dates
  • Political subpoenas, indictments, criminal charges, and impeachment
  • Betting on divorces, marriages, deaths, and prop bets on their children’s birth
  • Presidential approval rating props and poll number odds
  • Betting on Olympic boycotts and Presidential appearance props

Current Event Political Betting Odds

Bovada Odds

Next to have classified documents seized

  • Mike Pompeo +175
  • Kamala Harris +400
  • Barack Obama +450
  • Antony Blinken +1000
  • Rex Tillerson +1000
  • George W Bush +1200

BetOnline Odds

Female President in 2024?

  • No -600
  • Yes +350

Trump v Biden in 2024?

  • No -350
  • Yes +225

Betonline Odds

Indictment Odds

Odds For Donald Trump Indictment Before 2023

  • No -250
  • Yes +170

Total January 6th Committee Contempt Indictments

  • Two or less -300
  • Three or more +200

Presidential Approval Ratings Betting Odds

Biden Approval on December 1st?

  • Over 42 % -120
  • Under 42 % -120

Political Odds For Olympics Betting

US Diplomatic Boycott of Winter Olympics?

  • Yes -200
  • No +150

First Country To Boycott 2022 Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics Boycott Futures

  • Australia +125
  • United Kingdom +150
  • Canada +500
  • France +1000
  • New Zealand +1000
  • Germany +2000
  • India +2500
  • Netherlands  +2500
  • Ukraine +2500
  • Russia +3300
  • Belarus +5000
  • Denmark +5000
  • Hungary +5000
  • Sweden +5000
  • Italy +6600
  • Pakistan +20000

Biden to Attend Winter Olympics?

  • No -2500
  • Yes +800

Political Commodities Betting And Market Odds

Will The National Average Price Of Gasoline

  • Yes – Go over $3.50 a gallon by year end -200
  • No – Go over $3.50 a gallon by year end +160

Will The National Average Of Eggs (Dozen)

  • No – Go over $2.00 by year end -140
  • Yes – Go over $2.00 by year end +110

Will The National Average Of Milk (Gallon)

  • No – go over $4.00 by year end -150
  • Yes – Go over $4.00 by year end +120

Will The National Average Of Bacon (1lb)

  • Yes – go over $8.00 by year end -120
  • No – go over $8.00 by year end -120

Will The National Average Of Coffee (1lb)

  • Yes – Go over $5.00 by year end -160
  • No – go over $5.00 by year end +130

Financial Market Prop Bets

Nov 24th Closing Final Digit (including decimals) of Dow Jones

  • Odd -105
  • Even -105

Where To Bet On Current Events For Politics

  • Offshore Sportsbooks – State regulated sportsbooks don’t offer political betting odds despite no laws in place saying they cannot. Overseas gambling sites like the ones we have posted on this page are the best option for betting on political current events for US-based and international elections. We invite readers to click through all of the betting sites listed above to see the unique political odds offered at each.
  • Political Betting Apps – The offshore sportsbook sites we endorse port their services to the best smartphones and tablets on the market today through web-based apps that can be accessed using mobile browsers. Using your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, click on any sportsbook links we’ve provided on this page and phones will convert into handheld pollical gambling stations that grant 24/7 access to the latest odds on current events in the political realm.

How To Bet On Political Events Online

Because political betting on current events is mostly done via international online sportsbooks, the first step is creating a membership with one or more of the sites linked to in the table above. Click on the join icon atop any main page, submit account data, and then deposit funds for betting on current events.

This process can be completed within five minutes, and extra sportsbook promo bonus cash can be taken advantage of when making deposits. We highly recommend joining more than one political betting site because, as you’ll notice, each sportsbook offers differentials in the odds, and some provide exclusive lines.

Is Betting On Political Current Event Props Legal?

Yes, but domestic sports betting venues have opted out of offering odds on political elections or current events. Sportsbooks located in international regulated gaming jurisdictions are able to take bets on current event odds over the web due to a lack of governance provided by current US gambling laws.

Even if laws were passed to attempt to govern offshore sportsbooks, the federal government would have no avenue to prosecute. Betting on politics and current events with an offshore sportsbook site does not break any existing laws and will not get the participants into any trouble with authorities.

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