State Primary Election Odds For 2020 2020 Missouri Primary and General Election Odds

2020 Missouri Primary and General Election Odds

2020 Missouri General Election Betting Odds

In 2020, Missouri will be facing several key elections including a Gubernatorial governors race, a race for 8 US House of Representative seats, several state positions, none for the US Senate, a Presidential primary, and a Presidential Election. All of the 2020 races except for the Primary will occur on November 3rd, 2020; whereas the Missouri Idaho Primary will be held on March 10th, 2020.

Below are available betting lines and odds for the 2020 General Election, Primary, and Presidential Election. These are not available at this time but will be updated upon formulation.

Odds For Donald Trump To Be Elected To The US Senate TBA

Odds For Field To Be Elected To The US Senate TBA

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Missouri Primary Betting Odds For 2020

The presidential battleground will reach Missouri on Tuesday, March 10th,  2020 as one of six states holding primaries and caucus in the presidential election on that date. Though it has the smallest number of delegates among the states holding contests on this date, it is still considered a coveted prize by candidates.  The top four candidates will most likely actively campaign in the state leading up to the primary including current incumbent Donald Trump.

Missouri is in the top 20 for delegate allocation, and their early placing in the primary season gives the state a voice in determining who will become the party nominee for both the Republicans, and Democrats. Below we will provide a little snapshot of the status of the race for each party, as well as information on the odds associated with this contest.  Betting on Presidential politics has become a popular form of gambling entertainment for political pundits and enthusiasts, and our guide will point you in the right direction for the best odds and most competitive betting lines.

2020 Missouri Republican Primary

Since there are not yet any well known Republican candidates officially running for President in 2020 other than the incumbent Donald Trump, there is not any fresh information as of yet.  It is unknown whether or not anyone notable from the Republican party will challenge Trump for the Presidency and steal the nomination.

Most of the time etiquette prevents a member of the same party as the sitting President from challenging the seat, however, if someone chose to do so this time it wouldn’t be the first instance that it has happened. Donald Trump did win Missouri in 2016 with 56.4% of the vote, so we don’t think voters in the state will have an issue voting for him again. It is likely he will tour is Missouri to solidify his position as favorite.

Aside from betting on which Republican will win Missouri, we also have a page on betting on who will win the Republican nomination.

2020 Missouri Democratic Primary

While we are uncertain which Democratic candidate has a better chance of facing incumbent President Trump, it is unknown which Dem candidate will resonate with the Missouri people. Having a reality TV star become president certainly has changed the range of what is and is not likely and/or possible, so no candidate is ruled out at this point.

We also offer a page for betting on who will win the Democratic primary nomination.

Betting on the 2020 Missouri Presidential Primary

Within a few months of the Missouri state Presidential primaries, we will present information regarding those who are running, their status in the race and how Missouri residents seem to feel about the candidates.

Voter Information

The polls are open in Missouri from 7 am to 7 pm on Tuesday, March 10th. Voters must provide a photo ID and be registered to vote. The following link will provide voters with information on everything from where and when to vote, what to bring with you, how to register to vote, how to volunteer to be a poll worker, and everything else concerning participation in the presidential primary.

Missouri Voter Registration

Gambling Ballot Measures In Missouri For The 2018 Midterm Elections

Missouri Amendment 4

This amendment would have allowed religious, charitable, fraternal, service, and veteran organizations who hold bingo games the ability to reduce the amount of time required to be a member to run a bingo game from two years to six months. In addition, the amendment would also allow these organization the right to advertise outside of their own premises.

A Yes vote on this amendment would allow members of these organizations to manage bingo games after being a good-standing member for six months instead of two years and allow the organization to advertise where advertising is permitted. A No vote rejects this idea and keeps the time to run bingo games to two years and keeps the ban on the organization being able to advertise.

There are no campaigns registered for or against and have been no donations reported to either side of Missouri Amendment 4.