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Chris joined our team in mid-2018 and has since become quite the betting aficionado. His love for politics began at a young age, and after following various politicians throughout the years, he decided he'd prefer to write political news rather than become political news.

He received his journalism degree from the esteemed Univerisity of Florida (Go Gators!) and when he's not following politics he enjoys playing video games, sports betting, watching football, and writing content for various video gaming websites.

Chris has lived in the Tallahassee area since graduating from college and intends to make his mark as a Gator in this Seminole loving college town. Though PEO headquarters is based in Tallahassee, we have ended up with several Gators on staff.

Chris can be reached by email: Chris@presidentialelectionodds.net

Website: https://www.presidentialelectionodds.net/blog/author/chris/

Bernie Sanders number one

Favor The Bern? Sanders Surges To First In 2020 Democratic Nominee Odds 

Do you feel the Bern yet? Because there’s a new candidate at the top of the latest 2020 Democratic nominee betting odds. And the oddsmakers have made it clear: They favor the Bern. Bernie Sanders’ odds show he’s the favorite to win the Democratic nomination for the first time after surpassing former Vice President
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Yang Beats Trump, According To The Oddsmakers

Regardless of what polls and pundits say, it’s going to be difficult for the eventual Democrat nominee to beat President Donald Trump. Along with having the incumbency advantage, most enormous war chest, 24/7 media attention, Trump’s reelection odds have made it clear that he’s the favorite heading in the 2020
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Trump’s Reelection Odds Hit All-Time High After House Votes To Send Impeachment Articles To Senate For Trial

In a year that’s certain to be filled with uncertainty, the 2020 presidential election betting market has made one thing abundantly clear. You can’t stump the Trump. At least that is—in essence—what people “putting money where their mouth is” think when real money is wagered on President Donald Trump’s reelection
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Trump, Bloomberg Place Big Bets On Super Bowl Ads

When it comes to candidates placing a bet on the 2020 presidential election, spending money on advertising remains one of the best ways a political campaign can reach the masses. And there’s one ad buy that’s worth more than any other: the Super Bowl. The 2020 campaigns for President Donald Trump and former New
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Biden, Sanders Pull-Ahead As Clear Favorites To Win Democratic Nomination

With 27 days remaining until the first votes are cast in Iowa to begin the Democratic presidential primary, the odds indicate that we may be in for a two-person race for the nomination. The latest 2020 Democratic nominee betting odds show former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as the clear
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Castro Endorses Warren For President, Could Become First 2020 Primary VP Pick

Well, that was fast. Julián Castro, the former Obama Housing and Urban Development Secretary, officially endorsed Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president on Monday and posted his support for her White House bid in a video on Twitter. The announcement comes just days after Castro, the only Latino
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