State Primary Election Odds For 2020 2020 Wyoming Presidential Convention And General Election Betting Odds

2020 Wyoming Presidential Convention And General Election Betting Odds

Wyoming General Election Betting Odds 2020

In 2020, Wyoming will hold several elections including the Wyoming Convention on May 2nd, and the Presidential Election and General Election on November 3rd. The Wyoming General Election will include one US Senate seat, one US House seat, and several state official seat races. Below are available odds on the candidates considered in eah race. While odds are yet available, we will update this oage as soo as we are notified.

Odds For Donald Trump To Win Wyoming General Election TBA

Odds For Evan McMullen To Win Wyoming General Election TBA

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2020 Wyoming Presidential Convention Betting Odds

Wyoming is a proportional state, meaning their delegates are awarded proportionally to candidates based on voting results at the caucuses.  The Wyoming Conventions are closed, which means voters can only participate in the caucus meetings or primary for the party that they are registered with. Wyoming is a solid Republican state that has favored the Republican candidates in the last seven presidential elections.

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2020 Wyoming Republican Caucus

Wyoming is considered a strongly conservative state, so it is no surprise that Trump will receive at least some support in the state. He will likely be touring and speaking in Wyoming soon, as no other notable Republican candidate has chosen to challenge the incumbent President.

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2020 Wyoming Democratic Caucus

There has literally been no polling done in Wyoming so far and this early in the election cycle. However, comparing the last Presidential election would indicate that Democrats are not likely going to win over the state in the general election. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t spend too much time courting the voters here. Wyoming has 18 delegates for the taking on the Democrat side, and these are awarded proportionally.

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Betting on the 2020 Wyoming Presidential Caucuses

With absolutely no polling available, and no real way to determine which candidates will still be around it is a hard call, thus there is no way to call a sure bet this early. As the caucus draws near, there will likely be new polling numbers and published betting odds to draw a more conclusive strategy from.

Voter Information for Wyoming Caucuses

You can find out information about the caucus process and your county caucus meeting location here: