Wyoming General Election Betting Odds To Win The Popular Vote

Odds For Hillary Clinton To Win Wyoming General Election +1600

Odds For Donald Trump To Win Wyoming General Election -10000

Odds For Evan McMullen To Win Wyoming General Election +5000

Odds For Gary Johnson To Win Wyoming General Election +5000

Odds For Jill Stein To Win Wyoming General Election +5000

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2016 Wyoming Presidential Caucuses Betting Odds

Wyoming is one of the states that has opted for the party run caucus format rather than the state run primary elections.  The republican caucus in Wyoming takes place on March 12th, nearly a month before the democrat event, which is held on April 9th.  Wyoming is a proportional state, meaning their delegates are awarded proportionally to candidates based on voting results at the caucuses.  The Wyoming caucuses are closed, which means voters can only participate in the caucus meetings for the party that they are registered with.  Wyoming is a solid republican state that has favored the republican candidate in the last seven presidential elections.

Check out our homepage if you are interested in betting on the 2016 Presidential election.  We update the odds every day or so depending on when the sportsbooks update them on their end.

2016 Wyoming Republican Caucus

Wyoming is considered a strongly conservative state, so it is no surprise that Ted Cruz has polled very well here. Based on the demographics of the state and existing voting trends, this is not surprising in the least. Rubio and Trump have polled second and third respectively, with Kasich not really garnering any support in Wyoming.

Results Update:

As expected, Cruz took the win for Wyoming. Cruz took 66.3% of the votes, while Rubio (who is no longer in the race) came in second with 19.5%. Trump followed in third place with a meager 7.2%, and Kasich did not earn any support in Wyoming whatsoever.

You can still bet on which candidate will win the republican nomination here.

2016 Wyoming Democratic Caucus

There has literally been no polling done in Wyoming, so we are not quite clear on who is the frontrunner of this state’s race. Both Sanders and Clinton intended to initiate campaign events in the state on Wednesday, March 23, however weather prevented either from doing so. The democrats are not likely to win over this state in the general election, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t spend too much time courting the voters here. Wyoming has 18 delegates for the taking on the democrat side, and these are awarded proportionally.

Check out the following page if you are interested in betting on who will win the Democratic nomination in 2016.

Betting on the 2016 Wyoming Presidential Caucuses

Those who wagered that Ted Cruz would take the win in Wyoming probably walked away smiling. However, the democrat betting odds are not as clear cut as what we saw for the GOP side. With absolutely no polling available, and some of the races between Clinton and Sanders turning out to be neck and neck, there is no way to call a sure bet this early. As the caucus draws near, there will likely be new polling numbers and published betting odds to draw a more conclusive strategy from.

Voter Information for Wyoming Caucuses

All county caucus meetings for registered democrats takes place on April 9th at 11:00 am. Voters must register as a democrat no later than March 25th in order to be eligible to participate. You can find out information about the caucus process and your county caucus meeting location here: http://www.wyodems.org/find-my-county-caucus